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When A Man Loves - E02[(001048)02-44-47]-300x169We say goodbye to those sparkling choco abs as the final episode is SqueeCapped.  I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Episode 20

Episode 19

Episode 18

Episode 17

Hello!  Most people know I have a fondness (some say obsession)  for Asian dramas.  While I’m not quite at the Intervention Needed level, I found that many of them are as good if not better than what can be found on American television (except they talk funny).

One of my recent crack dramas is “When A Man Loves” – a MBC production featuring Song Seung-heon, Shin Se-kyung, and Chae Jung-an – hasn’t gotten much love from the bigger sites of drama addicts.  Nothing against them, but I think this show,  for all it’s cheesy plot and gratuitous abs shots, is still cinematically pretty and worth a watch.

I have teamed up with several of my KDrama friends to recap this series.  It will actually be posted on another site, mainly because, in spite of my nerd skills, I have little ability to make animated gifs, the Song Seung-heon’s abs are well worth the view.

I want to thank thank thank my chingus-in-conspiracy, JoAnne and Kakashi, for making this possible.

Here are the links to the episodes. I will periodically update this post with the newest additions.  Thank you!

Episode One – Created by the lovely HeadsNo2 of DramaBeans fame.  I decided not to reinvent the wheel, starting my recaps at Episode 2.

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

Episode Eleven

Epsiode Twelve

Episode Thirteen 

Episode Fourteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Sixteen


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  1. smart move, Shuk. Very smart 🙂

  2. Is it possible to comment over there? Because I have been wanting to say how much I love the squee caps! You are all funny, and the fact that you have different voices really really really works well for the material. I hope you all keep doing them on whatever shows come up next, too.

    • Jomo –

      Thank you for those great words! I have to admit, this is the first live recap I’ve ever done (the others are older, established shows). I think JoAnne gives brilliant commentary, and kakashi’s gifs are a godsend.

      Feel free to comment here! I decided that the best place for the Squeecaps was kakashi’s blog, given the higher incidence of fangurl ing posts, versus mine more, uh, boring one.

      If you don’t already know, my story “The Prince and His Harem” is a story I wrote where almost all the characters are people from Dramabeans who got to decide on how their characters would be: Leaf, JoAnne, Shel, Ricky (the prince of course), Mystisith, etc etc. I can email it to you in PDF if you don’t want to read it online. No pressure though. ^^

      The recap portion of WAML 8 is done, pending K’s gifs, and my final static shots and links. If there is anything you’d like to see more of, let us know!


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