Big Bang Newark – Final!

Pump Train siphoning the water out of an underground rail tunnel.

This is my final blog update before I put away my computer and waterproof my suitcase!  New BB pics on the bottom!

Below is a final list of useful links for the situation in the TriState area:


New Jersey Transit System Map In PDF Form and includes  QR code for downloading to your smartphone.  It shows the current state of things as of this morning!

The Star-Ledger Online – New Jersey’s newspaper and source for information.


New York City News – Condenses information from various publications into one location.

NYC subway alerts as of this morning.

Manhattan bus route map  and  Manhattan bus schedule.  No QR codes are available, but they are in pdf form to save.

Today, my NYC connection called the situation crazypants.  Maybe so, but as long as the concert is ON we are ON.

According to friends within my network, I received the following by email information yesterday:


“Just got off the phone with a colleague who lives in Jersey and works in NYC at our HQ.  The good news:  the restriction on auto travel into and out of Manhattan has been lifted.  The ‘ok, but requires planning’ news:  gas rationing will be in effect for the foreseeable future.  The bad news:  She says it took her 3 hours to make a 45 minute trip home last night using public transportation.  People are waiting hours for the buses that have been brought in to replace the subways and trains.  My colleague also says that Fort Lee and Palisades Park – the two big Korean commercial areas- are a mess.  The korean grocery (H-Mart) is closed and most stores are still cleaning up from storm damage and/or waiting on getting power, and she does not recommend that we even attempt a tour. “


“I just got off the phone with my chingu in New Milford.  None of the noraebang places within a 10-mile radius of NYC she called were picking up the phone, so she assumes everything’s closed for the foreseeable future.  ARGH.  TIme to start loading up karaoke versions of our songs on my iPhone for future use…”


I confirmed that our noraebang  is open, and it’s a short walk from Penn Station NYC, so we are going to go for it!  Intrepid souls that we are.  We will not, however go to Palisades Park.

KRISTABELLI’s is open for full lunch and dinner, as well as the lounge.  That was confirmed by phone yesterday as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Big Bang has recently appeared on 1TYM member Danny‘s American talk show!

According to sources from Mnet, Big Bang traveled to America to appear on Danny’s show, “Danny From LA.” 1TYM ‘s Danny is also in YG Entertainment. During their recording session, Big Bang spoke about a variety of things including their music and their thoughts on fashion. They spoke in an honest and straightforward way, creating a warm and lively atmosphere.

On the official homepage for “Danny From LA,” photos of Danny with the boys of Big Bang were uploaded. They are seem chatting and smiling with food and drinks. One photo shows Danny and Taeyang exchanging the “hip-hop” handshake.



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