18 vs 29 – Episode 9

Everybody in the know is scrambling; the ignorant blissfully go on with their lives; and Reporter Choi constantly pops up like the annoying neighbor who won’t leave.

Episode 9

Sang-young runs out of the party to meet up with Ji-young, who informs him that the script is a directly plagiarized copy of “The Purple Rose of Cairo.”  She even gives him a DVD of the movie to really twist the knife into his gut.  He asks her to try and keep it a secret as long as possible.


Manager Ahn does a little heavy-handed and oh-so-obvious machinations to be alone with Hye-won  Bong-kyu is oblivious, waving happily at the subway station while Hye-won shakes her fist.

Hye-chan is at home daydreaming of the world’s worst English-As-A-Second-Language Cannes acceptance speech.  She calls Sun Mee, who is drowning her sorrows at the local p’macha.  Again, the weasel doesn’t tell her about the screenplay piracy crisis.

Sang-young comes home, trying to figure out how to let her down gently about the situation, but she is still floating on her cloud of fame-dreaming, and he’s afraid to tell her.  He explains that the entertainment world is stressful, and will cause you to lose hair, and she should put her energies to other uses.  [Not the best argument, seeing his fluffy locks fetchingly framing his face as he explains this!]


Indeed, she is not impressed and struts to her room to type up more ideas.  She turns this into a dream session, where she’s the director browbeating Ji-young for fake tears on set.  But wait!  She gets a call at the set and runs to the hospital…

…where Bong-man is suffering from amnesia and thinks he’s 18 again.

[delete][delete][delete] She decides she doesn’t want to turn her life into some sort of drama.  [Hello, meta!  Always good to see you!]

And in front of another computer, Kim Noon-ah is mooning over Noona…

And in front of the television, Sang-young gets the full horror of his wife’s word-for-word retype of Woody Allen’s movie…

And in front of Auntie Producer, Manager Ahn gets the “Oh Snap!” look when he finds about the plagiarization after Reporter Choi has published the Hye-chan connection.


The Stalker Twins see the article and decide that maybe “Gym Suit” is a good person to know.  They ask Kim Noon for help contacting her, but he declines.  She’s not answering her phone, and they dig at him that she’s now too famous to be seen with him, especially since she’s old and married to Sang-young.

Hye-chan receives a phone call and agrees to her first interview, much to Sang-young’s dismay, especially since he hasn’t told her the news yet.  They go to the local arcade, where Sang-young explains that this is where they went when they would feel sad.   They spend some cute time trying the games, and there is a flashback where they win a gold Buddha statue at a mousemaze game.  Sang-young wonders where that statue is, but Hye-chan deflects the question; she had taken it when she moved out the first time.


While at the arcade, Ji-young calls Sang-young; they are negotiating with Warner Brothers Studio in America to buy the copywrite for “The Purple Rose of Cairo” as a remake, to try and deflect any rumors.  Sang-young thanks her, and decides to take Hye-chan to a restaurant to break the news.  At the restaurant, the performer starts singing one of her favorite songs by Kim Kwang Suk, and Sang-young has to break the news that he died several years before.  Sang-young tries some Dutch courage to tell her the worse news about her screenplay, but ends up passing out on the table.

It’s night, and Kim Noona is reminiscing about his impromptu waltz lesson with Hye-chan at the park.  On impulse, he sends her a text requesting that they celebrate her screenplay together.  He’s out in front of her house when Hey-chan and an extremely intoxicated Sang-young arrive.  He helps them in, and then looks around the house, pausing at their wedding picture on the wall.  He asks a final question before he leaves: Are they still friends?  Hye-chan answers in the affirmative and he leaves happy.


Sang-young feigns stomach cramps and Hye-chan takes him to the hospital to be checked.  She leaves him with Manager Ahn and heads off to her interview, where her complete lack of knowledge of the movie industry and even her own screenplay leaves the reporter scratching her head.

Manager Ahn is upset that Sang-young failed to tell her about the plagiarization; and an arriving Ji-young is upset that they were unable to secure the remake rights to “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and production has been suspended.

Sang-young offers to be the scapegoat for the fiasco, citing an unspecified illness, but Ji-young points out that will all but put the coffin nails on his career.  Hye-chan’s arrival puts the kibosh on the conversation, and Ji-young excuses herself.


Hye-chan chases her out into the corridor, where Ji-young states she won’t be doing the film due to poor health.  Nosy sensationalist Reporter Choi overhears this and his eyes light up with malicious glee … [That can’t be good – how come he appears to be the only gossip reporter in South Korea?]

Hye-chan is miffed that Ji-young is deliberately snubbing her screenplay, but Sang-young settles her down.  He tries yet again to tell her about her script but she falls asleep and doesn’t hear it.

The next day, Hye-won and Bong-kyu get an eyeful of the couple snuggled together on the hospital bed, and Hye-chan ducks out to sign the release forms, giddy that she spent the night in Sang-young’s arms.


At home, the Stalker Girls invites themselves in, and fangirl all over Sang-young, much to his disgust.

Bong-kyu takes Hye-won out to celebrate his certification in Korean and Japanese cuisine, while his grandparents are scheming for him to go on a matseon.  He refuses it, but doesn’t answer when they ask if he already has a girlfriend.

It’s another day at the academy, and the Girls are vocally cooing over their selcas with Sang-young; Kim Noon glowers in his seat, then stomps off for some solitary basketball.


Hye-chan overhears Sang-young talking to Ji-young on the phone; a press conference was called to address the situation.  Hye-chan misunderstands it as a tryst between the two; and mulishly pouts when Sang-young heads out after telling her to not answer the doors or the phones.

Aunt Producer accuses Ji-young of taking the blame for this situation because of Sang-young, and they discuss the best way to defuse everything.

After answering her cell phone, Hye-chan heads out to me Si-woo, her old crush from high school.  He’s trolling for a way to get more work in the entertainment business, and mentions that last month she sent an email asking about film schools in America.  She hides her confusion by talking about is when he stood her up in high school at the movies (and Bong-man showed up).


Sang-young and Ji-young discuss the press conference in an underground parking lot, and who should observe this but our paparazzi friend Reporter Choi. [Honestly, does he have Sang-young Lo-jacked? Did he make a pact with the Jade Emperor to always be around to stir things up?]

Hye-chan arrives back home to find Sang-young waiting for him.  He tells her to pack for a trip tomorrow  to America, home of all things Not-Korean, until the scandal blows over.   She muses that it’s not the best time for a vacation, what with the movie and all.


Timing is everything, and the story breaks the next morning.  Hye-won sees it on her computer; Kim Noon finds the tabloid on his way to school;  and Sang-young wakes up to the Bad News Phone Call.  He wakes up our clueless Sleeping Beauty and urges her to hurry, dropping his cell phone next to the couch.  She intercepts a text message from Ji-young:

[“Oppa, we just can’t avoid it anymore.  Try to work it out on your trip with Hye-chan.”‘]

She immediately goes to confront Ji-young at the studio.  Ji-young avoids responding until Sang-young shows up.  She argues that the two of them have been conspiring to make her look like an idiot.  The argument would have gone on longer had not the reporters, sensing blood, surrounded them against the vehicle and demanding an explanation for the plagiarism.

This episode’s flashback:  Hye-chan takes Bong-man to a temple after this first audition, to write a good-luck prayer and wish on a temple roofing tile.  Hye-chan asks if he was wishing for a successful audition; he hides it from her but writes “Please let us be together for eternity.”

~    ~   ~

I think a lot of this episode was filler, since we knew at the end of the last one about the stolen screenplay.   Pussyfooting around Hye-chan served no purpose besides setting her up for the fall at the end.  Still, it had a handful of amusing moments.  I love Hye-won, and the expressions she makes; nothing is hidden and you know right away what she is thinking.  She and Bong-kyu make a good couple, since both are very comfortable with each other.  Is it sibling love or something deeper?  It’s hard to tell, but I hope they bond deeper over Bong-kyu’s cooking.

For anyone interested in the singer mentioned in this episode, here is the wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Kwang-Seok

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