18 vs 29 – Episode 13

It’s a push-pull yin-yang episode: Hye-won and Bong-gyu are together, but Grandfather forbids it.  Male Rival moves out; Missing Mom moves in.  And through it all, our couple work through their own dark worries to overcome some colorful and strangely bright clothing.

Episode 13

It is the end of the taping of “The Golden Bell”, and Kim Noon stands while Ji-young digs, “Then, from whom do you want to be congratulated first?”

Sang-young and Hye-chan look from the side lines as he admits that the woman he wants to hear from is at the studio.  Finally he says it:

K:   You don’t know how much I care for you.  I have something I really want to tell you, noona. Tonight, I’ll wait for you at the park where we waltzed together. Please, come.


Sang-young petulantly declines dinner with his wife and leaves the studio. Hye-chan goes over the footage of Kim Noon’s confession, wondering what she should do.

That night, Kim Noon waits patiently on a park bench, Sang-young paces at the house, and Hye-chan leans against a studio wall.

Kim Noon looks up from his vigil and see Sang-young.  They have a man-to-man talk that ends in a stalemate; neither will budge from the position that he has her best interests at heart.

Driving home from the park, Sang-young tries to contact Hye-chan, but her phone goes directly to voicemail.  She arrives home to an empty house, and texts Kim Noon.  She isn’t going to show up, and he should go home.  He texts her back: “I’m going to wait for you until you show up.”


Sang-young finally makes it home, and quietly urges her to go see Kim Noon.  She refuses, and Kim Noon sits in the middle of a rainshower crying.

Eun Ji shows up in the park, and tries to convince him to leave.  Unbeknownst to them, Hye-chan shows up at the park with an umbrella, sees the two of them talking, and quietly slips away.

Sang-young tries to rest, but can’t, and leaves the bedroom to check on Hye-chan, who hasn’t returned.  He heads off to the theater, to practise as two-stepping character in a shiny disco shirt.   The character bemoans the short lifespan of a woman’s love, leaving him to do some deep thinking.


At the studio, Hye-chan completes the show’s editing just as Queen Biatch Ji-young pops up and demands to see the taping, as well as push her regarding Kim Noon.  Hye-chan counters that it’s nobody else’s business, and leaves Si-woo to deal with her.

Leaving the studio, she find Eun Ji waiting for her, back in Stalker Girl mode.  She tells her off; Kim Noon waited in the rain, and didn’t come to school today.  She follow up with a “Don’t ever go near him again” statement and walks off.   At home, Hye-chan worries that he really is ill, but stops herself from sending a text.

Kim Noon is in his dark bedroom, and deletes her contact from his phone.


Hye-won receives a bouquet of lavender roses and peace lilies at her academy, just as Bong-kyu walks in.  She gushes all over him, until he finally asks where they came from.  She finally opens the card, and gets an eyeful of cheesy poetry from Manager Ahn!

Bong-kyu is giving Hye-won fashion advice, since she is determined to meet with the Dictator.  While trying on different outfits, she hears Kim Noon’s confession on the television.  She rushes over to see her sister and discuss the situation.  She also asks that the married couple show up at Grandfather’s house tomorrow for moral support.

The show is also broadcasting where Sang-young, the theater manager, and Manager Ahn are eating,  and Sang-young flips the screen off.   At home,  Hye-chan makes a cucumber mask for his face that goes wrong when he accidently knocks it to the ground.  The two of them end up making cucumber soju together, and get some face to face time.  She wonders why she keeps hurting the people around her, and she tearfully asks if she’ll ever get her memory back.


At work the next day, Si-woo is stoked that the show had the highest ratings ever, and he’s looking forward to more ideas from her.  She tentatively reminds him that she was only going to work for this episode, but he wants her to stay on the staff.

Kim Noon has become an internet sensation, much to the angst of the Stalker Girls.  He shows up at the studio for a final meeting and, of course, bumps into Hye-chan.  A poignant moment occurs when they see each other across the lobby, but it’s broken when Kim Noon walks past her without saying a word.

The production crew are talking with students for the next show when Hye-chan arrives and ends up sitting on the other side of the table from Hye-chan.  Ji-young jumps in with claws bared; they should have a winner’s meeting so they can follow up on their wishes.  Kim Noon demurs and leaves the meeting, but Si-woo asks Hye-chan to convince him to come back.


The end up sitting outside, and Hye-chan apologizes causing him pain and unhappiness.   He also wishes he could forget everything, but his heart won’t listen.   She thanks him for being her friend after she lost her memory.

And a blast from the past, our smarmy reporter, spots the pair as he drives past the studio, and, instantly, he senses a scoop.  He meets Ji-young for a cup of coffee with a shot of salacity,  and she feeds him the seeds of the story.

With a heart made happy by evil deeds, Ji-young traipses to the theater to bump into Sang-young.  At the theater, Manager Ahn shows Sang-young current information on the film festival, and Ji-young is shocked to find out that Im Ok is his mother.  She quickly schools her face and pops into the room, asking for comp tickets to help promote the play. Little evil whorls of thought spin around in her cranium.


Across town, her stalker obsession the object of her affection is nervously waiting with Hye-chan at the Grandfather’s house.   Their siblings are running late, but finally the doorbell rings.  Grandmother gets an inkling of disaster at the CCTV monitor, but, much like the Titanic, can’t stop the collision.

And Grandfather finds out what his youngest grandson has been up to.  He’s not happy, at all, and, as Sang-young and Hye-chan give their opinions, it’s too much for the Dictator, who leaves vowing to not ever give his blessing.


On the drive home Sang-young and Hye-chan discuss the situation.  Sang-young assures her that Grandfather was against their marriage too, but he eventually caved, and Hye-chan is hopeful for her sister’s chances.

Ji-young picks Sang-young’s mom up at the airport and gets a cool reception from the older actress, until she recognizes her as an actor in her own right.   At the hotel, Ji-young goes right into schmoozing mode, but Im Ok sees right through it. Without admitting that she knows Sang-young is her son, Ji-young offers tickets and company to the play he’s in.  Her attempt to gather more information is interrupted by her producer aunt. Im Ok makes sure that none of her personal information will be released, and they leave the hotel room.

Once they are gone, she contacts a detective to look for her children. [Is it possible she doesn’t know her son now goes by Sang-young? Really, Show??]


At his house, Sang-young remembers one of the last times he saw her, when she promised him that the three of them would stay together forever (Bong-gyu was an infant).  On impulse, he calls Hye-chan, who is going to be late from the studio.  He decides to go to there with food.

Hye-chan is alone in the studio; as the maknaeh employee, she is completing all the little tasks.  She pulls up her email account to find a new one from Kim Noon, with pictures of flowers.

[Hye-chan, you’re laughing, aren’t you?  I was just hoping you’d be laughing.  Your laughing face is like these spring flowers.  So, laugh every day!  I’m sorry for getting upset that day. I’ll try.  I’ll do my best so I won’t be hurt or sad… 

I want to join the Golden Bell final!! Fighting!]

She finishes reading it just as Sang-young comes in, who immediately scowls at the words on the screen.   He immediately goes on the defensive, snatching up her phone and calling Kim Noon for a tête-à-tête.


Hye-chan insists on tagging along, and the three of them have an uncomfortable conversation.  Sang-young gives him tickets to his play, and asks him to stop seeing Hye-chan, especially since she is married.  Kim Noon refuses; after all, what is the use of being married if the parties aren’t happy?

Hye-chan breaks into the conversation as it begins to heat up, and finally admits out loud.

She loves Sang-young.

Kim Noon’s face falls as he realizes the implications, and hurries out of the restaurant.

Outside, Sang-young heads to the theater to prep for today’s opening performance. Hye-chan tells him she is meeting up with Hye-won but that she will be at the theater later.  She slowly walks away, and Sang-young stares at her for a moment before turning away.   Later, she spots Kim Noon on his bicycle, moving through traffic without a care for his safety, and she instructs the taxi driver to follow him.


The performance looms, and the storylines begin to merge:

Grandmother gives her husband the excuse that she is going shopping, in a nice dress, to a fish market.  Clearly, he doesn’t believe her but lets her go.  Bong-kyu and Hye-won are outside the theater, wondering where Hye-chan is.  She is not picking up her phone. Ji-young shows up with Im Ok.

Grandmother spots the boys mother, but ducks out before Im Ok sees her.  Sang-young peeks out from behind the curtain, but his wife isn’t in the theater. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

By the Han River, Hye-chan and Kim Noon talk.  He promises that as long as she is happy, he is content to step aside.  She breaks down and he comforts her, as a suspicious slimeball person snaps a photo.


Flashback sequence: Bong-man is looking at wedding bands, and adorably practices his lines, alternating the “dripping with sincerity” question pop, and the “glare of intensity” while he demands they live together.  They sit stiffly on a bench under the cherry blossoms, and both speak at the same time. Hye-chan starts first.  She is pregnant, and some time later, Bong-man presents her with a wedding band placed in a pair of baby shoes.  She jumps up and loudly agrees, to the cheers of everyone on the bus.

~   ~   ~

So one of the sides of the Love Dodecahedron bows out with a broken heart (poor puppy), as the triangle reforms with the scheming Ji-young still fixated on Sang-young.  With a possible cheating wife scandal, and the upcoming confrontation with his mother, there are still plot points that keep me interested. I still prefer more cute and less side characters, but, hey, who doesn’t?

Episode 14


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