A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 – Moonstruck

Ki-ae took a deep breath. While in the Kim mansion, she could unload her troubles on Park Hee-nam, in spite of the difficulties of communicating with someone who was mute. But the woman was a sympathetic ear that eased some of the pressure, and occasionally dispensed sharp but valuable advice. Ki-ae hated to admit it, even to herself, that she missed the housekeeper almost as much as she missed the house. Even though she was Eun-sang’s mother, by tacit agreement they avoided her workplace, so the time with her was limited to off days.

She took a final, fortifying gulp, draining the glass completely, before she stood. The room swam a moment and then cleared.

“Is there someplace we can go to talk? A little less public?” Young-do sprung up, as if waiting for her to make the suggestion.

“My room is upstairs, if you’d like.” At her nod, he grabbed the remaining bottle of whisky, scooped up her coat, and led her out of the bar towards the lobby. He walked swiftly, his long legs striding across the marble tiles, and she had trouble keeping up. She stumbled slightly, and he shifted everything to his right arm to steady her with his left. She felt his hand through the fabric covering her elbow, his warmth sending tingles up her arm. When was the last time she had been touched by any man except her son?

“Thank you,” she whispered, unable to say more past the constriction in her throat.

Young-do thought for a moment as he slowed his steps to accommodate the woman beside him. Should he boldly lead her to the main elevators, where the CCTV would record the fact that she willingly went with him to his room? Or take her to the rear elevator, used when his father didn’t want an electronic trace of his movements? He stopped, undecided, and she lurched against him.

Her soft curves and the outline of her right breast against his side momentarily stopped his breath, even while she murmured a soft apology. His body, already edgy from the games he was playing, suddenly shifted into a different kind of tension. Almost without thought, he put his arm around her still-slender waist, and led her behind a bank of arecia palms under the stairs to the back of the lobby.

Once inside the rear elevator, he released her; she stepped back to lean against the mirror walls, her eyes closed. He took a moment to observe her.

She wasn’t cute by the standards of the girls at school. Most of them had some plastic surgery to their credit, whether or not they admit it. As far as he could tell, no knife had ever marred the features of this woman. Tiny crow’s feet on the edges of her lids, and a slight softness to her jaw and neckline belied her age. She was slim and short – her head would just reach his shoulder – and far from matronly. Young-do licked suddenly dry lips as a soft chime announced the 34th floor.

Ki-ae opened her eyes and found herself the object of an almost predatory scrutiny by the man in front of her. No, boy, she reminded herself, and her son’s classmate. She stood up from the railing as the doors smoothly opened behind him. He gave a tiny bow and gestured with his free hand.

“This way, eomma.” That one word brought her back to reality as she walked past him into the well-appointed corridor. They stopped at a door marked “Premium Suite 3405”, and Young-do deftly opened in, and Ki-ae walked in ahead of him. She didn’t miss the “snick” of the lock behind her, but chose to ignore it.

The room was remarkably clean for a teenager’s room. Sober tones of black and gray blended with the wood tones of the walls. Red pillows on the bed and a black wood settee provided puffs of color, as did a collection of orange motorcycle helmets on a sideboard. A fluffy white duvet covered the simple dark bed. This was her quick impression before he led her to a gray microfiber couch and sat her down, before he went to the sideboard and pulled out two clean water glasses. He placed them on the black lacquer coffee table, and pour fresh drinks from the second bottle.

Belatedly, she wondered how much she had already imbibed, and whether it was a good idea to be in this room with this young man.




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