LJ Entry – “Winter Poetry”

I’m in the process of moving all my LiveJournal entries to WordPress, in order to have all my meanderings finally under one roof.  Thanks!



Snowstorms in Virginia:

An original haiku
Ice chatters on glass
Wind whispers promise of chill
Snow calls “I am here!”
An original sonnet
Trees coated in a delicate tracery of white lace.
Sounds are muted to a quiet hush.
A child comes in with cold hands and red face,
Hoping the snow doesn’t disappear in a rush.The dog has to be pushed out of the house;
Kids don’t eat the yellow snow!
Parents are online, tapping the mouse,
Sipping a nice glass of good Bordeaux.Police, fire and rescue fear the call:
Someone has an emergency, begging for aid.
In this weather, they are forced to a crawl
Protecting their own lives as conditions degrade.

Be safe, fellow man, throughout this weather,
Until you can again have your loved ones together.


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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