18 vs 29 – Episode 15

18.vs.29 - E15[23-52-49]Well, we are almost to the end of this series, and my first ever complete recapping project.  I’m almost sad to see it done, except Monty Python is yelling “Get On With It!” in my head.  Our canon couple still can’t seem to find their way together, the meddlers keep meddling, and I’m pretty much rooting for the secondary couple at this time.

Episode 15

The white knights ride to the rescue as Hye-chan is looking at the ultrasound picture with the doctor. Sang-young gets there first in his car, followed by Kim Noon who took the bus.  They both miss her, but Sang-young heads towards the seaside village, while Kim Noon walks.  He ends up getting stuck on a muddy shoulder as Kim Noon nonchalantly walks past.  Ultimately, they band together to get the car out of the sticky mess and share a guarded détente over ramyun.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-27-08] 18.vs.29 - E15[23-43-26]

Hye-chan makes it back to the kind couple’s house, to be told that the farmer had contacted Sang-young, so he must be on his way.  On Hye-chan’s request, the wife deflects Sang-young by saying she isn’t there.

Grandfather is frowning, too, when he finds Bong-kyu’s wedding plans.  Thanks to Manager Ahn, he’s convinced Hye-won is a loose woman who drinks a lot and has a bunch of boyfriends.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-53-09]     18.vs.29 - E15[23-32-14]

Outside, she and Bong-kyu discuss the situation, and he decides to drink. Turns out he’s a lightweight, and Hye-won carries him home.

She gets ready to kiss him, when she receives a drunken phone call from Manager Ahn, and tells him in no uncertain terms that she is getting married.  He breaks down into drunken wailing.

The farmer couple discusses Hye-chan’s marriage woes, just as Sang-young’s car pulls into the driveway.  They get the last available room, and the Hiding Hye-chan wonders why they came together.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-37-21]     18.vs.29 - E15[23-39-21]

In their room, there is plenty of bickering until they settle down for the night, and talk changes to Hye-chan. Kim Noon says her mix of 18 and 29 made her cute, and Sang-young grudging tells Kim Noon that he has good taste.  Kim Noon uses the opportunity to admonish his hyung; one of Hye-chan noona’s peeves is always having to pick up after him.

In her room, Hye-chan is busily typing away at her manuscript, when her stomach growls. She tiptoes past the other room, where the boys also discuss her shortcomings. She snarls at them but ducks before either can see her.

Sang-young is randomly digging in a field, and explains to Kim Noon he is looking for their keepsakes they buried on their honeymoon. Kim Noon runs back to get a shovel, only to run into Hye-chan.  A chase ensues, and Sang-young catches up with Hye-chan.  In his car, he gives her the wedding invitation and convinces her to go back and help her with the preparations.  They drive back to Seoul together as Kim Noon takes the bus.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-42-34]      18.vs.29 - E15[23-43-15]

Hye-chan insists on being dropped off at Hye-won’s, but finds her sister pretending to sleep next to a drunken, sleeping Bong-kyu.  They continue to their house instead.

Hye-chan starts cleaning up the mess Sang-young left in the house.  He sees her picking up scattered clothes and remembers Kim Noon’s “talk”.  He ends up doing the laundry and washing the accumulation of dishes.

Later than night, Hye-chan goes on a snack hunt, and gets caught wolfing down on fruit. Sang-young wonders if she starved herself in the village.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-44-39]      18.vs.29 - E15[23-46-19]

Kim Noon and Crazy Stalker Girl Eun Ji have a conversation at school, and he asks her out.  She playfully pops him in the shoulder and they run to the school.

Ji-young confronts Hye-chan at her house – why is she still hanging around Sang-young? Hye-chan explains she still plans to divorce him, and Ji-young digs that she can help him more than his weak wife.

Hye-chan meets up with Im Ok and invites her to the wedding.  She hands her an invitation, and convinces her to come by the house and meet her youngest son…

18.vs.29 - E15[23-52-27]      18.vs.29 - E15[23-53-14]

…who happily prepares some snacks and a new jacket for her arrival.  Things go well at the reunion with just a tinge of awkwardness, and at least until Sang-young come home.  He orders out of the house, in spite of everyone’s protests. Bong-gyu and Hye-won run after her, but she quickly leaves.

Sang-young and Hye-chan argue,  and Hye-chan points out how much she misses her mother’s voice and face, giving him food for thought.

He goes to see in after a short while, and finds her curled up under a blanket in the office. She outright refuses any medicine, and he walks off in a huff, thinking she’s mad at him.  In truth, she doesn’t want to take anything that may affect the baby.

18.vs.29 - E15[23-59-27]      18.vs.29 - E15[23-59-40]

On the drive the next day,  Manager Ahn suggests that maybe her memory is coming back and she remembers his past mistakes, like forgetting her birthday and constantly yelling at her.

Hye-chan has an appointment with the OB/GYN doctor, and she finds out for the first time that she had a previous miscarriage.  She asks Sang-young to help her fill in those gaps in her memory, and, after some thought, he gives her the old laptop with her diary in it.

She reads about her lonely times when he was filming, wondering if he even still loved her, and finally, the miscarriage, which her old self believed was caused by her working too hard at the film studio.

18.vs.29 - E15[00-01-26]      18.vs.29 - E15[00-02-03]

Im Ok shows up at her in-law’s house, setting off Grandfather.  She kneels down before him and entreats him to let her take Bong-kyu to America.  He shouts at her to get out, before walking away with a pounding head. She heads for the door as Bong-kyu watches.

The two sisters are wedding shopping to the Backstreet Boys, and Hye-chan feels feverish.  Hye-won explains she has a secret weapon to make Grandfather agreed to the marriage, and pantomimes throwing up (like she’s pregnant). Hye-chan smiles weakly.

18.vs.29 - E15[00-11-43]    18.vs.29 - E15[00-13-08]

The two brothers meet, and Bong-kyu asks Sang-young to be more tolerant of their mother, and tells him about her request.  Sang-young confronts Im Ok at the hotel room.  She explains that he has grown up well, but she has never spent any time with her younger son. He vehemently tells her to leave him and his brother alone, and leaves her crying.

Sang-young goes home, and finds brochures outline overseas studies on the office desk as Hye-chan returns to the room.  She tells him she will continue the plans she made before the accident. He asks her to not leave his side, but she says she won’t change her mind.  Sadly, he wishes her luck and leaves the office, only to load up clothes in a duffel bag and head for the door.  She stops him and asks him why he is leaving.

H:  Where are you going? You don’t have to leave. I’ll leave.

S: It’s okay…I won’t be able to let you go if I’m here. I keep wanting to stop you from leaving. So, get ready to go abroad in peace.

And he walks out the house as she cries.

18.vs.29 - E15[00-15-44]     18.vs.29 - E15[00-16-01]

Ji-young is shocked when Sang-young backs out of the movie deal, and immediately puts the screws to contacts Hye-chan to demand request she makes sure he does the movie project. Abdominal pains take her to the doctor, and now Ji-young knows she’s pregnant. [Ugh, please drop a piano on her before she blabs to Sang-young!]

Ji-young meets up with Sang-young, who is adamant about leaving the show, and she tells him the news about his wife’s pregnancy, and tells him to stay with Hye-chan if that is in his heart. [No piano, dammit! Really, Show??  You let Ji-young drop the bomb..]

Hye-chan is at the craft store, picking up the clock she had made with her cross-stitch as the background.  Hye-wond and Bong-gyu, both in dazzling white, admire each other and take selcas at the shop.

18.vs.29 - E15[00-18-01]     18.vs.29 - E15[00-18-28]

Sang-young hurries home to an empty house, and reads her post-accident diary, finding the ID card and coin that they buried on their honeymoon pasted into the book.  He’s giddy as he waits for her to return.

She’s in a taxi on her way home, when the taxi goes into traffic and gets T-boned.  She wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on the same location as the other two accidents, as Sang-young bursts into the room.

18.vs.29 - E15[00-20-48]      18.vs.29 - E15[00-21-24]

~   ~   ~

Flashback: The happy young couple walks together into the house that Bong-man had just bought. This segues into arguments over money.

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of Ji-young, who as a character outlived her usefulness episodes ago.  With only the final left, we are still regurgitating the fact that she is an interfering so-and-so.  I just wish the writers would stop with this line and include another cute scene or two.  I will feel cheated if this is all we ever see of the OTP’s relationship.




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