A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 8 (Final)

Thanks to everyone who read my first drama-based fan fiction!  I hope you enjoy the final chapter.  Shuk

CHAPTER 8 – The Day After Tomorrow

If Young-do had ever had this much fun in the kitchen, he didn’t remember it. Ki-ae had insisted on the cooking, and they fell into a pattern; when she requested an ingredient and he returned with it, he brushed against her, sometimes hip to hip, sometimes just a lingering touch on her arm.  The cook station rang with laughter as they chatted; even when she relegated him back to his dishwashing station. And she fed him tidbits while he was elbow deep in suds, moving back and forth to the stove where the soup was merrily bubbling.

The playful mood continued when they finally sat down at one of the window tables to eat.  Young-do sampled his omurice and galbi tang, savoring the taste of a home-cooked meal, and, even more, the company.  

“This is good,” he said appreciatively.

“It would be better if you slow down to enjoy it more. I’ve been working at Park Hee-nam’s restaurant.”  It took him a second to remember Eun-sang’s mother was no longer a housekeeper.  She sat down across from him, and chided him to use his napkin. He basked in her attention; what would it be like to eat breakfast like this every day? Across from someone who actually cared about his eating habits?  He took a sip of orange juice to clear the lump from his throat, and, over a forkful of omurice, he turned the talk to more serious subjects.

“What are you planning to do now that you are no longer with that household?”

Ki-ae turned pensive as she thought about her life.  It had been a long time since she lived without the gilded chains of the Chairman’s money, and truthfully she didn’t know what direction she should take.  In spite of the fun working in the restaurant, she didn’t want to be a burden to either her friend or her son.

“I wrote to some family members in Busan, to see if there was anything for me to do.  It would be a great deal cheaper to live there than in Seoul.”

Young-do was alarmed at the distance she was contemplating.  “What about your son here?”

She shrugged. “The Chairman’s will stipulates that his estate pay for Tan’s college and expenses, so he will continue in school. Eun-sang will be with her mom at the restaurant. So there’s really nothing for me here.”

At first he was going to ignore the bite of rejection, but it wasn’t in his nature to back down.

“What about last night?” he asked as he leaned over the table to stare her down.

Ki-ae swallowed back a sudden thrill as he loomed into her personal space, but the practical side knew there was no future in this situation.  So she went for flippant, settling back into her chair as she pulled away from him.

“We had fun last night, but really, it was just a moment’s madness. Given our circumstances and ages, that’s all it was.” Unexpectedly, she realized that they used no protection last night; indeed it totally slipped her mind in the combustion that had flared between them.  She did a quick calculation, and figured she was safe.  “It’s best if it’s never brought up again.”  She took a sip of her soup as he sat back in his chair; still staring at her, hurt shimmering in his eyes.

His appetite gone, Young-do studied the person in front of him. It bothered him she thought so little of their encounter last night. Or did she? Little did she know that he was a master at hiding feelings. Her face was carefully blank and she refused to look at him, and, while her stance was relaxed, her knuckles were white with tension as she put her spoon down.

“I think it’s time I head home.  Thank you for everything last night.” Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, she gracefully stood up and walked out of the restaurant, careful to let none of her emotions show, in spite of the stinging sensation in her eyes.

She punched the down button on the elevators, and waited.  Then within the reflection off the polished bronze doors, she saw Young-do for only an instant before being enveloped in a back hug.

“I think you are wrong. When can I see you again?” The words were whispered into her hair, and her heart squeezed painfully.  Well aware that they were in his father’s hotel, and eyes and ears were everywhere, she adopted a casual air that didn’t fool him. She turned around and stepped back, breaking his hold just as the elevators doors opened.

“I’m sure we will see each other, especially since you and my son are classmates. You two need to work hard and get to the top of your class.   You shouldn’t slack off just because this is your last semester at Jeguk High after all.”  She reached out for a moment, but thought better of it and allowed her hand to fall. Tears threatened to fall, so she quickly stepped into the elevator and almost blindly hit the button for the lobby.   She refused to look up until the doors closed, releasing her breath on a sob when she felt the descent.

Young-do wanted to smash his fist into the unyielding doors in front of him. Lust, frustration, and feelings as yet undefined roiled in his stomach as he struggled to process the physical and emotional whirlwind of the last day. After a bit, everything began to calm inside as he finally decided on the path he would take.  For good or bad, this captivating woman had become important to him.  He walked over to the window, already formulating a plan.

Outside, Ki-ae looked up for a moment at the glistening façade of the hotel, shielding her eyes in the sunlight as she sought the restaurant window, but the impersonal glass gave no hint to what was behind it.  With a sigh, she turned and smiled perfunctorily at the valet before getting into the taxi and leaving.

He stood behind the curtain of glass, his body deceptively relaxed but his eyes glowing with fierce determination as he watched the cab drive away.

A moment’s madness, indeed.



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  1. Wow. Excellently written, Shukie unnie!! With just enough detail to completely capture the imagination. Awesome stuff!! You’re a talented woman. Salute! 😀

  2. Wow! I think that this is one of the best (of the very few) fanfictions I have ever read! Wonderful details and fluid writing. I was completely enraptured by the story you wrote, and I could see it effortlessly painted in my mind. I’d love to read more from you and I think I might start dropping by your blog more. 🙂 Thanks for the good read!

    • Feather –

      I appreciate the encouragement! I wasn’t sure how this would be received, since most fanfic was shipping YD and Rachel, but I was intrigued by the pairing.

      Thanks again,

  3. Got me right in the Noona feels! Whew! *fans self* I loved it! Very well written. It pulled me right away!

  4. Youre hilarious! :’D i dint know reading fan fiction would be this much fun!
    Do you have any other kdrama in mind to write fanfiction for?

  5. I loved it!
    Its kinda hard to imagine though, what with the massive (18 yr old?) age gap. Please write more!

    • Ap – Thanks!

      I look at it this way:

      Ki Ae has been sheltered inside that house more than half her life, so to some extent her personal growth is stunted.

      Young-do has been surviving more or less alone for years, and has a more jaded / mature view of the world than most of his peers. Plus, he has the mom fixation (well, MY Young Do does, since I started this before the end of the television series and he hadn’t met his mom yet). So I thought an older woman would be a better fit for him anyway.

      YD is more mature than his number of years, and KA is more childlike. 🙂

      Also, there is a large age gap between me and my guy as well, so it happens in real life too! I don’t have any places to continue this story line, but there are some good things on the way!


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