What is your “Full House”?



Product placement is so prevalent in today’s Asian dramas that even meta references elicit only a slight chuckle.  Cars, jewelry, phones, couture, anything and everything you see can be purchased.

Except the real estate.

From humble hanoks, to the palatial Full House Take 2 mansion, the production teams strive to find unique locations to film the dramas that make us laugh, cry, and F-bomb.  I would love to be a location scout for almost any Asian film studio, just for the sheer ability to walk through and fondle the stonework of some beautiful and amazing architecture.  Which brings me to the heart of this blog, and a question for my readers:

If you could live in any house in any Asian drama, which house would it be?  They run the gamut from little rooftop places (and can poor people really afford such a view) to huge mansions.  I’m going to mention some of my favorites:

full houseFull House (2006) –

Even without Rain lounging around on the couch, the three-dimensional wall treatments and the outside view makes up for this.  Growing up next to the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve a fondness for sand and seagulls.  Although there was a lot of echo in the kitchen / living room scenes (because of the hard floors), and the place could have used a few more fabrics, it remains one of my favorites.

Secret Garden - 07[21-32-51]Secret Garden (2010) –

The eponymous bachelor pad of the rich, with the sensuous curves of the interior design juxtaposed with the whiteness of, well, everything.   For me, this one voted The One With The Most Slidable Handrail.  And all those windows!

BLThe Greatest Love (2011) –

Okay, I’m not too keen on having a racecar in my living room, unless it’s Sprint Cup and comes with Denny Hamlin, but the apartment has those adorable fishtanks and the full-size racing arcade system, so it’s a winner in my book.

Personal Taste - 07[20-58-49]Personal Taste (2008) –

One of the few non-sageuk series that features a traditional Korean hanok, with its open courtyard and raised flooring. Not a home that I would prefer, but mostly because of mosquitoes and a lack of air-conditioning.  Fates, please don’t send me to the past, pickled babies and Lee Min-ho can’t compare to Starbucks and wi-fi.

Drunken to Love You - 02[21-27-09]

Drunken To Love You (2011) –

The main lead of this Taiwanese drama was an architect, and this is reflected in his home, with a huge island kitchen and neutrals and grey tones throughout the house.  It has similar features to Ha Ji-won’s home such as a gorgeous deck and big picture windows, but it seems much warmer and inviting to me. Better for a family.

Roy MarnRoy Marn (2012) –

I wanted to include a Thai lakhorn as many of them feature traditional-style homes in that region, and I do like all the exotic plants and balconies everywhere.

So, to sum this all up – what would be your dream house in AsiaLand?

Rooftop Prince - E08[21-14-16]

Rooftop Prince Post Renovation

Padam Padam E10[20-53-10]

The barn from Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats

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  1. What I love in the Secret Garden house is the fact than the shell has chameleon qualities: Depending on the season, it appears white or green or grey. I don’t know if it’s a reflection thing or if they repaint it differently each year. That said, it’s like a castle: I can admire it but I’m perfectly happy in my own modest little house. 🙂

  2. I have a soft spot for the Secret Garden house simply because it’s so gorgeous but my dream house has to be the on in CYHMH in the botanical garden. Huge fish tank+being in the middle of a botanical garden makes it perfect in my book (especially if it came with NGM lounging on the bed^.^)

    • That’s a good one too! I didn’t quite understand the swoopy thing in the middle of the main room, but the view from the deck and windows was pretty spectacular! I guess a lot of locations include big windows and decks. Maybe the film crews need the space and the natural light?

  3. I will now be on a mission to try and find the perfect house in dramas I watch. (Like I needed to add one more thing to take up my time in kdramaland! haha)

  4. ,can I join in the fun? I have two houses that I have been eyeing for awhile.. The one from Wish Upon a Star and the one from YAB.. re the former, I can’t remember the exterior of the house but I am enamored by how the basement was fit into the house and the leveling of the floors. I know nothing of architecture and engineering but something about it just makes me lust for that house..hehe.. same with YAB..
    ,as for the houses posted above, I like the DTLY on, which reminds me, I really need to watch that drama..

  5. Out of the ones you posted here, I like the look of the Taiwanese drama house best. I think I love views of mountains and jungles a lot. This might also explain my favourite house so far in drama being Han sung’s house in coffee prince. Very simple, nice mountain views.. Decks to sit out on to have coffee and watch the view .. I would love that

    • Enz! Thank you! I really like the show, and not just for the architecture lol. I liked all the locations in CP, including the coffee house. I loved all the windows and the stone horses on the house that you like!!

  6. Good thing i stumbled on your site. I do look at houses in kdramas. I love all these houses you put here. The Full House site above is open for day tourists en transit at Incheon. Secret Garden is my favourite here, not only for the interiors (i liked the wall of books) as well the exterior, with the lake. I wish they’d open that to tourists as well.

    • Thanks for reading my post! I noticed some houses and locations are also recycled (the Full House Take 2 mansion is now the main house in That Winter The Wind Blows), but those older dramas looked for unique places!

      I recently guest posted on another site, talking about locations used in KDramas to drink. http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com

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