18 vs 29 – Episode 12


Is it spring yet?  The birds and the bees are finally working out the mechanics.

Episode 12

It must have been a busy night for our canon couple.  Hye-chan wakes up under the covers sans clothing and, embarrassed, makes a comforter burrito with her as the filling and shuffles out of the bedroom, leaving a sleeping Sang-young face down on the mattress.

She’s spends a few moments with an anatomy book refamiliarizing herself with, um, certain aspects of the human species.  She also checks the dictionary for the definition of “love”.

Sang-young wakes up with a smile and changes into the clothes his thoughtful wife left out.  She also left breakfast on her way to work. Manager Ahn shows up at the house, sighing at Sang-young’s happiness and wondering out loud if love can be found with a school teacher.  Hee.


The object of Manager Ahn’s affections is studiously ignoring Bong-kyu as he tries to get back in her good graces.  She’s having none of it, though, stating in-laws shouldn’t be too friendly.

Hye-chan meets up with Si-woo at work and apologizes for Sang-young’s behavior at the party the night before.  Si-woo likes her idea of a secret celebrity on the show, but who will they chose?  Ji-young pipes up with Kang Sang-young, but he is immediately dismissed as no longer having the star pull.

Sng-young is at the theater looking at his stage costume, and the manager talks about what happened at the bar last night.  The manager explains that, in high school, Sang-young’s talent immediately eclipsed Si-woo and that he is the reason Si-woo gave up acting.


The two sisters have lunch, and Hye-won all but announces to the world that her sister had sex last night.  Outside the café, they continued to chat.  Hye-won recommends her getting pregnant immediately; if “it” hadn’t had happened, she would have been an aunt by now.  Also, Hye-chan needs to break things cleanly with Kim Noon to avoid his unrequited love.

Ji-young visits her aunt, who just completed the travel plans for former star  Im Ji-ok, who had agreed to come back to Korea since her second husband recently died.  She gives Ji-young a poster of the film festival.

Ji-young goes to the theater, where Sang-young is practising his role (in drag, no less).  After a few platitudes  she shows him the poster, and he immediately reacts to the actress’ name.


At school, the Stalker Girls wonder if they can get the insider information for the competition, and enlist Kim Noon’s help.  He calls Hye-chan, who ignores his phone call.  The Girls then use their own phone, which she answers, but she tells them she is too busy to talk.

Kim Noon ends up in the rain waiting for Hye-chan with an umbrella at the bus stop.  She hurries past him, but he catches up.  The heart-to-heart happens under the noisy rain; she explains it’s hard to see him anymore.

K:  It’s just that I don’t want you to get wet!  I can’t do that either?

H:  I didn’t want to say this either, but you and I can’t be friends.  I’m 29…and I have a husband.

K:  You don’t even love him!

H: I do like him, and he’s a good person.  So, don’t like me.

And with that, she hurries away, leaving Kim Noon devastated in the rain.  He goes home and rewatches all his footage and pictures of her as he slowly deletes them from his laptop.

She is also crying and wet as she walks home, remembering the times she hung out with her high school friend.


Sang-young is staring at the poster at home when Hye-chan come in.  He crumples the poster before meeting her at the door.  She refuses any food, and he realizes he doesn’t want to dump his feeling on her at that moment, and deflects with a comment about food.  Later on, when she falls asleep at the desk, he carries her back to bed and kisses her forehead.  He talks to a sleeping Hye-chan, thanking her for staying with him, and that he heard news about his mother.

The next morning, Hye-chan wakes with a faceful of Sang-young, and spends a few moments looking fondly at her husband. They do a little cutesy wrestling, but then it’s time for work.  At her desk at the studio, she goes over some of the show applicants, including Kim Noon.  She calls Sang-young, and they agree to meet for dinner.

Ji-young overhears the conversation, and in a typical gambit, she meets up with Si-woo and all but twists his arm to have an immediate team dinner.   The ploy fails miserably for Ji-young when Si-woo sings praises for his newest staff member.  Since evil hates to lose, she goes on the offensive, waiting until Hye-chan leaves the table to inform Si-woo and the entire production staff of Hye-chan’s amnesia under the guise of a concerned friend.  [B**ch].   She then slips out and calls Sang-young, offering to meet him and give him his new stage costume.


The production crew buzzes like bees over the information, only to shut up when Hye-chan and Ji-young return to the table.  Ji-young pulls her final  maneuver and asks Hye-chan to pick up the script from the office.  While she is there,  Si-woo  comes clean that he knows about her amnesia; also, their star dropped out at the last minute and he would like her to ask Sang-young to be on the show.

Apparently Ji-young’s little chess game is not finished as she shows up at Sang-young’s house.  After a coy [BARF] attempt to spend some one-on-one time, she oh-so-innocently states that the team dinner ended ages and ages ago, and that Hye-chan must be with Si-woo.

[Honestly, Sang-young, could you NOT sit in a car in front of your house with your wife’s rival?  Pretty please?]  My pleas fail, and Kim Noon see the two of them yucking it up in the car.  He immediately calls the errant husband to the carpet about it.  Ji-young, naturally, is thrilled, and you know she’s running through her mind the possible moves she can make using Kim Noon as the foil.


Sagn-young stews over Kim Noon’s words (and chews on ice cubes, lol) until Hye-chan gets home.  He snaps at her that he won’t do the show and Kim Noon is too deeply in their affairs.  She explains that she’s broken things off with the high schooler, but he’s still miffed.

Kim Noon is also stewing over what he saw tonight when he gets a phone call from Stalker Girl #1.  This marks Eun Ji’s first time acting on her own; she meets up with Kim Noon and encourages him to  make his final act of confession a spectacular one.


Ji-young calls Hye-chan and tell her she left “something” in Sang-young’s car last night.  Same old ploy, but Hye-chan isn’t falling for it again.   Still, she can’t help but give Sang-young a little dig about it when they meet in the morning, but she can’t help but peek in the car as she walks by.  It’s the stockings from his costume, but she refuses to believe the worst of her husband.

At the studio, Ji-young can’t wait to approach Hye-chan and gauge her reaction.  Hye-chan?  She blows the situation off;  stockings will run, so sometimes you need to replace them.  It’s just a shame that these were so ugly [snort].

At the studio office, Si-woo is still pushing to get Sang-young on the show; Ji-young breezily says she’ll convince Sang-young to come on the show, since she’s meeting up with him that morning.  Hye-chan just glowers a bit.

In fact, Sang-young had already talked to the play manager and rearranged his rehearsal so he could record the show.  Ji-young is quick to hear this and take credit for his change of heart, and Si-woo digs that Ji-young has more influence on Sang-young than his wife.


At home, Sang-young is practising his falsetto when Hye-chan comes in.   He tries on the ugly stockings, and Hye-chan secretly gloats that she knew it was a fake-out.  He admits he’s going on The Golden Bell, not because of Ji-young, but because they’ll pay him.  They have a serious talk; he asks her to stay by his side, and promises to support her working, as long as it’s not with Si-woo.

And all is right in the Kang household.  Well, except for the cross-dressing husband and the wife’s amnesia.

Grandfather unexpectedly shows up, causing Sang-young to duck into the bedroom.  He comments that their neighbor looks familiar, then turns his attention to Hye-chan: does she know the academy owner that Bong-kyu is dating?  She says nothing, but confirms it with Hye-won later.

We get a cute montage of Kim Noon getting ready for the show; studying, exercising, collapsing…


It’s the day of the shoot, and Hye-chan is giggling at the Sang-young’s nekko mask as she explains the rules of the show.  And then the taping starts.

[The opening theme is from “Victory At Sea”, an Emmy-award-winning american television documentary of World War II. The music was composed by Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein fame, and is the only soundtrack he wrote outside of musicals. Just a bit of trivia.]

As play progresses, the students are eliminated one by one. Out of a hundred students, only Kim Noon is left.   Naturally, Ji-young swoops in for the kill, stating she read his profile and that he wanted to tell someone that he liked her; he deflects her by saying he’ll talk if he wins.  However, in order to ring the Golden Bell, he has to answer two more questions.  The question is a toughie, and Kim Noon calls on the Black Knight for assistance.  The answer is…correct!   And now time for the reveal of  Kang Sang-young. They manly shake hands, and Kim Noon is left alone for the final question.


The final question is based on the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, “The King and I”, and Kim Noon flashes back to the waltz he dis with Hye-chan in the park.  He tears up, overcome with emotion, but writes his answer down.  And his answer is right!!  Everyone cheers and he gets moshed.

Ji-young can’t help but be the jerk she is, pressing for an explanation of his tears, the identity of the person he likes, anything to try and embarass Hye-chan.

And the episode ends on the cliffhanger.

~   ~   ~

The flashback scene shows the young couple sharing snuggle time, and Bong-man explains when he first fell in love with her (yay more Siwon scenes!)  He was feeling down from a run-in with his grandfather,  on the first day of high school.

S: But suddenly, something smelled good.  A small, stubborn-looking girl came running towards me. It was you.

She chastises him; he should have said he was in love with her back then, and she promises to be his friend, lover, wife, and mom.  It all ends in a tickling match.



Episode 13


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