Winter Sonata – Episode 6

I’m not gonna lie, this is my favorite episode. There’s so much development between our canon couple, the attraction, the revelations, and everything in between tell us that the pair’s relationship at the beginning is very different from the one at the end. At least, for one of them.



Yoo-jin wakes up on a couch in a hotel room, and through her teary bleary eyes sees Min-hyung without his glasses. She calls out for Joon-sang, and the man answers. He walks to the couch and kneels at eye level; she searches his face, asks if it really him and grabs him into a hug.

Min-hyuk is surprised when she starts babbling and crying. Through her sobs, she says, “I’ve never forgotten you. How could this happen? I’m not dreaming, am I?” By this time, Min-hyuk has regained his equilibrium, and plays along for a short time, finally going for a kiss.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(003998)11-49-39] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(006388)11-50-15]

Except he doesn’t. Pulling away, he tells her this sob story is ridiculous, and he doesn’t appreciate easy women and ones who try to steal their friend’s boyfriends. The shock of his cruel words snaps her out of her state as she stares at him. He offers to be her lover at least, isn’t that what she wants?

A resounding slap is his answer, and she storms out.

Later that night, Min-hyung puzzles over Yoo-jin’s contradictory behavior. He’s still thinking about it the next day at work, when Manager Kim brings in the day’s schedule. He asks his sunbae: How do others see him? Kim realizes they are talking about a woman, but all his fishing gets him nowhere.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(010325)11-51-04] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(011317)11-52-03]

Joo-jin is missing from the meeting, and Min-hyung bulls ahead rather than wait for her, but she shows up a few minutes later. At the end of the meeting, he asks to speak with her; outside the meeting room Kim and Jun-ah wonder what happened after they both left the bar last night.

There’s awkward silence before Yoo-jin apologizes for last night’s conduct. He wonders out loud if she was faking drunk just to seduce him. She sets him straight – she is not a loose woman – but he tells her that he’s confused by her differing actions. She stiffly apologizes and promises that it won’t affect their working relationship.


Jin-sook and Yoo-jin chat over the dinner table, and Yoo-jin speculates that she is still affected by Joon-sang’s memory because she never talked to anyone about him, and asks her roomie to be her sounding board sometimes.

Che-lin shows up at Min-hyuk’s hotel room with cold-weather gear, but he isn’t really paying attention. Instead, he tells her that it bothers him to be told he looks like someone else. She realizes that Yoo-jin must have told him and tenses. He’s surprised when her eyes well up with tears, and offers to take her to dinner. Her tears dry up the instant he leaves the room to change. She discovers that Yoo-jin was in the hotel room when she finds her notebook on the floor.


We get a nice scene of our fiancés grocery shopping so she can stock her larder for her roommate while she is at the resort. Outside her apartment the two exchange hugs.

The snow is crunchy at the worksite, but the roads are dry when the girls arrive. There’s some low-level flirtation between Jung-ah and Kim, and they set up a drinking date for later. Man, those two can put away some baekseju! Yoo-jin begs off afternoon coffee, so Manager Kim, Jung-ah, and Min-hyuk go to the café for coffe and Tarot. There are wasp’s nest hanging from the ceiling in lieu of lamps.


Min-hyuk takes his turn at the Tarot table, and pulls the same card every time: The Wheel Of Fortune. I don’t think he can buy a vowel, but she tells him that his soulmate is getting closer. He will recognize her because she will have the same symbol on her. He scoffs and stares out the restaurant window. Catching sight of Yoo-jin, he asks her boss how she perceives Yoojin. After all, according to rumors, she has a lot of lovers, and he would consider joining the stable. Jung-ah flat out rejects the rumor and calls him a poor judge of character, surprising him.

At the dinner party, the site manager aggressively points out that he will never work with young women who don’t know their place. Yoo-jin jumps up and gives him as good as he gave, and it’s now clear that they’ve worked together before and that this is a fun routine they do. Min-hyung is impressed.


The alcohol flows freely, and one drunk worker offers Yoo-jin a drink. The Ahjussi site manager becomes her Black Knight and tells everyone three things about her: She can’t drink, she won’t lie, and she doesn’t fool around. He goes on to say she loses control when she drinks, and almost died once. She stops him by singing a song, but Min-hyung is absorbing all of this.

Before they head to their hotel rooms, Min-hyung apologizes to her for his previous assumptions, but wonders what the real Yoo-jin is like. The conversation gets deeper but they are interrupted by Chel-lin, who just showed up at the resort “just because”. It gives Yoo-jin an excuse to leave the conversation and the other two.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(054105)12-00-21] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(056203)12-01-07]

At the vet’s office, Happy is in a hideous coat but is eating well. Jin-sook is hanging out there too, and then Sang-hyuk shows up. I guess it’s dog treats and coffee all around.

It’s not so happy at the resort, when Che-lin goes to Yoo-jin’s room. She gives her friend her notebook, and Yoo-jin tells her everything. Chel-lin runs a line of BS and guilt, telling her not to hurt Sang-hyuk and don’t cause a rift in their friendship. Oh, and never see Min-hyung after the project is over.

Next Che-lin confronts her boyfriend about that night. Her newest lie: Yoo-jin told her that Min-hyung tried to seduce her in his hotel room. And how can she date such a man?

After Che-lin leaves, Min-hyung finds Yoo-jin and confronts her, telling her to stop trying to ruin his relationship with his girlfriend. He spends the rest of the night trying to call Chel-lin, who is staring at her phone and smiling her evil smile.


The next morning, the site workers find Ahjussi unconscious. Yoo-jin shakes him until he wakes ; it appears he drank too much and fell asleep at the site, nearly freezing to death in the process. Marcian wants to fire him, so Yoo-jin tracks down Min-hyung to find out.

They argue about it, and Yoo-jin passionately defends him: he is a lonely man and his wife’s deathdate was the day before. Min-hyung taunts her; is drinking and crying the way you remember the dead? That’s an excuse for loneliness and it’s best to forget the dead.


Yoo-jin tells him she is quitting too – after all she hired Ahjussi, so the responsibility is hers. He calls her overly emotionalm , but she doesn’t want to work for a cold individual.

JYJ: You’ve never truly loved anyone, have you? I doubt it. That’s why you can talk so cavalierly. You don’t know what it’s like to have someone disappear from your side. Nothing changes, except that person is no longer there. Someone like you would never understand. Is it so wrong to miss someone with pain?

It’s something Min-hyung thinks about into the night. Yoo-jin is also sleepless, going over his words about forgetting the dead. She ends up calling her mom for a bit of comfort. Mom confirms that her memories of her late husband are a comfort to her, even fifteen years later. Wise mom tells her that a person buried in your heart can never be erased.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(079658)12-05-01] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(083624)12-05-26]

Boss Lady tries to cheer her up with a Tarot reading. Yoo-jin’s problem is a relationship, and her solution? The Wheel Of Fortune. Jung-ah tells her to keep the card for luck.


At the site, Yoo-jin finds out that the fire order for Ahjussi was recinded. And in other news, Sang-hyuk is heading to the resort to surprise his fiancée. And in other other news, Che-lin finally breaks her silence and invites Min-hyung to pick her up at her business.


Min-hyung happily arrives at the store, but his steps slow on the stairs when he overhears Che-lin and Jin-sook talking. They are talking about Yoo-jin, and Chel-lin freely admits that she tricked Yoo-jin into telling her about the hotel night. She makes her employee promise not to talk to Min-hyung about Joon-sang, and heads out for a brief meeting. Once she’s gone, he chats with an unsuspecting Jin-sook.

She confirms he looks just like their old classmate Joon-sang. He remembers Yoo-jin saying the name, and probes further. Jin-sook keeps talking: Che-lin like Joon-sang, but Joon-sang only had eyes for Yoo-jin. He asks where their classmate is, and finds out he died. He leaps up and heads out the door, running to his truck.
All the little conversations they had come back to him: Yoo-jin asking him about his high school, his likes and history; her crying jag and hug; her assertions about a loved one leaving a hole in your life. He speeds up.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(099596)12-10-06] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(100157)12-10-45]

Chel-lin finds out, but who cares.

Min-hyung knocks on Yoo-jin’s hotel room door, but Sang-hyuk answers. He gives a work excuse and spends a bunch of time leaning against his truck. He heads back to the hotel room in time to see Sang-hyuk get the bum’s rush by Yoo-jin. No overnight stay together for our affianced couple.

Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(105989)12-12-09] Winter_Sonata_ep-06[T1][(108565)12-13-29]

It’s snowing at the work site the next day. Yoo-jin thanks Min-hyuk for keeping Ahjussi; in turn he asks about Sang-hyuk, who is leaving after lunch. He tells her to knock off now so she can spend time with him. She nods and walks away, dropping her Tarot card in the process. He picks it up and turns it over – omo! It’s That Card! He so engrossed in his head he fails to notice that some worksite materials are falling towards him.

But Yoo-jin does. She lunges forward and pushes him away, only to be buried under the fallen lumber.


What a place to end the episode; the fiancé hanging out in a hotel room while his significant other is crushed saving the man that looks like his childhood nemesis and love rival for over a decade. In spite of the melo nature of this drama, we know she won’t die, but it’s a great way to get all the parties together in one place, even if someone has to be injured to do it. A nice little shake-up, even though we are only a third of the way through the series’ run.

It also marks the turning point in some of the relationships. Min-hyung knows his girlfriend is a Lying Liar Who Lie, and their relationship is heading for a dead end. And his attraction to Yoo-jin is pushed forward as he begins to understand her more. And Sang-hyuk is even more afraid his fiancee’s heart is swayed by a ghost.




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  1. one of my fav episodes… thank you for the lovely memories! *my meeemoryyyy~~ lolol!

  2. Eugene pantia

    What the title of the background song while joon-sung get the card from the fortune teller. Pls i want to know. I love it. ❤

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