April 2014 – National Poetry Month

Japan zgzgirl April 15 2013


April 15 – A Haiku – Final day of Songkran

Time to clean the house
Also to honor Buddha
And the water fights! 

April 16 – A limerick to kakashi and JoAnne

There once was some women apace
Who wondered about double space
Whether two or a one
The debating was fun,
And increased their knowledge base! 

April 17

The caterpillar creeps along the leaf
Never realizing the size of the tree
Or indeed the extent of the forest.
Isn’t that a lot like us?

April 18 – A haiku for International Day for Monuments and Sites

Granite or wooden
We should all embrace our past
While in the present.

April 19 – A limerick to aging gracefully?

I look at the mirror and sigh
At the wrinkled old lady I eye.
A giggle I smother
I look like my mother
And she my grandmother I spy!

April 20 – Easter Sunday

 The cross has fallen
As the dead are raised
Jesus, He lives!
And we are amazed
At the love in his sacrifice
Triune God be praised!

April 21 – A Limerick for my rescue friends

When you dial 911,
It’s never to have any fun.
Not just for help fast,
Or a bandaid or cast,
It’s to make an EMT come.

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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