18 vs 29 – Episode 7

Always remember to empty your Recycle Bin, if you want to hide something.   

Episode 7

Hye- chan finds the erased diary entry describing Sang-young’s visit to Ji-young’s apartment, and her decision to file for divorce. He tries to convince her that it was all a misunderstanding, but she leaves in tears.  Sang-young chases after her.  The Stalker Girls see him leave and decide Hye-chan really is his housekeeper.


Hye-chan is wandering the streets where the taxi dropped her off, remembering the interactions between her and Ji-young and how she felt with Sang-young.  She ends up crying while watching a jumbotron of the waltz commercial.

She shows up at her sister’s house, where Hye-won is trying to convince Bong-kyu to play strip Stop-Go.  Sang-young shows up, but Hye-chan isn’t there.  He explained what happened and gets verbally thrashed by her sister.

Sang-young returns to the home and looks at the ruined birthday celebration, and the gifts on the bed: couple pajamas, and the key chain she made.


Hye-chan shows up at Ji-young’s apartment and confronts her about pretending to be her friend:

“You’re really a scary person.  It gives me the chills. You took someone like me, who can’t remember anything, to shop, and get massages. It must have been very amusing to you, wasn’t it.”

Ji-young is struck dumb for a moment, but admits to liking Sang-young and feeling that Hye-chan is making his life difficult.  Hye-chan leaves without further words.

The ubiquitous Reporter Choi is at the series filming, interviewing Sang-young and Ji-young about the upcoming film.  He tries to ship them together, but Sang-young is distracted by a phone call from his sister-in-law.  Hye-chan left a message that she was going to meet her mom as life was too hard right now.  They both jump to the same conclusion, and Sang-young goes to chase after her.

Manager Ahn freaks out when he realizes that Sang-young has left the set and left him to do damage control yet again.  The Director has had it and calls for the screenwriter to write Sang-young’s character out of the series.


Sang-young runs off the ferry to the cemetery where his mother-in-law is buried and finds Hye-chan, unmoving, in front of the mound.  He wakes her up and insists that they head back to Seoul immediately, opting for the standard wrist-grab maneuver.

The problem is, the ferrys have stopped for the day and will not resume until tomorrow.  Sang-young calls Manager Ahn, who gives him the bad news.   They both end up sitting far apart on the dock, each lost in their own thoughts.

The village elder spots them, and invites them to stay at his house overnight.  He also arranges an impromptu banquet with the entire village.  The ahjummas are all in a tizzy, exclaiming how much they want his character to have a happy ending and swooning over his soft hands.   The elder finally pulls Sang-young away from fangirling women and asks him to sing a song.


He ends up singing a love song while the village ahjummas cavort around him.  Hye-chan smiles at his silliness, and he responds by sending her an air-kiss.

Of course, night falls, and the two are made to share a bedroom and a blanket roll.  It’s hot inside the bedroom (in more ways than one), so Sang-young removes his outer shirt, prompting Hye-chan to decide to go for a walk.  He throws his shirt back on and follows

On the seawall they talk about the situation with Ji-young, but Hye-chan still feels she needs to divorce him.  It degenerates into an argument, and Sang-young threatens to throw himself into the sea if she doesn’t believe him.

He goes so far as to climb the rocks, but then slips and slides over the edge.  Hye-cha screams and grabs his arm, pulling him back to safety, and we get a reprise of her crying in his arms on the rocks (the first time was the proposal flashback by the mermaid statue in Episode 5).

Hye-chan injured her leg during the rescue, and Sang-young piggybacks her back to the village house.  While carrying her, he tells her how lonely he is without her and asks her to return to their home.


Kim Noon is in his room, happily editing the video footage for the movie project, until it’s time for school.  He bumps into the girls and  Stalker 1 is dressed up to look older and more sophisticated (epic fail).

The couple is back from the island and Hye-chan gives her sister fresh seafood they brought back, and Hye-won loses no time in trying to convince her to return to Sang-young.

Sang-young is having his own talking-to, this one from the Director.  Ji-young observes the exchange; the Director won’t relent.


Hye-chan obliviously goes to the final day of her movie class with Kim Noon; he wants to ask her how she is related to Sang-young but backs off and gives her a video gift instead.  Hye-chan arrives home to a moldy birthday celebration and a pile of dirty clothes in the living room.  She comes out from the bedroom with a vacuum just when Sang-young walks through the door.  Happy to see her, he offers to help with the cleaning.  She hands him the vacuum and plugs the video into the player in the living room.

It’s a video confession couched offered to her as Kim Noon’s first work.  Sang-young sees it from the bedroom door and immediately turns off the player.

He tries to tell her to stop hanging around with juveniles, citing her real age.  She rightly calls him jealous and doesn’t see any problem with her own behavior.  She dimisses the thought that Kim Noon likes her and continues to watch the video as Sang-young, fuming, goes back to cleaning.

Inside the couch, he finds a small silver ring.  Could it be the Bong-man confession ring?

He takes Hye-chan to one of those swan paddleboat and she finally realizes she was the girl who inspired him all those years ago.  However, it appears that a sudden typhoon popped on the lake and the boat rocks violently, sending the little silver ring over the side and into the water.


Sang-young  finds out after everybody else that his character really has been cut from the series.  Hye-chan decides to show up at the set with a wifely kimbap lunch for Sang-young, but Ji-young sees her and stages part of the dialogue with him.  Hye-chan overhears this and thinks that he is really planning on running off with Ji-young.  She leaves without letting anyone know.

She meets up with her screenwriter friend Sun Mee, where they seem to be having two different conversations. Hye-chan is only interested in the relationship between Ji-young and doesn’t pay attention to anything else her friend is trying to say.


Meanwhile, Sang-young is having a final round at the local pojangmacha with some of the set crew, including, of course, Ji-young.  When he gets up to help one of the drunk crew, he leaves his phone behind on the table. Just at that time, Hye-chan calls, and Ji-young picks it up and answers it, proving in Hye-chan’s mind that Sang-young is a liar.  She packs, and leaves, taking a gold Buddha statue as payment for the kimbap lunch.

Manager Ahn takes Sang-young home, berating him for losing the series; since all his other contracts were cancelling.  He arrives home to an empty house, and falls asleep on the couch.  While he’s sleeping, an ominous limousine shows up in front of the house.

It’s the Dictator, and he wastes no time in arguing with Sang-young, offering him a position at his company if he’d stop trying to be an actor.  He doesn’t agree, and Grandfather leaves the house.


Sang-young drives around looking for Hye-chan, and finally our triangle meets; she’s with Kim Noon heading for a ramen shop.  After a brief tug-o-war for Hye-chan’s arm,  she asks Kim Noon to leave.  She tells Sang-young they need to end the marriage now and she walks away.

At Hye-won’s house, she finds out that Sang-young has been cut from the production due to the disruptions she caused.

Episode flashback:  Hye-chan  arranges a first-date event for her friends.  The guys are happy; the girls, much less so.  When Bong-man arrives, Hye-chan realizes there’s now too many boys, and, over the other girls’s protests, Bong-man leaves with her.  In the street, she decides to ask him to share dukbokki, and this is the start of their first date.


As the story progresses, we see Ji-young getting more and more desperate to break these two up.  I am rapidly losing any sympathy for her character; she is moving from a tragic one-sided love to evil manipulator.  On the other hand, Hye-chan makes it easy with her actions and attitudes.  I understand she is still confused between her memories and her surroundings, but her character is too smart not to know everything that Sang-young is doing for her.  Her sister almost becomes her conscience, constantly pointing out the flaws in her thinking.  Well, onward to the next episode.

And I couldn’t resist one final squee to Siwon:

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  1. When the ahjummas were busy fangirling, did you notice one of them actually smacked his buttocks? LOL That scene cracked me up!

    Ji-young is still hateable and Hye-chan needs to get her mind straight.

    p/s Siwon looks 12 here.

  2. LOL – For that scene, I wonder if he was expecting the butt slap? If I was there, I’d probably rub it to make it feel all better…[wink]

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