Baby-Faced Beauty – Episode 5


Because the first several episodes have already been addressed by other websites, most notably our friends at Dramabeans, I’m starting the recaps at Episode 5.  I may go back, but at this time I want everyone who needs recaps to be able to see the entire series.



We open up Episode 5 as So-young pleads on her knees in front of Manager Ahn to save Jin-wook.  The scene is witnessed by Yoon-seo, who ambles over to see the dramatic.   She ends up publically chastising So-young in front of her team, and threatens dire consequences for everyone if an “unnamed temporary employee” steps out of line again.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-25-08]     Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-27-52]

A newly-released Jin-wook shows up at work, and apologizes to Yoon-seo.   For him, she brushes the situation away like it was no big thing.  So-young spots him in the hallway,  but he walks away, and she muses that he had matured a lot with just a little bit of suffering.

Seung-il receives a phone call from his daughter Hyeon-i; she had managed to make it to the lobby of his building and wants to play.  She follows a designer onto one of the floors and starts touching everything, never realizing that her dad is now looking for her in the building.

So –young finds the youngster in one of the meeting rooms using makeup purloined from one of her team members.  While trying to retrieve the makeup bag from the brat child, she finds out she’s the President’s daughter, she ends up being the fashion head for Hyeon-ni’s makeup attempts.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-30-47]     Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-31-14]

Seung-il finds his daughter happily playing ClownFace with So-young, who is embarrassed at being found like that. However, the indulgent father smiles and scoops up his progeny.  She in turn requests stylist money from So-young, who hands over a bill and slips away.

Her hope to go unnoticed fails when Jin-wook sees her and laughs at her face – was she trying to look good for him?  His mirth is cut short by President Ji, who hands her the money back and walks away without a word.   Jin-wook wonders what is going on between the two, but gets no answer.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-34-26]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-35-06]

Seung-il, Hyeon-I, and Yoon-seo have lunch, and Hyeon-I makes no secret that she doesn’t like the manager, asking for the ahjumma who played with her before.  She tells her that she isn’t the first lady to have lunch with her and her father.  Plus she has no sense of humor and is the worst pick of all Father’s girlfriends.   Hahaha! Wow, already cynical towards gold diggers at a young age!

So-young takes Jin-wook out for lunch, but he balks at the idea of street food, but shows remarkable knowledge about jokbal for one who hates it.  She calls him out on it, but he returns with a question: Would a woman date a man who owns a small food shop?  She answers in the affirmative, and Jin-wook breaks out into a smile as she digs into her plate of pig’s feet.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-36-51]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-37-12]

In a more posh café, So-jin is breaking up with her current boyfriend and receiving calls from the new one.  Outside the restaurant, it turns out that the guy was married. Several women in the restaurant comment about the scene, including President Ji’s sister Joo Hee.

After they leave the restaurant they go to a feel-good seminar.  Outside the meeting hall, ahjummas from the class are fawning all over the host whose name is Noh Yong Joon . That is until So-jin comes running up and announces that he’s her boyfriend.  However, once the crowd leaves, an exchange of money shows that So-jin is fronting for him.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-39-04]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-39-48]

Outside at The Style, So-jin meets up with her sister and takes all her cash as a fee to bring back the President’s umbrella.  On her way back to the building, So-young spots President Ji, but in her eagerness to return his umbrella gets her heel caught in a manhole cover.  In front of all the returning workers, SJieung-il attempts to help but winds up breaking off the heel.

A post on the company bulletin board from the jilted guy’s wife identifies “So-jin” as a home wrecker who seduces married men in order to get brand name shoes and bags.   This causes a discussion among the upper management, and Yoon-seo offers to investigate the situation.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-41-38]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-42-03]

Everyone ignores her except Jin-wook, but he wants to know all the details.  She accuses him of believing it all, and tells him how she knelt in front of Manager Ahn.  It’s a revelation to him.

President Ji watches her leave the building.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-44-53]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-45-20]

At home, So-jin comes home after another failed audition, and So-young confronts her. Is having a brand name bag worth being with a married man? So-jin gets defensive, but deflates when So-young tells her about the bulletin and her possible dismissal. She leaves her younger sister to ponder the situation, and goes out onto the rooftop for some fresh air and self-blame.

Jin-wook makes a phone call, and ends up in front of an apartment, waiting all night for someone to answer.  It turns out to be the apartment of the philandering employee . He admits to seeing “So-jin”, even buying her expensive skinny jeans.  Jin-wook argues that such a short woman can’t wear them fashionably.  The cheat demurs with a description that (naturally) doesn’t jibe with So-young’s.  Jin-wook shows him the disco video of So-young and confirms that it wasn’t her.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-50-50]     Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-50-20]

At work, the design team coldly gives So-young the brushoff, but Director Baek takes her for coffee.  She looks at So-young’s outfit, right down to the shabby hi-tops, and asks about her outfit.  So-young explains that clothes are expensive, so she makes her own.

Later, Manager Baek mentions to President Ji her thoughts about So-young, and asks him to carefully consider the situation because there is more going on than the obvious facts.  He calls Yoon-seo, who is thrilled to hear from him, but her face falls when he mentions the investigation. She gives him platitudes until she hangs up, but her face shows her determination to kick So-young out.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-53-29]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-54-19]

Yoon-seo fires her in front of the staff without any chance for So-young to say anything.  At the same time, President Ji receives an email from the husband stating the The Style’s Lee So-jin was not the woman he was seeing.

So-young silently packs her things, and walks out the door, only to run into President Ji.  He walks into the team room, and everyone stands at attention, where he announces that she is reinstated. Jin-wook sees this and smiles when he slips out of the room.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-58-45]      Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[21-59-36]

Yoon-seo follows him out, where he apologizes for going over her head. She smiles at his apology, but grows an angry face the moment she turns away from him.  Back in her office, she decides to take everyone to a club, leaving So-young by herself.

So-young walks back into the team office after attempting to contact her younger sister, only to catch everyone speculating on her scary ability to latch onto men, including the President.  She hides until they leave for dinner but bumps into Jin-wook before she can make her own getaway.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-02-24] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-02-51]

He’s full of himself, congratulating her on keeping her job, but she tells him she’s is not in the mood to celebrate.  He jokingly asks if she has some effect on the President, touching the sore spot left by her coworkers’ words.

She blows up at him, telling him to mind his own business and think whatever he wants.  He storms out, leaving her to stare at her pincushion.

The gang is gyrating to a sample of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” at a local club.  Yoon-seo slips out to try and convince Seung-il to show up, but he’s still at work.  He comes upon a sleeping So-young and notices some design drawings underneath her head.  In his attempt to get the drawings, he wakes her up, and in the awkward moment, invites her to the club.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-06-43] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-07-39]

Everyone is drinking in a private room when President Ji and So-young show up. They give her false cheer which she sees right through.  They decide to play Yaza time, where honorifics get flipped. While they are playing, So-young is belting back multiple glasses of whiskey.  They press the President to drink, and when he refuses, Yoon-seo offers to be his “Black Rose”.

So-young goes out of control, not only drinking the President’s glass but downing an entire bowl of spiked punch.  She starts addressing everyone informally, pointing out all the ways she had been used: forced to go out with Manager Ahn even though she didn’t want to; yelling at her and treating her like crap just because she’s a temp; and telling Yoon-seo that she lacks management skills, especially since she wouldn’t listen to her when she protested her innocence.  President Ji is watching this and secretly smiling.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-10-08] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E05.450p[22-12-26]

Her tirade is interrupted by other employees and Jin-wook. She manhandles him to a chair and backslaps his head for not believing her.

And then she blurts out – she’s actually 34!


Well, the cat is out of the bag.  The only question is, will anyone believe a drunken, angry “So-jin”, especially if you think everything else she spouted (the forced meal with Manager Ahn, the team’s poor treatment of her, etc. etc.) is wrong.  The chemistry between So-young and Jin-wook is growing by leaps and bounds, since both are now going outside their worklives to help each other out.  Both President Ji and Director Baek believe that she can be a strong employee if she is given the chance.  I’m looking forward to the aftermath of the drunken confession!


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