National Poetry Month – The First Seven

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APRIL 1   (Limerick)

There once was a guy from Malay
Whom the Noonas would love to waylay
With an infectious smile
As wide as a mile,
And a need for McD’s everyday!

APRIL 2  (Limerick)

There once was a guy from Malaysia
Who bought all of his stuff from YesAsia
Number one in his class
For the semester last
My favorite Braggart Fantasia!

APRIL 3  (haiku in English, Japanese, and Korean, all lines mean “congratulations”)

おめでとうございます! (omedetogozaimasu)
과 축하 해요!  (Oh chugha haeyo)

APRIL 4 (prosody)

Ivory and Ruby lines, in equal measure
Golden crescent hugs the Star
Against the deepest field of azure.
“Mountain, city, land” – a treasure
Of many peoples near and far
With wondrous sights to travel and tour.
This beautiful land, of industry and leisure
We celebrate with gendang and guitar
And salute their great capital, Kuala Lumpur!

APRIL 5 (haiku for a traveling friend)

Oh goodbye Kyoto
Cherry blossoms gently fall
As a fond farewell.


The spring sun whispers a siren song
With ever-increasing volume
As abandoned seeds, wrapped in their wintry coats
Obey the sound 
They tentatively peek out
And reach for love.


Oh hail the Circadian rhythm, which keeps
A hold on our awakes and our sleeps
The longer days will hark
To a commute not in the dark.

That’s it for the first week!  I’d like to thank my friends and fellow creative folks for convincing me to try this.  Next week I intend to have a shot of liquor before composing.  Am I looking forward to it?  You bet!


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. Unnie! How could you have thought of hiding this from us! I particularly April 3, 6 & 7.

    • Well, you know I like playing with poetry, but rarely do I do the serious stuff. Maybe my previous post using colors as emotions. And I figured maybe it had to be more impactful. Then I shrugged and reached for the soju. Lol.

      Glad you liked it so far. ^^

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