18 vs 29 – Episode 2


The second episode gives us some cute backstory as Hye-chan learns how much can change in eleven years.

Bong-man shows their wedding videos to Hye-chan in the hopes that it will jog her memory.   She is still incredulous that she would marry the evil Bong-man.  He counters that she had liked him since the day she got whacked by the mop, and offers to show her the family register of their marriage and remind her that they have been sharing their bed for two years.


The phone rings, and Hye-won advises Sang-young that the divorce papers she found in the damaged car are now in his desk drawer.  Meanwhile, Hye-chan had walked to the office and shut the door.

Sang-young flashes back to the day Hye-chan handed him the divorce papers, stating that she was sick of his face and there was another waiting in the wings to love him.  He comes out of his thoughts and realizes she’s in the office!


He opens the door and sees her opening an envelope.  He thinks it’s the divorce papers and begins trying to explain it.  She agrees:  Of course she was out of her mind and wouldn’t write such sappy stuff!  And she flings an anniversary card at him, signed “Your Loving Chan”.

He tries different ways to get her out of the room, finally resorting to the old “drop your drawers” routine, but that just gets him booted out of the office with the door firmly closed.  She ends up crying herself to exhaustion wondering what she can do without her memories and wishing her mom was there.

Sang-young finds her on the couch asleep, and tears up at the situation.  Suddenly she wakes up and hits him on the nose.  After a little bit of remorse, she ultimately kicks him outside to sleep somewhere else.  He ends up in the car, with a bleeding nose, and the divorce papers, wondering if she hates him enough to forget their marriage.


Grandma tries to sneak some soup to Hye-chan, but the Dictator is having none of that, even when she demonstrates how her granddaughter is feeling.

Hye-chan wakes up to Manager Ahn entering the house to pick up Sang-young, who comes out of the shower freshly clean and oh-so-yummy.  She, however, squeals and runs, at least until her telephone ringtones scares her.  Sang-young explains how to work the cell phone, all watched by a wide-eyed Manager Ahn. Ultimately he gives her the owner’s manual to study.


Enroute to the studio, Sang-young explains about Hye-chan’s memory loss.  Manager Ahn shows him an article about the police station incident written by paparazzi Reporter Choi.  He’s worried about the publicity, and even more worried about a CF opportunity at a party.  Sang-young tells him that Hye-chan will not be attending.

At the studio, Ji-young tries to ingratiate herself to Sang-young with a cup of coffee a little aeygo, and a hint about their past relationship. Sang-young wishes to forget anything that happened, and she backs down.


At the high school, Kim Noon can’t go to gym class without his gear, which his stalker and her buddies are quick to notice.  They recognize Hye-chan from their previous encounter; she is trying to find Kim Noon’s classroom, but ultimately leaves the campus without meeting him.  He glimpses her from his classroom window, but can’t run out of the building fast enough to catch her.

Hye-chan finds an old friend – a grandmother who runs a dukbokki shop.  She helps put Hye-chan’s situation in perspective: she’s probably forgotten more than she remembers but she still is happy in life.


Ji-young schmoozes with her producer aunt about a movie script.  The script was written by someone named Sun Mee, and Ji-young (of course) wants Sang-young and herself to star in it.   Ji-young acts coy when the aunt questions her relationship with Sang-young, reminding her that he is a married man.

At the set, Manager Ahn finds out Hye-chan is missing.  Actually, Hye-chan is at the studio looking for her high school friend Sun Mee.  She passes a returning Ji-young without recognizing her, leading Ji-young to think she is snubbing her deliberately.  Flashback to their confrontation, when Ji-young admits her attraction to Sang-young.


While Hye-chan is waiting for Sun Mee, she sneers at a teaser of Sang-young’s current television series.  When Sun Mee shows up, things are a bit akward, but Hye-chan isn’t able to explain her amnesia before her friend is called back to the set.  Before she goes, Sun Mee asks for some money, but is upset when Hye-chan offers a 1000 W bill, as she was asking for 100 000 W.

On the way home, she thinks about what the dukbokki halmeoni said, and decides to look around a bit.  She is found and picked up by an annoyed Sang-young, who had been looking for her since Manager Ahn told him on the set.  They have an argument, and she threatens to leave the house.  Hye-won tries to reason with her, but she is upset that her high school dreams have devolved into being a housewife.

Meanwhile, the Dictator stops by to bring some medicinal herbs. Does he have a heart?  Nope, they are fertility herbs to help her get pregnant faster.  Before Hye-chan can say anything, her sister covers her mouth and promises due dilligence for babymaking.


Sang-young and Hye-chan share a relatively normal breakfast the next day.  He deflects questions about her mom and gives her money to buy lunch for her and her sister.  He confirms that she wanted to be a screenwriter and bought a lot of books, but never read any of them.  He tells her it’s better to be an actor’s wife, then heads out to meet with Manager Ahn for a photo shoot.

She spends the morning crying while watching “Winter Sonata”, wondering if her memories will return like Bae Young Jun (did she forget he went blind too?), but receives a phone call directly from Manager Ahn asking her to attend a party on Sang-young’s behalf.   Enter a primping montage with her sister, and Manager Ahn picks her up and takes her to the party.


They meet up with Sang-young, who is upset that Hye-chan is there, but together they field the reporters and partygoers, and meeting the director and his designer that Manager Ahn wanted to impress.  They adored Hye-chan, but ultimately she gets bored of the business talk and sneaks away to the buffet table for some high-powered fruit drinks.   After a few, she begins gyrating on the dance floor, prompting Sang-young to pull out to the terrace and chastise her.  As they argued, Ji-young overhears about the amnesia, and Sang-young blurts out that her mother is dead.

The designer brings her to the stage to present her with flowers, but all she can do is cry.

The final scene is another flashback.  Hye-chan believes that the movie tickets she left in her crush Shi Woo’s box at the school were stolen by Bong-man, but this scene shows the reality: Shi Woo actually threw it away after laughing at them, and Bong-man retrieved it and followed her to the theater.

~    ~    ~

I think this episode more clearly shows that Bong-man had a one-sided attraction with Hye-chan even back before she started liking him, and I like the vignettes that show us a little about her high school days.  I think the current incarnation of Bong-man is a little harsher than he should be, but I can somewhat understand his frustration in dealing with teenage angst from his spouse.

On to episode 3!


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