Winter Sonata – Episode 10

Now that Sang-hyuk has shown extreme jealousy and aggressiveness in their relationship, does Yoo-jin really want to stick around, especially with someone who ignores her requests, whines a lot, and basically tries to railroad her into matrimony?

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Fall In Love With Me – A Redirect Post

After SqueeCapping my first Thai drama (Full House Thai), I’ve decided to try my hand at a Taiwanese drama.  My choice?  Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me, starring Aaron Yan  from the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit, and Tia Li. It’s a delightfully cute romp, where our male lead woos our ingenue as both a cold chaebol, and an awesome dork.

FILWM 14 12 Necklace 2

     EPISODE 18     EPISODE 19

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Winter Sonata – Episode 9

Thank you to all my patient readers waiting on the next recap of “Winter Sonata”. At this rate it may be winter again before I complete, but I am still plugging along!  


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Winter Sonata – Episode 8

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was a dark and stormy night. A sudden and gusty snowstorm has locked our couple together in the highest area of the resort. On a clear day you can see forever, but what can see in the dark confines of the heart?

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April 2014 – National Poetry Month

Japan zgzgirl April 15 2013


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April 2014 – National Poetry Month



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Bride Of The Century – A Redirect Post

Augh!! How do I get myself into these things!  There’s two reasons: our Squeecapping  readers, and this:


Anyway, with Full House Thai winding down [sob!  Mike!  Guy!  Om-Am!], I think I will have enough time to take over this little crack-crazy gem, since JoAnne unni is feeling NailShopParis vibes, and we never had a chance to recap that crazy ride.  So, without further ado, lets dive in!

April 19th Update:  DONE!! Thank you everyone for sticking with us!!


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Winter Sonata – Episode 7

Yoo-jin has thrown herself in danger for the stranger that looks like her lover; how will that stranger react to such feelings?


Yoo-jin is rushed to the hospital after pushing Min-hyung out of the way so falling lumber. Sang-hyuk is pacing his hotel room when the doorbell rings. It’s Chae-lin, looking for her boyfriend. Since he’s not there, she whirls away. He gets the phone call from the hospital.

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April 2014 – National Poetry Month

Every year, I’m challenged by my Twitterbean chingus to participate every April, where I write a poem a day for the entire month.

Dismal Swamp Fire Sep 2011


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Full House Thailand – A Redirect Post

Now, I know I said I’d take a hiatus from recapping currently-running shows. And with a few guest post bombs here and there, I’ve stuck with it. But then I watched the first episode of Full House, the Thailand version, I fell into it like Alice down the rabbit hole. A production by True Visions Asia, it is much more like the manhwa it is based on, than the traditional slap-slap-kiss revenge lakhorn that your normally find in Thai dramas. The lead couple is adorable, the settings are pretty, and the show is moving along nicely.

FHT 15 04 Mammoth DanceFHT 18 01 shoulder

As with all my recaps of current shows, the posts are being hosted by our gracious kakashi. Uri JoAnne unni is also onboard, reuniting us as a team yet again!  Ten episodes have already been released, so it’s going to take a while to catch up.  Just consider it a labor of madness love.

March 20th:  Completed!  Yay.  Wait!  Completed! [sobs]



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