LJ Entry – “Amused Musings – The Craziness Behind My Fan Fiction”

As I sucked back my Grape / Diet Dr Pepper, I was e-thumbing through the blogging opttions on my fan-fiction. I casually glanced at the statistics, did a doubletake, and focused on them.

Austria? People are going to my blog from former CCCP countries?Now, I figured my KDrama peeps from the Dramabeans universe would be breathlessly following my every word…okay that’s a stretch, but at least they would be interested in seeing how their avatar interacts with the overall story. But I’m surprised at what countries are represented as visitors to my story. My March monthly stats show the top ten:

USA – UK – Malaysia – Austria – France – Russia – Slovakia – Canada – India – Germany

The comments have been overwhelmingly positive, with the occasional critique that helps me correct any typographical / ideological / illogical errors.

Anyway, maybe it’s the sugar but I’ve got a buzz thinking that people find it an interesting read.

Thanks for all your support!!!


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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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