Who Are You – A Redirect Post

Who Are You - Ep 08[20-44-49]

Help!  I can’t get off the merry-go-round of recapping!  I got hooked on another one:  TvN’s “Who Are You”.  Detective Shi-on has been able to see ghosts ever since she awoke from a six-year coma.  She was injured at the same time her fiancee was killed.  Now she works in the (supposedly) boring Lost and Found Department of the police.  Except, she keeps finding things that people hope will stay buried.

As usual, the squeecaps are hosted and posted at http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com/.


       Episode 16 (End)

NOTE: Episode One was recapped by DRAMABEANS, so I did not do a separate one.

Episode 2      Episode 3

Episode 4      Episode 5

Episode 6      Episode 7 

Episode 8      Episode 9

Episode 10    Episode 11

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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. Hi Shukmeister,
    I was looking for a possibility to email you, but found nothing. Here’s an OT question I have and didn’t want to put up over at DB. As I am not a native speaker I was wandering what your response to my comment on yesterday’s anon post means.
    “I think everyone understood your sentiments, even if we we don’t have a dozen letters following our name.”
    I don’t get the “even if we don’t have a dozen letters following our name” part. ???
    Hugs, Newbie

    • Newbie –

      I think that Anonymous is more than likely someone with a lot of formal education. So their name probably includes letters as proof of their ‘schooling’ – for instance, “Mr John Smith, MD, PhD, CCAS, and Rhodes Scholar”.

      Some people are impressed with this and consider these certificates and degrees as proof of an individual’s intelligence. “Anonymous” strikes me as one of them.

      For me, I personally don’t bother with them. It’s not the true measure of a person, only the size of their student loans. 🙂

      I hope this clears it up for you. I really enjoy the comments you make on Dramabeans!



      • Ah! Light bulb! Now I get it. We Germans don’t have this letters behind a name system. A PhD is put in front of the name like Dr. Meier or Prof. Müller. Thank you for your explanation and I couldn’t agree more.
        See you at DB and your wonderful entertaining squeeCaps! N.

      • Thanks! 5 is almost done and scheduled for posting. 6 is written by both of us but I have to gif it yet. I hope to be totally current by this weekend!

        Consider following JoAnne, kakashi, me and others on Twitter!

      • I don’t do Twitter or FB, but some accounts I regularly check out. I’ll add your accounts to that list. 🙂

        It is fun to try to translate the Korean posts by guys like Lee Jun Ki or Ryu Soo Young via Google translator. Usually I can only guess what they are talking about. RSY posts pictures of flowers or other outdoor scenery all the time. Such a sweetheart!

      • Choi Siwon posts interesting pictures on his Twitter account, not just selcas but scenery and food shots too.

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