A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 6

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CHAPTER 6 – A Night To Remember

Young-do could barely think through the onslaught of sensation. He pressed her further down, his tongue dueling with hers as she writhed underneath him, the taste of whisky and the feel of her hair invading his senses. Inadvertently, his bent elbow knocked the desk lamp onto the floor. Startled, he let go of her head, which hit the desk top with an audible thump.

“Ow!” Ki-ae said, trying to sit up. He quickly backed up a step, contrite. She laughed, a young and carefree sound. “It’s okay. I’m not that fragile. But this is a bit uncomfortable.” She slid off the desk and wrapped her arms around his waist. Instinctively, he mirrored her actions, and briefly, he rested his chin on the top of her head before she tilted her head back and smiled.

“Shall we go someplace better?” She turned, still with an arm around his waist, and he willingly followed her to the bed. Together, they sat down.

Young-do looked at the beguiling woman sitting on his bed, abruptly unsure of himself. He was out of his element and unable to rely on his swagger or his reputation. She gave him a swift kiss and slowly fell back onto the bed, tugging him with her.

His left arm was still trapped around her waist, so Young-do used his other hand to capture her left breast as he bent down and kissed her neck.

The softness of her skin surprised him as he trailed his lips down to the other breast, taking the nipple into his mouth and sucking lightly. He was rewarded when she gasped and lifted her hips. Emboldened, he licked the underside before moving to the other breast. His hand slid to the hem of her skirt and gripped her thigh, feeling her heat through the silk of her stocking. His pants grew uncomfortably tight, but he ignored them to focus on the exquisite responses of the woman beneath him.

Ki-ae’s nerve endings sizzled from this young man’s actions. Her hands were bunched into the bed sheets as she all but begged him to stroke her everywhere. The graze of his teeth against her nipple caused a flood of dampnes between her legs.

Young-do caressed her thigh, moving upwards until he felt the top of her stockings. He ran an experimental finger around the rim, but there was nothing attached. A quick hook of his finger, and it glided smoothly down and off. The second one followed an instant later. He ran his hand under her skirt, bunching it higher until he could see her black lace panties. He swallowed to soothe his suddenly-dry throat and palmed her mound.

It was all heat, all consuming. Like lightning, it flashed along his skin until he felt like a single bright flame.  Unable to stand the feel of the denim against his legs, he quickly pulled back and shoved his jeans and boxers down, kicking them off before climbing back onto the bed and honing in on all that delicious hunger.

Ki-ae had never enjoyed the act, preferring to stay quiescent whenever the Chairman sought her bed; in fact, he had often complained of her coldness.  But right now, she felt wound tight and hot enough to fly apart into ash.  Those large hands were cool, yet moisture sprung to her skin everywhere he stroked, preparing for the ultimate friction. What was it about this man, half her age, but with a life outside the circle of acceptance? Was it that like called to like?

Abruptly, with his intimate touch, desperation swept all other considerations aside, and when he stepped away, she quickly reached down and all but tore her panties away.

Young-do was surprised when she revealed herself, but that pink glistening flesh was too tempting to wonder.  Stretching over her, he cupped her face while seeking entrance, his body unerringly arrowing for that juncture where paradise lay.

Her world tilted for a moment as he slowly entered.  Never had she felt so full as her body stretched to accommodate his girth.   Young-do captured her gasp with his lips as he sheathed himself into her tight, hot core, seating fully against her womanhood. Giving in to this incredible feeling, he began to rock back and forth.  Without a word, she grabbed his buttocks and urged him deeper, harder.

Chanting curses filled her ears as he pistoned, growing harder and hotter every second. Suddenly, she felt the tension snap, and keened wordlessly as she flew apart in a burst of incandescent heat. He felt her inner muscles milk him; an eternal instant later, he joined her with a guttural shout as he poured himself into her.

Spent, Young-do collapsed heavily on top of her, but Ki-ae barely felt the weight as she slowly floated down.




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  1. Wheeeeeew! That was HOT! *fan self*

  2. I can totally feel YD cursing during sex, lol. Nice touch.

  3. a glimpse of literotica (a site I can’t visit because of my location, curse you censorship!) with characters i adore; steamy! can’t wait for the next chapter.. ^^

  4. This was as well written as any bodice-ripping romance novel. Good character choice. Far too hot to read while at work. oops. (I see I am several months behind on this.)

    • Lizzy –

      Thank you. I tried to create a fanfic that was outside the Heirs fangirling, which was mostly Young-do and Rachel, and I’m glad you liked it!


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