Baby-Faced Beauty – Episode 6

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-23-45]I love this picture!  Not only for the petulant expression on Manager Kang’s face, but her outfit, some type of glittery leather bustier that makes her looked like she’s ready for a Viking invasion.  And yet, the person she perceives as the enemy is in a nice neutral silk blend.  Who will win?  Stay tuned!

So-young has drunkenly announced her real age in front of everyone from work, from President Ji on down to Jin-wook.  Now what?  She ends up passed out on the floor.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-02-42] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-02-56]

The ringing of her alarm wakes her up from her normal pallet in her bedroom, and she looks at her phone to see dozens of contact attempts by Jin-wook, and another unknown number.  She wonders what happened the night before.

At work, several people address her as “unni” and “noona”, but it’s a joke as no one believes that she is 34 years old.  She stumbles over an apology, but everyone shakes it off.  After all, they spoke to her older sister the night before.  Turns out So-jin told everyone that she lies when she gets drunk.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-05-13] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-05-36]

Jin-wook grabs her in the hallway and hisses at her regarding her behavior last night.  She gets a flashback, he piggybacked her out of the club and she ended up vomiting all over him.  When he stopped to clean up, she disappeared, which was the reason he tried to call her so many times.

She wonders who actually got her home yesterday, and calls the unknown number on her phone.  OMG, it’s the President, and she gets another flashback where she jumped in front of his car, and he poured her into a taxi for the final ride home.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-06-50] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-07-04]

Yoon-seo and the team go over some of the new designs, but she stops before they get to So-young’s design.  She asks Yoon-seo about her design, and Yoon-seo blows it off as trash.  So-young immediately tracks down Jin-wook and asks his opinion. He says it is old-fashioned, and she gives him dry-cleaning money for his ruined suit.

They end up having a meal together; unfortunately, they bump into Seung-il and Yoon-seo, and all four sit down together.  During the conversation, Yoon-seo tells Seung-il that she and Jin-wook went to college together but were classmates.  Jin-wook’s face shows his feelings for Yoon-seo, but covers it up by seasoning So-young’s noodles. Yoon-seo comments that they interact like intimate friends, since they speak in banmal to each other.  So-young refutes it, but this brings up her behavior last night, and President Ji admits to making sure she got home, which surprises everyone at the table and ratchets up Yoon-seo’s pisstivity towards So-young.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-10-01] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-10-08]

The president and the manager walk off together, and Jin-wook stares after Yoon-seo for a moment, before turning to So-young, who yells at him for the comments at the table.

At The Style, Director Baek stops by and looks over her designs. The director tells her to focus on how she would feel wearing her clothes, then privately tells her assistant that, with a little maturity, “So-jin” will surpass them all as a fashion designer.

So-young asks her mom about the dress she wore when she graduated from primary school.  She had told Director Baek that she wanted to design clothes because of how special she felt wearing a new outfit.  Her mother, however, cannot remember anything about that.   Nevertheless, So-young takes the director’s advice to heart and starts from scratch.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-10-56] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[14-11-24]

She takes her new design to Manager Yoon-seo, who coldly tosses the sketch towards the trashcan and tells her to never bring her another drawing.

Later, Seung-il is in Yoon-seo’s office, on the phone and looking for a particular design, when he finds So-young’s crumpled sketch on the floor.

The feel-good teacher is offered an energy drink by a winking ahjumma.  Thanks to her grabby hand behavior, they end up locked together on the floor, just as Joon Hee shows up, takes one look, and storms off.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-27-27] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-27-50]

At The Style, different completed samples are discussed, mostly to a lukewarm response.  President Ji brings out a clean copy of So-young’s design and asks if it can be considered.  Yoon-seo argues that she had already discarded the design as not anything a 20-something would want to wear.  So-young is summoned to the meeting, and the President asks her about her reasoning behind the design.

SY: “Err, I don’t have any particular explanation. I only want the women who wear this dress to be happy.  That they can feel confident in their clothes.  It doesn’t matter if they are young or old.  Age has nothing to do with it.”

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-11-53] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-09-49]

This brings a secret smile to Director Baek, and a very vocal sneer from Director Hyun, who calls the design stupid.  Director Baek, acting like the class act she is, refutes this, saying that twenty year-old woman like classic styles as well as trendy clothes.   The decision is made to see a sample of So-young’s design.

That’s easy!  She was actually wearing the design, explaining the type of fabric she used, and polarizing the committee into smiley people and frowny people.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-07-18] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-04-25]

Jin-wook turns out to be one of the frowny people, asking her after the meeting, if she secretly showed President Ji her design.  My my, are we showing a little green there?  So-young assures him that she didn’t but that the President is a  good man. Still in her good mood, forgives him for his previous behavior at lunch.  He’s not appeased, and snarks that maybe she should date the President.  Or even, marry him!  And with that, he grumbles away, leaving a stupified So-young behind.

When Manager Kang stomps past in her leather Xena glory, So-young apologizes for what happened in the committee meeting, but Yeon-seo blows her off.  Later, with conspiracy music in the background, the mother / daughter Team Evil discuss the unwelcome developments, and plot So-young’s and Director Baek’s downfall.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-28-57] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-29-41]

The team shows up stylishly dressed at a colleague’s family member funeral.  All, except Soo-youmg, who is pinning up her sister’s black dress to wear, and Jin-wook, who is slowly getting ready after a night spent drinking.  She bumps into him at his apartment, trying to wash his hair.  She hurridly explains that she’s there to pick up his roommate’s black socks.  He enlists her help in washing his hair, since he hurt his hand the night before.

Of course, while she’s helping him, he gets an eyeful…

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-10-54] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-28-42]

Which leads to both of them getting drenched.  She ends up in borrowed sweats, trying to dry her dress and mumbling that things go wrong every time they are together. But then she starts wondering how he will handle eating and such with one hand, and ends up knotting his tie for him.  Before she leaves, she’s goes ahead and knots all his ties for him, which makes him smile when he sees it.  And a Daniel Choi smile is a dangerous thing.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[00-37-34] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[01-01-25]

Things seem to go smoothly at the funeral until her former boss and employees from her previous job show up at the funeral meal.  Shocked, she tries to avoid them,  but gets caught by her former supervisor. He wants to use his former employment history as a way to suck up to Manager Kang, but So-young makes up a story about Manager Kang to stop the collision.  It doesn’t work, and she quickly attempts to break them apart.  Manager Kang is angry that So-young told him she had  trouble with Hangeul, and warns her to watch herself.  Crisis kind of diverted.

The next day So-young and Hyeon-i chat on the phone, and mentions that shes bored, even though her aunt Joon Hee is there to have lunch with her.  She hangs up the phone and happily tells her that “Ahjumma Lee So-jin” from her daddy’s company is going to be her nanny someday.  Joon Hee, remembering the scene at the seminar, is determined to meet this gold digger and have it out.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[01-08-25] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[01-51-12]

So-young is straightening out the Design team desks when Joo Hee breezes in. Naturally, she doesn’t recognize So-young as So-jin, and So-young covers it up by saying she’s a cleaning woman at the company.  The two of them share coffee at the company’s cafe, and Joon Hee interprets So-young’s nervous fidgeting as shame.  They chat about how younger women want designer bags and a fast track to the good life rather than using hard work.   So-young convinces her to not take any action against that “gold digger” and successfully sends her off from the company.

Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[02-14-53] Baby.Faced.Beauty.E06.450p[02-15-05]

Or not so successfully, as Joo Hee decides to talk to Yeon-seo and put in a good word for So-young to move out of the janitorial services.  Yeon-seo thinks nothing of it, until she sees So-young wearing the clothes Joo Hee described.

“Lee So-young?” Yeon-seo asks.  And the maknae designer replies.  Uh-oh.




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  1. “And a Daniel Choi smile is a dangerous thing.” Kekeke… Who am I to contradict? I so love that innoffensive unpretentious rom-com. No equivalent on the horizon…

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