Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 1

Hello everyone!  It seems my next Thai recap project is waiting in the wings despite alllllll the other recapping and posting projects I have. Oh well, I’ll just have to squeeze around real life. LOL. This is the 2014 Thai Drama from Channel 7 entitled ล่ารักสุดขอบฟ้า / Chasing Love To The Final Horizon.  It’s one of my favorite storylines, the contract marriage, but with the added spice of NOT falling in love with your betrothed partner.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[12-04-33]It’s my first watch with male lead Weir Sukollowat Kanarot.  The female lead starred in one of my early Thai favorites, Sawan Saeng.  The episodes are almost two hours long, so the recaps will be a bit slow in coming.  But with my final SqueeCap of Falling In Love With Me almost complete, I hope to give this project a little more time than I have available right now. Wish me luck!  And  a big thank you to NinjaKKN for her wonderful subs! 


There’s a contest in the small kingdom of Raya. Four horseman wearing masks as headgear prepare to race. In the center, a gold facemask is pulled away for a moment before the race begins.

Goldy quickly overtakes the others for the lead. One of the laggers in a wolf mask snarls before spurring his mount to greater speed. In the end, however, he falls short and ends up second. The two grab red flags from the arena finish line as a uniformed soldier radios in that Crown Prince Makey has won the race!

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-06-19]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-06-56]

Before the royal box, Prince Makey bows to King Inthra (Toon Hiransap) and Queen Savitri (Apiradee Mahasarakham) to a cheering crowd. Queen Savitri is happy that her son has finally won the contest, but her husband warns that he must win the hand-to-hand combat as well.

The two warriors begin to battle using short spears. The runner-up Suthep (Arucha Tosawat), is the strongest fighter in General Witoon’s personal guards. It also appears that he has a personal grudge against the Crown Prince. The battle goes on hot and heavy, with neither side giving in. A young lady cringes in the royal box, frightened by the intensity of the fighting.

Our prince suddenly loses both spears, and Suthep wastes no time in pressing the advantage. However, our prince manages to grab one back, and wins the day. The Queen is happy; the King is amazed that his son performed so well, given his poor previous record.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-01-55]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-02-38]

Suddenly, Suthep tries a final feint, grabbing the spear aimed at his heart and kicking the prince back. He victory is short-lived, though, as a moment later he ends up on his knees, with another spear aimed unerringly at his throat.

The line waiting to be received by the king includes the contestants, General Witoon, and his family. Suthep whispers his apologies for not prevailing over the prince.

As King Intra presents his son with a golden knife, he eyes become suspicious. Is this man really his son? Wordlessly, our winner accepts his reward, as well as a second from the queen. Once the prince leaves the arena, General Witoon sidles up to the king, but neither voices their opinion out loud.

Prince Makey and one of the participants enter the palace, happy to have the contest behind them. The prince remarks that it was a close thing, and wonders if there is any news. Suddenly, Suthep shows up with two spears and demands a rematch. Our assistant in black goes in first, but he’s no match for the other’s fighting skills.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-09-30]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-10-00]

The prince is unarmed, but manages to hold his own. In the fight, however, the gold mask is knocked off, and we finally see the face behind the mask. Except it isn’t Prince Makey but the head of the Royal Bodyguards, Kamin (Weir Sukollawat Kanarot).

Just as his identity is revealed, General Witoon and his family show up: his wife Tayvee (Watsana Poonpon); daughter Hareutai (Anyarin Terathanapat), the scaredy-cat in the royal box; and his retinue. The general is ready to arrest the impostor, but the king arrives with his own group.

thai clipart

Meanwhile, it’s a sunny day in Thailand. At a photo-shoot, a graceful young woman glides down a flight of stairs. She is Mattana Kiatkamjorn (Min Pechaya Wattanamontri), a descendant of a noble Thai family down her mother’s line. Her sidekick, Mintra (Kratip Shawankorn Wanthanaphisitkul), advises Vicki the Photog that no royal titles are needed, since Mattana’s father is a commoner.

The photo-shoot begins. Mattana is handed a garland of jasmine flowers, symbolic of Mother’s Day, but she has other ideas. Clearly, she is a young woman of her own opinions and not afraid to voice them. She wants lilies instead; and despite Mintra’s request to behave, proceeds to disrupt the proceedings, first with a forced smile, and then with a series of quirky expressions and silliness.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-12-32]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[23-12-53]

Mintra becomes the mediator, and it’s clear it’s a role she is more than familiar with. After dragging Mattana outside, she reminds her charge that her mother expects her to be a model of decorum. It’s punishment for disrupting her mother’s party and throwing water at a bothersome guy. It’s only the fear of her mother’s wrath that makes her go back inside to complete the shoot.

thai clipart

Back in Raya, King Inthra wants to know why Prince Makey didn’t participate in the contest? Kamin tells him that Prince Makey disappeared from the palace and they weren’t able to find him beforehand. The queen is convinced that Kamin hid the prince so he could get the crowd’s accolades.

Kamin’s right hand man, Sinthorn (Hem Hemmawat Nittayaros) insists that the head of the Royal Bodyguard solely wanted to protect the Crown Prince’s reputation, since he disappeared before an important public function. The king is ready to interrogate Kamin when Sinthorn interjects again: he knows where Prince Makey is located. Kamin tries to hush him.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[00-02-23]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[00-04-10]

Aha! Our Heir Apparant is galavanting with a pretty girl. Makey (Louis Hess d’Alzon) is having some hot-tub fun with a dancer named Karnika. His page Chawaan (Bon Chernyrim) is beside himself, but what can he do? It’s clear that trouble and the prince go hand in hand. The Prince avows eternal love just as King Inthra shows up. King Dad is angry and ashamed.

thai clipart

In Thailand, the photoshoot is going well, with a much-more demure and regal Mattana. The next set is supposed to be with children, but an unwelcome guest shows up instead. Vicki gushes that it’s Akanee, Best Son and the new model for the next set. He comes bearing flowers for Mattana and it’s clear it is a set up between him and Vicki. Mattana doesn’t like it, but there’s nothing that can be done.

The photographer insists that the models get closer, and Akanee uses the opportunity to wrap around her like a strangling vine. She retaliates by spiking his big toe. At the end, she is tired after fending him off. Mintra thinks his touchy-feely behavior is because his travels have Westernized his behavior, but Mattana knows he’s just a dissolute playboy.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[00-08-02]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[00-07-27]

Her opinion is proved when she catches him giving Vicki the photographer an envelope of money for her assistance. Her revenge is to snatch the SD memory card out of the camera and smash it into pieces.

They are finally leaving the site when Playboy shows up to offer Mattana a ride. Mintra is suprised when she agrees, but looks pained when she insists on driving the Beemer. Clearly, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

thai clipart

Prince Makey is pretty lackadaisical about his dad’s ire. After all, Kamin fixed everything, the people think he’s a great prince, and everybody wins! Dad is not amused at his attitude: he ran away from responsibility, and accepted honors that were given to another man.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[03-24-29]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[03-21-45]

King Inthra calls over his assistant Phokin (Thitinan Suwansak) to take the prince to be disciplined. General Witoon and his family asks for mercy for this rash young man, and most of the other servants knee as well. Kamin offers to take the punishment himself, but the king believes in the rules, no matter the status of the lawbreaker, and sends Makey to be punished.

thai clipart

The BMW is put through its paces, finally parking at the Thai Wake Park outside Bangkok. Akanee is pretty windblown but appears ready for any adventures that Matanna wants to do: candlelight dinner, walk on the beach, things like that.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[03-26-52]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[03-25-57]

What he gets is a water adventure park that involves kneeboards and jumps. She’s having the time of her life and is clearly in her element. He, on the other hand, ends up collapsing in the water.

At the family estate, Mattana’s mother Manavika Promthep (Angsana Buranon) meets up with one of the family elders, who is incensed at the sensationalized news of her escapades at the water park. Mom quietly absorbs the complaints; clearly this has happened more than one. The elder also has the gall to remind her of her decision to marry below her rank and “taint” their bloodline.

thai clipart

Prince Makey is secured to a whipping post as King Inthra prepares the whip himself. Haruetai squeals and hides her eyes even before the first whistling blow. As the whip descends, Kamin launches himself between the pair, taking the whipstroke across his shoulders.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-29-36]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-26-39]

Without flinching, he turns to the king and again offers to receive the punishment instead. The queen is quick to agree, but the king will not have his order opposed. Just as he swings for the second time, a sudden twinge in his chest brings him to his knees.

thai clipart

Mattana is happy to be home after an enjoyable day, at least until Mom shows up with Aunt Kaeyoon Promthep’s IPad and the incriminating photographs. She mutters about the speed of the paparazzi as Mom lectures both girls on their behavior.

thai clipart

Chest shot! Yay. Kamin prepares to treat the slash wound across his back. Sinthorn is upset at the unfairness of Kamin’s duties. But our wounded hero reminds him that the duty of a royal bodyguard is to protect the person, their secrets, and the throne. Sinthorn isn’t exactly convinced.

Just then, Prince Makey shows up and treats Kamin’s wound as an apology, asking to be considered as a younger brother administering to an older brother. He wonders how long his favorite bodyguard will be angry, but Kamin just chastises him for leaving the palace without appropriate security protection. The prince doesn’t care; he knows everyone loves him. Nevertheless, he will go see his father and apologize. Kamin agrees it’s the right thing to do as the only son of the king and Heir Apparent.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-32-20]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-31-58]

Prince Makey tells Kamin that he almost wishes Kamin was the Crown Prince, since he is so much better at everything than the Crown Prince.

It turns out King Inthra’s blood pressure spiked, leading to the chest pain. The queen still blames Kamin for her son’s philandering ways, but the king knows better. General Witoon believes marriage to his daughter will settle the prince down and stop the rumormongering.

Phokin announces the arrival of Kamin. Outside the royal bedchamber, she is quick to give Kamin a setdown for making the king ill. Kamin accepts it all calmly, despite the queen’s attitude. The general is also scathing in his remarks: Kamin is known as the prince’s “Shadow Bodyguard” because he secretly wants the prince’s position. Kamin gently refutes this, and states that he doesn’t desire what he can’t have, unlike *some* people. This hits the mark, as clearly General Witoon is looking to cozy closer to the throne.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-35-36]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[04-34-29]

In the king’s bedroom, he again expresses regret for the events of the day. King Inthra agrees, and tells him to perform a good deed by traveling to Thailand.

thai clipart

Mattana’s mom catches her asleep in front of the ancestor’s shrine. She pretends to look for ants, and also playacts leg cramps. Mintra tries to mediate, but Mom is firm. She reminds her daughter that she should behave as nobility, even if she does not have a title. Mattana tries to weasel out of her punishment, but ends up restricted to the house until her birthday.

At a construction site, Mattana’s dad Thammarat (Trin Sesthachok) is inspecting the current pace of work, when he receives a phone call from King Inthra. The two old friends greet each other, and the king demands a follow through to a promise made twenty years earlier. Dad is pensive, and sends for the car to hurry home.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[05-40-21]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[05-42-39]

Mattana is slumped in her bed, still pouting. Mintra brings in the antique jewelry for her party, but she doesn’t care for that stuff. She is just a doll that her parents can move anywhere. Mintra wonders why she is like this, when there are many girls who would like to be in her shoes. I’m guessing Mintra is one of them.

Mom is surprised at the news from her husband. Dad admits to being surprised as well, since King Inthra had never mentioned the promise in many many years. Mattana shows up to greet her parents and overhears them. It seems the two men promised that their progeny would marry each other. Mattana bursts in, thinking it’s a joke. Mom scolds her as it is a serious matter.

thai clipart

Prince Makey is sipping alcohol, happy to hear that his father will be okay. Kamin wonders aloud whether he will ever assist his father in his royal duties, but Makey carelessly blows it off as the responsibility of General Witoon and Kamin. He just wants to moon over his current paramour, Karnika a dancer at a local concert hall.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[05-44-40]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[05-48-12]

Kamin mentions that Haruetai would be much more suitable for the Queen of Raya than a dancer. The Crown Prince swears that she will not wear his couples earring. Kamin extracts a promise from the lazy prince not to give the earring to anyone and not to leave the palace grounds until he returns from his errand. Makey promises.

thai clipart

In Thailand, we hear the story on how the two men met. They were both at university together in Thailand, studying political science, and stayed together the entire four years, until Prince Inthra returned to Raya to take up the throne.

Mattana scoffs this as some cheesy historical romance thing, but to Dad, it was no laughing matter. When his father was swindled and almost went bankrupt, the king supported Thammarat as he built his construction business. So there is a debt of gratitude. Mattana believes that it should be paid with money rather than marriage.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[07-50-29]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[07-51-39]

Mom is ready, though, to throw down the royal gauntlet as a point of noble honor, especially for a slacker, troublesome daughter. Dad isn’t too thrilled about it.
Mattana decides it’s time to sneak away, and make her way to the Suvarnabhumi Airport, intending to flee someplace for the time being. Dad’s assistant, Hayman, helped her with her ticket to Hong Kong. He thinks she’s going there to surprise her mother. He promises secrecy and appears to be sweet on her.

And here comes the perfect storm. All the sudden she looks up and sees Aunt Kaeyoon at the same time her snooty relative spots here. And our hottie Kamin arrives at the terminal, complete with idol airport shades. Mattana turns to flee her aunt, only to bump into Kamin; she runs off, and doesn’t know that she dropped her boarding pass at his feet.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[08-03-43]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[08-04-29]

Kamin looks at it and reads the name. He flashes back to Raya, where the king informed him of the identity of the woman in the photograph he had. She is to be Prince Makey’s wife and the future queen of Raya. This is partly in order to thwart General Witoon’s plan to expand his power base, to prevent Prince Makey from becoming a puppet ruler.

King Inthra hands Kamin his gold seal as proof of royal orders. Kamin’s top secret task is to prepare the girl to become the future Queen of Raya and bring her back as quickly as possible. Back in Thailand, I wonder if he realizes the person that bumped into him.  I don’t remember hearing her name mentioned at the audience with the king.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[11-34-07]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[11-34-31]

Mattana realizes she lost her boarding pass, and starts doubling back; unfortunately seeing her aunt again. At the house, Dad is reading Mattana’s runaway letter; Mintra wais for not finding out her charge’s escape. Dad is worried that his daughter might commit suicide, but Mom doesn’t believe that for a second. She also doesn’t want to contact the police, in order to minimize the publicity. Instead, Dad start calling in favors.

While Mattana is hiding, a lovely tall gentleman hails her, and graciously gives the boarding pass back. She gets ready to bolt just as Auntie runs by. Quickly, she hugs Kamin as Airport Security segways past, staring at anyone that matches her picture. She sizes up the situation and ask him for his help in hiding, explaining she running away from a forced marriage. He complies, hugging her as they make their way towards the planes and freedom. He reccommends that she hide in the ladies room. Before she goes in, she thanks him for his help, and asks him what country he is from. All he says is that it’s close to Thailand, leaving her to guess. She pulls off her airport shades to sincerely thank him. Uh-oh, he’s seen her picture! Wait, did he know who she was when he read the boarding pass? He asks her to stay in the bathroom until he returns.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[11-36-12]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[11-36-33]

Hayman is talking to the Security Chief, who confirms that Mattana hasn’t been caught and hasn’t checked in either. Kamin walks up and asks the young man if he is looking for a “Mattana”.

Tired of waiting, Mattana leaves the bathroom and runs straight into Hayman and the po-po.

thai clipart

Prince Makey is bored and heading out for a little fun. Sinthorn steps in front to advise him to return to the palace. Makey is angry, but the bodyguard is following the orders of the king. The prince turns back but he is furious.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[12-18-06]thai clipartLRSKF Episode 1 HD[12-20-11]
Kamin gets the phone call from Sinthorn and praises him for doing the right thing. After the phone call, he pulls up his IPad with Thammarat’s picture and remembers King Inthra stating that the queen-to-be’s father is a good and trusted man, and his daughter is raised well. Is it PPl? “triumph bonneville” pops up on the IPad before he looks up pictures of Mattana online. He flashes back to the airport. Aha! So he knew who she was the entire time! He smiles , a bit confused over her behavior versus the king’s description. Kamin, you haven’t seen anything yet. LOL

thai clipart

The king receives word that his trusted bodyguard has made it safely to Thailand, but has not contact Thammarat yet. Instead, he wants to research the future queen first, so as to get a better read on her before they are aware of him. He plans on meeting them tomorrow at Mattana’s birthday party.

thai clipart

The party is in full swing at the Kiatkamjorn estate. It’s easily more than a young adult birthday party based on the number and ages of the people attending it. Vicki The Photographer is back to take pictures of the event. She bumps into a tall drink of water with a camera; it’s Kamin, stating he’s a novice reporter and looking all wide-eyed and innocent. Vicki is immediately all smiles and helpfulness.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[15-56-50]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[15-57-47]

Our woman of the hour is pouting upstairs as Mintra rattles off the events and duties of the night. Plus, all media will be sent directly to Raya, including video and pictures. Mattana is smarting over the royal command to marry; Mintra reasonably suggests that the only way to change her fate would be for the Crown Prince to reject her.

Hayman comes in to bring her downstairs, but Mattana is still mad at him because the of airport fiasco. He tries to make her laugh with a bucktooth smile. She doesn’t laugh, but she gets an idea…

Meanwhile, Vicki is gossiping with an attentive Kamin, casting the birthday girl as some flighty player with low self-esteem and a string of boyfriends. He’s still absorbing this when the MC announces Mattana’s arrival, stating that she is performing a traditional Thai dance.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[15-59-12]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-02-23]

She floats in with her back to the crowd, a model of feminine grace, before switching to a slapstick Gangnam-style horse-riding dance complete with buckteeth! The crowd is amused, Kamin is amused, and I am amused. After all, it’s her birthday! Mom, however, is not happy, and demands the dance to stop. Aunt Stick-In-The-Mud is scandalized, even while her husband laughs.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-04-56]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-05-25]

Kamin’s smile disappears when he sees a waiter push his way to the front of the crowd and pull out a gun. He galvanizes into action as Mattana turns around, as if suddenly aware of the danger.


As an opening episode, we have established the personalities and quirks of our primary characters. Clearly Mattana’s stubborn willfulness is an expression of her strong personality, chafing under the restrictions imposed by her mother, who, despite her gentle demeanor, has every bit of backbone that her daughter has. Dad is more passive, but his intelligence and abilities have allowed him to build a solid life from the ground up.

Mattana is going to need everything her parents have given her. After all, we already know that the Crown Prince is a spoiled irresponsible mental infant. The king is right; under no circumstances is his son ready to rule. Will he mature enough to even gain Mattana’s respect, never mind her love? Only time will tell.

As for our bodyguards, you can see that Kamin shoulders his responsibilities with little complaint, becoming a babysitter and a guard to Prince Makey, while maintaining the discipline and loyalty of the elite troops. It’s no small feat to juggle both of these heavy duties.

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-40-34]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-11-49]

His character one unrealistic flaw; I find it hard to believe that he has such wide-eyed loyalty to Crown and Country when he is presented daily with courruption. Not just a useless prince waiting in the wings, but palace intrigues and the machinations of the royal family members. Does Raya have a branch of the Boy Scouts? Because, surely, he would be at the top.

The side characters will be fun to watch: Hayman, who clearly has a torch for our heroine; Mintra, who clearly harbors resentment for our heroine’s attitude. Sinthorn, Kamin’s right hand man, is much more cynical than his boss, even if his skills aren’t quite as strong. The queen and her brother the General have big plans for the next generation, and little love for their monarch. Haruetai is a fluttery butterfly, seemingly fragile and easily crushed. What will happen to all of them as we continue the story?

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-44-12]LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-45-24]

This lakorn is scheduled for twenty episodes. Let’s end this first episode with another bit of fan service, shall we? 🙂

LRSKF Episode 1 HD[16-34-13]


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  1. Love your recap, can’t wait for episode 2.

  2. Yes, it was a whirlwind start to a drama. There were a lot of characters to absorb but one thing for sure, I despised the Prince from the very beginning and thought Kamin’s loyalty to be very excessive!

  3. excited to follow my first Thai recap. Am around 4 episodes in and loving this Lakorn so far:)

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