April 2014 – National Poetry Month



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Bride Of The Century – A Redirect Post

Augh!! How do I get myself into these things!  There’s two reasons: our Squeecapping  readers, and this:


Anyway, with Full House Thai winding down [sob!  Mike!  Guy!  Om-Am!], I think I will have enough time to take over this little crack-crazy gem, since JoAnne unni is feeling NailShopParis vibes, and we never had a chance to recap that crazy ride.  So, without further ado, lets dive in!

April 19th Update:  DONE!! Thank you everyone for sticking with us!!


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Winter Sonata – Episode 7

Yoo-jin has thrown herself in danger for the stranger that looks like her lover; how will that stranger react to such feelings?


Yoo-jin is rushed to the hospital after pushing Min-hyung out of the way so falling lumber. Sang-hyuk is pacing his hotel room when the doorbell rings. It’s Chae-lin, looking for her boyfriend. Since he’s not there, she whirls away. He gets the phone call from the hospital.

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April 2014 – National Poetry Month

Every year, I’m challenged by my Twitterbean chingus to participate every April, where I write a poem a day for the entire month.

Dismal Swamp Fire Sep 2011


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Full House Thailand – A Redirect Post

Now, I know I said I’d take a hiatus from recapping currently-running shows. And with a few guest post bombs here and there, I’ve stuck with it. But then I watched the first episode of Full House, the Thailand version, I fell into it like Alice down the rabbit hole. A production by True Visions Asia, it is much more like the manhwa it is based on, than the traditional slap-slap-kiss revenge lakhorn that your normally find in Thai dramas. The lead couple is adorable, the settings are pretty, and the show is moving along nicely.

FHT 15 04 Mammoth DanceFHT 18 01 shoulder

As with all my recaps of current shows, the posts are being hosted by our gracious kakashi. Uri JoAnne unni is also onboard, reuniting us as a team yet again!  Ten episodes have already been released, so it’s going to take a while to catch up.  Just consider it a labor of madness love.

March 20th:  Completed!  Yay.  Wait!  Completed! [sobs]



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Winter Sonata – Episode 6

I’m not gonna lie, this is my favorite episode. There’s so much development between our canon couple, the attraction, the revelations, and everything in between tell us that the pair’s relationship at the beginning is very different from the one at the end. At least, for one of them.

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Heart Murmurs – A KDrama Story

Hello everyone!  While I’m hard at work with my recaps of older shows, I wanted to recommend a fun little read from my dongsaeng, Drama Noona!  She is making a story based on as many KDrama tropes as she can squish into a story! 

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Winter Sonata – Episode 5

Jealousy and Insecurity. Our lead male and second lead female are both standing on that cliff’s edge, and it’s going to take very little for either to fall into the waters of Assholery. Just who is this mysterious Lee Min-hyung, who looks so familiar but whose personality is completely different from their old classmate? Read the rest of this entry

A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 8 (Final)

Thanks to everyone who read my first drama-based fan fiction!  I hope you enjoy the final chapter.  Shuk

CHAPTER 8 – The Day After Tomorrow

If Young-do had ever had this much fun in the kitchen, he didn’t remember it. Ki-ae had insisted on the cooking, and they fell into a pattern; when she requested an ingredient and he returned with it, he brushed against her, sometimes hip to hip, sometimes just a lingering touch on her arm.  The cook station rang with laughter as they chatted; even when she relegated him back to his dishwashing station. And she fed him tidbits while he was elbow deep in suds, moving back and forth to the stove where the soup was merrily bubbling.

The playful mood continued when they finally sat down at one of the window tables to eat.  Young-do sampled his omurice and galbi tang, savoring the taste of a home-cooked meal, and, even more, the company.   Read the rest of this entry

A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 – The Hangover

“Yes sirrrrrr, one of a kind…”  G-Dragon rampaged through Young-do’s head. What the hell was he doing there? The beat matched the pounding in his temples as he squinted at the Samsung on the table.  It was seven o’clock in the morning, and his caller ID showed “#100”.

He fumbled for it and propped himself on his elbows.  “This had better be good.”

“Young-do ah, do you know if my mother checked into your hotel?”  At the sound of Kim Tan’s voice the fuzziness fled, although the headache remained.  He glanced over at the figure under the sheets and silently cursed. Read the rest of this entry


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