18 vs 29 – Episode 4

The flashbacks show a young Hye-chan slowing falling for Bong-man, while the physically older Hye-chan is falling for Sang-young in current time.

Episode 4

Hye-chan and Sang-young end up face to face under the covers, but it doesn’t last long before she squeals and flings him off the bed.  The next day at breakfast, the pair of them yawn and wince, leading the rest of the family to believe they spent a very amicable night together.

The two of them drive Bong-kyu to school, and they nearly get into an accident.  Hye-chan bumps her head and remembers the moments before her own amnesia-causing impact.  She wakes up in bed with her sister, brother-in-law, and husband hovering over the bed.  She tells them she remembers why the accident, prompting Sang-young to backpedal, until she states it was a conspiracy to force her to purchase and drive a car.  Cue the mutual eye-rolling.


Bong-kyu and Hye-won head out to the movies, and Sang-young asks Hye-chan if she remembers anything else, like, giving him a kiss every morning?  She can’t do it and ends up running for the office, fanning herself.  Sang-young heads out for the gym smiling.

Hye-chan and Kim Noon head to a youth film academy to apply to become students.  The school administrator looks askance at Hye-chan, but allows them to participate in an orientation.

Sang-young shows Hye-chan a storyboard for a CF that involves the two of them waltzing on a beach, and smiling cheek to cheek over a cup of coffee.  She refuses to consider it, especially since she can’t dance.  Sang-young attempts to show her the steps and tells her she was his dance coach.  She gets all flustered from the skinship and hides in the office, wondering why her heart is racing and if she really liked him as an adult.  Her imagination pictures them at a disco.


Manager Ahn visits while she is doing housework, and convinces her to do the CF by promising a plane ride to Busan. She agrees, then asks her sister for help with dance lessons, which Hye-won declines, but tells her to contact Sun Mee for advice.

Sun Mee is with the producer aunt, who congratulates her on writing the screenplay accepted by her company. Sun Mee looks nervous but signs the contact and asks when the payment would be deposited.  On her way out, she sees Hye-chan on an incoming phone call and disconnects the phone.

Hye-chan and Ji-young are enjoying a relaxing spa facial treatment, and Hye-chan explains she wasn’t able to contact her friend.  Ji-young uses this opportunity to try and discover the extent of the amnesia.


Afterwards, Hye-chan is heading home, practicing her dance steps when she bumps into Kim Noon, who just happens to be here.  Upon hearing about the dancing, he brings up some dance videos and helps her practice in the park, all while being watched by the Stalker Twins. They promise to teach ‘Gym-suit Snake Woman’ a lesson.

After a successful day at the shoot, the production team goes out for drinks. Sang-young tries to leave early, citing the CF filming tomorrow, and the Director pushes him into staying longer. Ji-young is belting them back, then leaves to go outside and spend some alone time.  Sang-young finds her there and she tells him that she no longer feels in love with him.

On the trip back to the house Sang-young comments to Manager Ahn that he likes the softer and more innocent Hye-chan.  Just then, they drive past his wife walking with Kim Noon and his face falls.

The two them separate to go to their houses, but Hye-chan is grabbed by the Stalker Twins.  As they rough her up, Kim Noon hears her screams and discovers this situation, and the girls run.


Shaken, Hye-chan makes it home, only to be berated by a suspicious Sang-young.  She cries and he sulks, but eventually, he comes back out of the bedroom to find her practicing the waltz with a pillow.  He cools her facial bruise with an egg, and peace is restored.

The makeup artist has to cover the bruise, and speculates on it, within the eagle ears of Paparzzi Choi.  The filming grinds to a halt as Hye-chan causes NG after NG.  Finally, the director calls it quits for the day, saying they need to replace her.

On the drive back to the house, Sang-young yells at her for focusing on money and the trip to Busan over a good performance. Once they are home, he has to field an irate call from the Dictator, who is incensed that he would suck his wife into acting.  Hye-chan feels guilty for the problems that she is causing.


Ji-young is brought in as a last-minute substitute for the CF, but Sang-young still gets a plane ticket for Hye-chan, on the chance the location will jog her memories.

Hye-chan contacts Sun Mee for lunch, right after Sun Mee receives the money for her screen play.  She acts nervous during the meal, and Hye-chan explains her memory loss.  She asks Sun Mee: did she ever have any ambition to be a writer or director? What did they do together in college?  Sun Mee tells her she was the ideal wife and never had any other desire be anything else.  She implied that Hye-chan borrowed something from her, but is quick to point out it wasn’t money.

The interior filming for the CF with Ji-young goes off without a hitch, and the production team prepares to leave for Busan the next day. Sang-young arrives at home, but Hye-chan isn’t home.

She had bumped into Kim Noon and the stalker girls, and Noon forced the girls to apologize and spend some time at a noraebang to break the tension.  They still end up intimidating her, and she heads home.

Sang-young is waiting by the gate when she arrives, but gives her the cold shoulder.  He tells her to pack, which she interprets as a demand to vacate the house, but he reminds her that they are going to Busan tomorrow.  Her enthusiasm touches him, and he smiles before beginning his own packing.


Ji-young is also packing lacy things with racy thoughts.  In the morning, she waits at the airport for Sang-young, only to be disappointed that Hye-chan is going as well.

In Busan, Hye-chan is left to play in the sand with a camcorder while Ji-young and Sang-young are waltzing.  She starts filming the production crew and disrupts the shoot, and Manager Ahn hustles her away to the hotel room.  There, she complains to the air about the Ji-young as she feels a little jealous.


She wonders if Sang-young brought her to tease her about not being his CF partner, but he’s piqued and brusquely tells her to think what she will. He ends up leaving the hotel room and walking the beach, where he sees Ji-young doing her own lonely walk.

Hye-chan wonders if she pushed him too far and checks to see if he is in the hotel hallway.  Unfortunately, the room door locks behind her and she decides to go look for him.

On the beach, Ji-young tells Sang-young about her conversation with pre-accident Hye-chan, and tells him she believes she is responsible to the car crash.  He lays a comforting arm across her shoulder, about the time the current Hye-chan makes it to the beach. Uh-oh.


In the final flashback scene, the high school Hye-chan gives her kid sister a pillow that she made for Shi-woo and asks her to deliver it to him.  Instead, dazzled by Bong-man, she gives the pllow to him instead.  Later, at the library, Hye-chan sees Bong-man sleeping on the pillow, and a soft smile lights up her face as she watches him.


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  1. “Ji-young is also packing lacy things with racy thoughts”
    Ha! [snerk]

    1.The stupid teenage girls/stalkers annoyed me in this episode.
    2. This episode was the start of Noon’s noona love. Awww.
    3. Hye-chan should NEVER act. Like, EVER! /still reeling from the NGs/
    4. This episode was also when we first saw the Meaningful Glance by teen Hye-chan.

    Thanks, Shuk!

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