Fate’s Heartblood – Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1

“Life would be so much easier”, Sachin Kumari mused, “if one were human.”  He sighed as he surveyed his surroundings.  As the nighttime manager for Concierge Services at a resort, he had it pretty well;  his job was to welcome guests and make sure their needs were met with professionalism and superior service.  The Mumbai Princess was located in the International Business Park in Oberoi City, and as such enjoyed a constant flow of foreigners doing business in the commercial and entertainment capital of India.

But, sometimes, as he sought his bed even before the sky lightened over the mountains, he wished for someone to share his life.

Tonight, several Malaysian investors was scheduled to arrive, and indeed, the company limousine was just easing its way to a stop under the chandelier of the porte cochère.  As the chauffer opened the door, Sachin’s nostrils flared; Armani’s Acqua di Gio and Kenneth Cole’s Reaction interspersed with healthy male.  That was the scent of power in the human world, so much different from his own dark nature.

He escorted the two men to the front desk and slipped them both a business card.  The older one raked his eyes along Sachin’s form, a questioning look in his eyes.  Sachin gave a tiny nod, and the man gripped the card for a moment and then slipped it into the pocket of his suit.

From here, Soniya will complete the room assignment and arrange the transport of their luggage.  Sachin took a quick but thorough stroll around the cavernous lobby, making sure that every leaf of the lush foliage was in its place and the seating areas were perfect.


Sachin untangled himself from the sleeping man beside him, and dressed.  He looked down at the relaxed body, checking to make sure he hadn’t drain the man too much.  His pulse was strong, and the pinpricks at his wrist were barely noticeable.  While he would prefer to drink at the necks of his chosen, it was much safer in a less obvious location.  The man would wake up feeling rested, with memories of a passionate, blissful night.

Restlessness coursed through Sachin as he swung his leg over his plasma blue Bajaja Avenger 200 and drove out of the employee parking lot.  Lately, even though he was full, he still felt vaguely dissatisfied, and he wasn’t able to pinpoint the reason.

The drive took a short amount of time, as his home was nestled against the west side of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.  His ancestors might have lived in the Kanheri Caves, but his place was a small bungalow.  Underneath the floor, though, was his true sleeping quarters, hewn out of the rock and secured against all light.

He unlocked the door and let himself in.  His Shiba Inu, Asha, greeted him at the door, and then followed him into the tiny kitchen to accept his breakfast.  The two of them spent time playing in the tiny backyard, until the telltale tingle along his nerve endings told him dawn was near.  Giving the dog a final pat, he walked back inside and prepared for sleep.

 Chapter 2

Jayanta threw the soapy sponge back into the bucket and reached for the garden hose. In a quick sweep, the suds sluiced off the bonnet, and he grabbed a thick chamois to pick up the droplets and polish the surface until it shone.   The dayshift was supposed to prepare the vehicle for the night pickups, but they rarely did an adequate job in his eyes.

After a final swipe of the hood ornament he stepped back and looked it over with a critical eye.  It looked good in the fading glow of the evening.  He began putting away the cleaning supplies.  There was just enough time for him to take a shower in the employee lockers and change before his shift.  He wanted to be in place when he showed up.

The night manager was tall and slender, with high cheekbones and sweeping black eyebrows that would be called pretty in a female.  However, there was no doubt of his gender, even though he attracted stares from both male and female visitors, and Jay knew that his attraction to him was hopeless.

Jay smoothed the plackets of his Nehru jacket just before Manager Kumari began the evening checklist.  The row of employees gave a single synchronized bow before he began checking each worker in turn.  Jay resisted the urge to rub his suddenly damp palms as the manager approached, and kept his eyes respectfully down.


The deep voice sent an invisible shiver through him as he looked up into those impossibly dark eyes.

“An excellent job with the car.  We have three transports scheduled for this evening, but please stay close and keep your pager with you.  The hotel is fully booked tonight, so there may be some unexpected use of you.”

He was startled by the choice of words, but could not see a double meaning in the manager’s expression. A pity.  He nodded, afraid to say anything, and accepted the schedule that was handed to him.

At the end of the inspection, Manager Kumari bowed to everyone, which was the signal to disperse, and Jay headed to the limousine.

Unbeknownst to him, Sachin watched his every move as he left the lobby.




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  1. How is it possible that you wrote this in less than a day?
    Great beginning!

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