A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 5

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CHAPTER 5 – Some Like It Hot

Her hands made quick work of his shirt buttons, her fingers streaking down the placket and finally yanking the tails out of his jeans. She backed towards the wall, pulling him willingly along as her kisses blazed a trail over his heart. She hit his desk, and, with a little hop, sat on the cool wooden surface. She released his shirt to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him against her.

Young-do placed his fists on the desktop on either side of her and used his knees to force her legs open. There, only touching at hips and neck, for a moment he reveled in the powerful feeling of a willing woman in his control. He ground his hips against and was rewarded with a shiver as he slanted his lips across hers and traced the seam with his tongue. She moaned, a low vibration in his mouth, and he could feel her nails digging into his scalp as she pulled him closer.

He grabbed her hips and slid his hands under the hem of her red blouse. She let go of his head to lift her arms up and allow the slinky material to slide upwards and off. It hit the floor with a soft sigh of fabric, but the sound barely registered as Young-do dropped his arms and took in the woman in front of him.

Her eyes slowly opened, wild with passion; her breath whistled in and out of half-opened lips, the smear of lipstick giving testament to their rough play. Her soft breasts were held by a black lace demi-bra, their lushness spilling over the tops. Faint stretch marks radiating from her navel showed her life’s experiences, and he could only marvel.

“You are beautiful.” He said, and the sincerity in his voice slowed her heartbeat even as it warmed her. She lowered her arms and lightly cupped his face, her thumb wiping away the pink smudge from his mouth. A faint shadow bruised his jaw. She traced it with her fingers.

“I’m sorry,” She whispered. The jaw tightened under her fingers and in a low voice he answered, “That wasn’t you; that was my father.” She gently kissed the area before sliding back to the fullness of his mouth and deepening the kiss.

Young-do rubbed his sweaty palms against his pants and tentatively placed them on her ribcage, his thumbs brushing against the bottom of the demi-bra. Now that this moment had been reached, he wasn’t sure whether he could go through with it. After all, it would be his first time.

She noticed his hesitation, and pulled back a moment to look at him. The light from the mismatched lamps by the bed bathed the right side of the man in a soft glow. He suddenly looked young and vulnerable. Her lips upturned at his blush.

She put her hands on his wrists and pushed upwards. They both audibly exhaled as he hands covered her breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze as she arched her back, putting them deeper into his palms. His shyness disappeared as he leaned down to capture her lips again; his now-steady hands skimmed to her back to push the straps off her shoulders and imprison her arms. The bra still stayed in place, though, so he reached around to her back and fumbled with the snap until he practically growled in frustration.

So close to his bare chest, she inhaled his scent, a mixture of Cool Water by Davidoff and clean sweat. It took her a few moments to realize his dilemma, and she took pity on the both on them. She bumped his chest and he took an involuntary step back. Freeing her arms, she reached back and opened the hooks; the bra dropped to the floor between them. She reached out and stroked his jaw before gliding to the back of his neck and pulling.

He needed no further urging as he crowded against her, the touch of his bare chest against her breasts sending ripples straight to her core. She was thrilled by the intensity of her feelings; it had been so long since she had felt anything but indifference and fear, living in that cage of a house.

Ki-ae braced herself on her arms as he grabbed the back of her head and plundered her lips, his tongue deep into the cavern of her mouth.



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