Big Bang Newark – Almost Final Update!

Okay, people, can’t we learn to get along??

Here’s an update on my East Coast Meeting of  the Dramabeans Movie Noonas:

1) Gagopa Karaoke is up and running, so we should have a terrific noraebang experience.

2) Kristabelli’s (JYP’s restaurant) is also up and running, so I’m looking forward to enjoying some samgyeopsal.

3) Maybe the most important, as of this posting,  THE CONCERT IS STILL GOING TO BE HELD!   Woot!

4) A few NYC subway lines below 34th St have opened up, although the repairs are still ongoing, and most tracks are on a modified schedule.  That means Koreatown will be accessible to us.  Kamsahanmida, all you hardworking utility employees of ConEd and the Port Authority!  Realtime updates can be found at NYC Port Authority Traveler Alert  Section.

5) Now for the bad news of NYC to NJ:  the NJ Transit rail system  is subject to 15 ~ 30 minute delays due to overcrowding, and  has temporarily suspended some rail service in favor of buses.  The is the exact press release regarding the situation.  For a non-local like me trying to navigate around, this may spell disaster as I try to move from my NYC bus stop from Virginia to Penn Station, Newark, where my hotel and the Boys await.

If anyone sees an round-eye ahjumma with matching purple luggage looking bewildered at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, just point me in the correct direction.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon a the Prudential Center!


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. Mmmm… sardines… *slurp* CAN’T. WAIT. East Coast, be prepared to be ROCKED!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Aww, I just realized, there will one noona per boy!

  3. LOL. The sardines was a reference to the overcrowding in the public transportation system, but they ARE yummy too. And dibs on T.O.P. hee

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