18 vs 29 – Episode 6

Noona-love blossoms in a gentle rain; love grows again in the hearts of our married couple; and old people wish for babies.

Episode 6

Sang-young sees the thank you video Kim Noon left on Hye-chan’s cell phone, and immediately deletes.  As Hye-chan comes out of the kitchen, he takes matters into his hands and pulls her in for a kiss.  At first surprised, she relaxes into it for a brief moment until they part.  Then she opens her eyes and bolts for her room, touching her mouth.


After a few minutes of hiding, Sang-young walks back into the living room, but packpedals so hard he falls down.  Hye-chan is just coming out of the bedroom; she claims she’s thirsty and heads to the kitchen; he claims he was just getting ready to exercise.

Alas, the moment of awareness is broken when the Grandparents come steaming up to the house.  The Dictator finds out Hye-chan is living in a separate room and starts yelling about grandchildren. Sang-young tries to deflect his grandfather’s anger on himself, and denies that his wife has been running around in a high school uniform.

After they leave, Sang-young catches her trying to open her laptop.  He takes it, but they are both distracted; Hye-Chan because of his lips, he because her flustered behavior.  Later, after he has left for the set, she finds the old laptop in the recycling bin and takes it to Kim Noon, who is happy to help her reactivate the computer.


He asks about her tardy student film project, and she explains how she got arrested.   She is sidetracked by an advertisement with lips, and asks him if he’s ever kissed anyone.  He stammers a reply, then runs for the bus.

At Hye-won’s house, her sister sees Hye-chan’s blush and thinks that all is well in the marriage department; but is disappointed when she finds out it was just a kiss.   She scoffs at Hye-chan’s protest that it was a first kiss; Sang-young first kissed her years before.  Hye-chan can’t remember it, but her imagination supplies one sequence where he threatens to fling himself off a building unless she promises to kiss him, and another where he steals it at a library.

Back in the real world, Sang-young is happy and Manager Ahn is happy for him, and pushes him to make the final leap quickly. Sang-young intends to take it slowly, and Manager Ahn sighs that he hates being alone, in spite of being previously married.


At the set they are staging the wedding scene between the two leads.  The Director has asked Sang-young to cover one of the directing classes he is teaching, but Sang-young isn’t interested.

Ji-young is interested in Sang-young’s reaction to her wedding costume, but deflates when he doesn’t pay attention at all.

The Stalker Girls are at it again, this time following Kim Noon as he returns Hye-chan’s repaired computer to her.  It’s still password-protected, though, and Kim Noon suggests she try significant dates or telephone numbers.  He hears for the first time about her memory loss, and he thinks about some of her behavior since they met.  He goes home to look at photos of Hye-chan from his cell phone, and speculates on why she is special to him.

The Girls, of course, still want Hye-chan out of the picture, and follow her to her house, where they speculate she is probably a housekeeper.

At home, Hye-chan has figured out the password (Bong-man’s birthday) and starts reading her diary, including a passage where she creates a seduction scene.  She is shocked that she would behave that way, and, to stop thinking about it, she contacts her sister and Bong-Kyu who argue about the best food to chose for Sang-young’s upcoming birthday.


Rain is falling at the wedding chapel, and production has been temporarily halted.  Pain in the butt Reporter Choi takes the opportunity to try and ferret out information about the upcoming movie and openly speculates why the two actors are always working together.  Manager Ahn stops the questioning, and Sang-young goes outside to call Hye-chan.  She doesn’t answer as she left her cell phone on the coffee table.

As night falls and the skies rain, Sang-young is at the set staring at his phone, Hye-chan is at home staring at through a rain-spattered window, and Kim Noon is staring at a photo of her while holding the jar of seashells.


That night, Hye-chan is stitching key chains while watching television.  A single female lounge singer (Ji-young?) is singing a soulful ballad, and she has a flashback of her teen self singing on stage to a moony-eye Bong-man.  She snaps out of it with the buzzing of her cell phone;  it’s Ji-young, inviting her to lunch tomorrow.

Sang-young makes it home, and Hye-chan hides her project.  He finds out that his Director is the teacher for her movie class, and decides to accept the teaching request.  Manager Ahn is delighted with the news.

Over lunch the next day, Ji-young wonders if Hye-chan knows Sang-young’s birthday is soon?  Hye-chan decides to play dumb, and Ji-young announces there would be a birthday celebration on-set after that day’s production, and she invites a now-jealous-and-seething Hye-chan to the party.

Hye-chan is still mad when she meets up with Kim Noon at the class.  He likes the footage but wonders at Hye-chan’s bad mood.  Suddenly squealing erupts when Sang-young shows up for class, and Hye-chan ducks.  During a fifteen-minute break, Sang-young engages Kim Noon in a conversation.  Kim Noon tells him that it’s too lonely and hard for a famous actor’s family.

It’s also time for Bong-kyu’s cooking examination, and Hye-won stuffs donuts in him for good luck.


After the break, Sang-young moves on to kissing scenes.  When a girl in class asks about his first kiss, he smiles and says his first girl made Sang-young possible, in that she supported and trusted him enough through the hard times.  He also gave her a small silver ring.  Suddenly, Hye-chan remembers Ji-young’s silver ring from lunch that day, and wonders if Ji-young was that girl.

Hye-chan refuses to go have dinner with Sang-young after class, so he steams off in his SUV.  He ends up meeting with Ji-young and her aunt to introduce the movie screenwriter, who is none other than the very nervous Kim Sun Mee.   She stammers an excuse and beats feet out of the restaurant.


The Dictator has decided to give his son and daughter-in-law a bed warmer, because “A cold bed can’t make a baby”.  As he heads over there, he spots Hye-chan and her class partner together, and decides to follow them.

The two of them are working on their movie project, with Hye-chan doing the part of the reporter.  The Stalker Girls show up, and Hye-chan invites them to ice cream.  The talk at the ice cream store turns to actors, and the girls spazz over the upcoming wedding scene of the show.  Hye-chan is taken aback and says she is Sang-young’s real wife, but the trio doesn’t believe her, and speculate that Sang-young and Ji-young are probably dating behind his wife’s back.

Afterwards, they are walking down the street, and Kim Noon asks, does she really like Kang Sang-young?  She quickly says no, but before she can say anything else, a cold wind whips up behind her.

It’s the Dictator.  And he’s not happy.

Hye-chan jumps into his car and speeds away from the gang; Kim Noon wonders what happened.  At the house, Grandfather is giving her a stern dressing-down.  She breaks down and cries, telling him the truth through her tears; her body is 29 but her mind is 18.  Before he can interpret this, Sang-young is home, and quickly takes care of the situation.

Hye-chan wishes she was 18 again.  And those kids?  She was meeting some of his fans on his behalf.  The Dictator puts all the blame on Sang-young and grips his head in the universal Korean sign for headache.  A tearful Hye-chan promises to sleep beside Sang-young if Grandfather stays healthy.  Sang-young secret smiles.

The leftover trio speculates on who the scary old man is – her employer?  Did she steal the camcorder and laptop?  The girls are gleeful; Kim Noon fumes.

At home, the couple watches the wedding episode of the show; after it ends, she asks Sang-young who his inspiration girl is, but he won’t tell her unless she kisses him.  Instead, she sets up the bedroom with a wall of pillows between them.  He tries to convince her to try a little skinship, but then spooks himself by picturing her younger self and ends up on the couch.

It’s the morning of his birthday, and Hye-chan begins preparations: a recorded happy song, a burnt cake, and cheesy paper decorations.  Hye-won and Bong-kyu come to the rescue and help her complete the food preparation.  She giftwraps her hand-made keychain, arranges couple pajamas on the bed, and gets ready.


On set, the production crew does the pie-in-the-face routine and they all go out to dinner.  Sang-young heads out with them, not knowing about the surprise dinner at home.  His phone receives a text to come home, but Ji-young deletes it off his phone.   He then receives a phone call from Hye-won to go home, and quickly leaves Ji-young and the production crew at the restaurant, where she ends up drinking alone at the bar.

Hye-chan is drawing a final decoration on her laptop and accidently erases it.  A frantic call to her sister and she opens the [Recycle Bin] icon and restores everything.  As she starts looking at what was deleted, she finds and reads the deleted diary entries pertaining to her divorce decision.


Sang-young comes home, tickled over the preparations, and walks into the office with a shiny new laptop – right into the stormy presence of a very pissed off spouse.

The ending flashback scene shows Bong-man alone on stage, serenading Hye-chan on her birthday.  When she walks on stage to the small table and birthday cake, he gives her a small silver ring, and they kiss.

~    ~    ~

Finding the deleted diary entry would definitely be a shock to someone with no memory of writing it, and brought to a halt all of the subtle growth of their relationship.  I hope the more adult side of Hye-chan will look past the assumptions and find solid places to catch hold of her marriage.  And Sun Mee is acting mighty suspiciously in my book.  Just saying…

Bong-kyu and Hye-won are cute in this episode, bickering like an old married couple.  You can see they are really comfortable with each other; whether that will blossom into something more remains to be seen.

And Grandfather!  That man is a single-minded machine reminiscent of many a king in a Disney flick (including Sleeping Beauty and TWO King GimmeGrandKids!) I think below all the bluffness is someone who really wants happiness for his grandson, although he has his own ideas of what that would be.

Kim Noon’s emotions are getting more and more tangled when it comes to Hye-chan, and I love his puppyish enthusiasm and willingness to help her.  Poor thing, I think he’s in for a world of hurt.

Ji-young is very good at show her saboteur nature in her machinations to separate our canon couple.  Too bad most of them backfired, and don’t think me too mean if I say she deserves a good portion of that unhappiness for her actions.

And Bong-man / Sang-young!  Poor guy is stuck between hope and dispair, trying to maintain his professional life while his private life spirals out of control.  I hope nothing else makes the Director angry.

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  1. “A cold bed can’t make a baby”
    Pfft~ Is this a legit Korean belief?

    I hate Ji-young in this episode but she looked mighty fine in that wedding dress.
    Hye-won and Bong-gyu are great together! I replayed the scene where she fed him many times.

    Also, we have a KISS!!! Woooo!

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