18 vs 29 – Episode 14

18.vs.29 - E14[11-18-20]

Our canon couple can’t seem to catch a break, from the media, from temptresses, or from angst.  Come on, show, I want more cute scenes!! Pretty please??

Episode 14

Sang-young is finishing his opening show, and his acting brings his mom to tears, and the rest of the audience to a standing ovation. She declines meeting him, and neither realizes how close they were.

Hye-chan is hurrying to the theater; her sister calls her and verbally thrashes her for missing opening night.  Sang-young overhears that she was with Kim Noon, and sits dejectedly in his room.  The evil temptress and Manger Ahn show up to congratulate him, and he goes with them to meet the director for dinner.

18.vs.29 - E14[10-36-24]    18.vs.29 - E14[10-37-41]

Hye-chan arrives at the darkened and closed theater.  Grandmother speculates that it was her runaway daughter-in-law.  The Dictator comes through the front door; since she wasn’t home, he went out for dinner. Bong-kyu arrives, and Grandpa reiterates he will not accept Hye-won as a granddaughter-in-law.

At the hotel, Im Ok finds out the identity of her eldest.

Hye-chan is away on the couch at the house, waiting for Sang-young.  She falls asleep, and has some type of hunger psychotic dream involving a thorny tree, a lot of strawberries, and Bong-man…

18.vs.29 - E14[10-40-28]     18.vs.29 - E14[10-40-54]

The ringing of the doorbell wakes her up, and she looks at her CCTV to find Ji-young supporting a very drunk Sang-young.  Ji-young doesn’t fail to dig a little at Hye-chan for not showing up at the theater, and Sang-young lays the guilt on thicker in his drunken stupor.

The next morning, Hye-chan heads out to work, and Sang-young reviews a script, rebuffing all her attempts to apologize.

18.vs.29 - E14[10-42-49]     18.vs.29 - E14[10-43-11]

At the office, the selca of Hye-chan and Kim Noon is already buzzing the internet, and causing uncomfortable moments for both of them.

Reporter Choi shows a copy of it to Ji-young, and she offers him some information to offset the story.

Hye-chan meets with Ji-young at a café, and Ji-young starts on the offensive right away: in her goodness [can you smell the irony?] there is a condition; Hye-chan has to separate with Sang-young.  She refuses and leaves the café, only to overhear Manager Ahn at the theater.  The manager is afraid the scandal will derail Sang-young’s career again, this time for good.  She leaves without seeing the performance and goes home.

18.vs.29 - E14[10-50-03]     18.vs.29 - E14[10-55-01]

Im Ok shows up at the house in an outfit guaranteed NOT to blend in.  She realizes Sang-young is the stage actor from the night before, and misses the opportunity to stop him before he drives off.

At the hotel, Ji-young confronts Im Ok and asks for her help to deflect the scandal.  [Clearly this girl was working on her makeup the day they were passing out consciences.]  She paints Hye-chan as a shameless cougar and Im Ok as his only lifeline.  Mischief done, she leaves Im Ok to think about it.

Hye-cha finds a picture of Sang-young’s mother in the nightstand, and goes to speak with Grandmother, who confirms Im Ok’s identity.  They are interrupted by the Dictator, who gruffly tells Hye-chan he hasn’t seen Bong-man on television yesterday, and advises her  to tell her sister to break it off with Bong-kyu.

18.vs.29 - E14[11-13-52]     18.vs.29 - E14[11-09-55]

Im Ok shows up at the theater again and sits behind Hye-chan.  They bump into each other in the bathroom, but Im Ok leaves without confirming any filial relationship.

Sang-young is happy to see her in his dressing room, but their flirty conversation is interrupted by Snake in High Heels Ji-young, who grabs “her oppa” and pulls him away to go do a meet and greet some movie producers, but not before he promises to be home early.

18.vs.29 - E14[11-32-55]

That little so-and-so does a bait and switch, sending Sang-young to the restaurant while she takes a bathroom break.  Sitting at the table is his mother, and the two exchange a charged look, and Sang-young immediately leaves.  She chases him outside, and they play polite strangers, until she calls him by his real name.  He walks away, snapping back:

S:    Don’t speak my name. You have no right to say my name.

But he cries on the way home.

18.vs.29 - E14[11-37-06]     18.vs.29 - E14[11-40-30]

Hye -chan meets with Reporter Choi, who blows her off with a few snarky comments and leaves.  She then tracks down Ji-young, accepting the dubious lifeline she offered.  On the way home, she picks up divorce papers from the courts.

She tells an incredulous Sang-young when she gets home, explaining that she was tired of living in his shadow, and that it was too hard being his wife.  He asks her if she ever loved him; she says it was all a lie to protect Kim Noon.  Her tears don’t fall until Sang-young storms to his room, telling her to never return.  She sadly packs up her stuff and looks at her wedding album one last time.  We get a montage of all their interactions since her accident, then she turns the office light  off one last time.

18.vs.29 - E14[11-55-48]     18.vs.29 - E14[12-00-51]

He ends up sitting in a darkened and empty house.  He finds a note addressed to him. [“I’m going to be gone for a while. I’ll take care of the paperwork when I return.”] In an envelope is the divorce paperwork.

Hye-chan ends up at the seaside resort where she and Bong-man had once stayed.  A local strawberry farmer recognized, and we sit down for some redfruit and revelations.

The couple tells her about her and her husband helping pick strawberries, and they give Hye-chan something they found under a tree: her ID card and a 10-won coin under an old tree.  She ends up taping them into her journal and making an entry.

18.vs.29 - E14[12-22-53]     18.vs.29 - E14[12-25-26]

Manager Ahn visits Hye-won at her academy, and gives her a dramatic declaration of love (and a ring).  She punches him with an eraser.  At the same time, the Dictator visit her school, and overhears her barking at her students.  Manager Ahn takes the opportunity to make Grandfather even more adamant about not letting her get mixed up with his grandson.

Kim Noon stops by the television studio and finds out Hye-chan hasn’t been there and has cut off communications.

At a bar, Ji-young is pressing her luck with Sang-young, who tells her to never force a meeting between him and his mother again.  He ends up waking up alone at the house, and goes through a photo album, much like Hye-chan did AND coincidentally, the same farmers.  He flashes back to a local story regarding two large rocks in the harbor: a woman who waited for her lover to return from a war, and the lover who chose to become a rock to stay by her side forever.   Hye-chan, in the present, is sitting and regarding those very same rocks.

18.vs.29 - E14[12-41-30]    18.vs.29 - E14[12-45-09]

Reporter Choi is interviewing Im Ok, with the ever-present Ji-young.  He wonders out loud if she came back to find her long-lost sons, but she deflects the questions.

When the article comes out, Sang-young ignores it, in spite of Manager Ahn’s pleading.  Grandfather practically blows a gasket,  yelling at his wife and startling Bong-kyu.

His grandson and Hye-won go to the house, which has reached the state of environmental hazard. They came by to hand Sang-young an invitation and elicit his help in arranging the wedding. We find out during the conversation that Hye-chan has been gone for over a week.  They push, but he refuses to go after her.

Hye-chan is writing a screen play about how they met in high school, replaying it like a drive-in movie theater.  She get a dizzy spell but it passees in time for dinner.

There is an interview on the television regarding Sang-young’s upcoming role in a  movie, and Hye-chan suddenly gets nauseous.  [Maybe she got sick because Ji-young was at the interview too.  I know I felt it…]

18.vs.29 - E14[12-57-35]    18.vs.29 - E14[12-58-00]

Hye-won pulls Kim Noon out of class, and asks if he has hear from her sister recently.  Hye-chan contacts her while they are talking, but she doesn’t tell them where she is.  Kim Noon figures it out based on the area code, and gives Sang-young the information.  Sang-young tells him to mind his own business and he wasn’t going to chase his wife, so Kim Noon decides to bus out to Anmyun-do.

Hye-chan is picking strawberries when she faints.    Sang-young gets the call that she’s been taken to the hospital.  Hye-chan wakes up, to be told that she is pregnant.

~  ~  ~

The flashback is a cute montage of their day spent at that beach, followed by midnight strawberry picking.  We find out about the 10-won piece and her ID; they each placed something under the tree.  Bong-man explains his 10-won coin cost 300 won to manufacture, so it’s his proof that he loves her 3 times more than anyone else.  She buries her ID card, explaining that she will be together with him, just like her card and the coin.

18.vs.29 - E14[13-09-19]



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