Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 4

As Mattana becomes more immersed in Rayan culture, we get a chance to see the schemers for the Rayan throne.  And our very first kiss!  Where’s is the gif for that? Scroll down!

LRSKF 04 02 piano


Broken glass covers Kamin and Mattana as the window implodes. The crowd tries to forcibly yank Mattana from the vehicle, but he pulls back into the safety of the passenger seat, and grabs his gun. Mattana tells him to stop; you can’t just shoot these Thai people. He calms for a moment, and tells her that he will protect her if she goes out into the crowd.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-42-39]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-43-04]

When she steps out of the car, it quickly becomes ugly, but a few aerial gunshots from Kamin, and the crowd pulls back a respectable distance. Thammarat and Hayman hear the sound, and run for the gates.

The crowd is quiet as Mattana starts to talk. She asks the crowd not to be physical, but to talk things over with her father. The club-wielding guy talks back at her. Why were thugs sent in to harass us? And why is he threatening to take our land? She stoutly refutes this and asks for proof of these accusations. The mob quiets down, but the same guy spins them back up. Kamin takes notice of the troublemaker as Mattana offers herself as a mediator. Mr. Club gets the mob riled enough to storm the gates.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-44-49]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-46-59]

Mattana races for her dad, just as the police arrive. The troublemaker spins and runs back to the gate to escape, only to handily caught by Kamin. A neckhold and a wristgrab later, he is subdued and weaponless.

In her dad’s office, Mattana paces, waiting on information. Kamin assures her that the crowd is responsible for trespassing, harassment, and property damage, but she doesn’t want them prosecuted. After all, they are ordinary people who felt the need to protect themselves. Kamin looks at her in a new light.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-23-22]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-24-42]

Dad comes back; it turns out there were hired thugs and paid instigators in the crowd. Kamin thinks it might be the same individual who hired the assassin at the birthday party. Dad chastises his daughter for running into danger. She flounces out, and Thammarat despairs of his child ever being a proper queen; however, Kamin smiles and says that, as of today, he can certainly picture it.

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Our lazy-ass prince is lounging around his bedroom when his mother arrives. She wonders how things went with Hareutai and her soup, and he pouts that he hates tomatoes and isn’t hungry. Mom promises to take care of Karnika, and, once she is healed, train her in her palace duties. That has Makey all smiles again, but she has one condition. We don’t hear what it is.

Hareutai is out in the garden, still freaked out by what happened in the crown prince’s bedchambers, when Sinthorn finds her. She starts babbling, begging him not to take her back to the prince. He tells her that he is just giving her dropped belongings back. She is still rattled and drops her necklace on the grace. They both reach for it, and end up touching hands. Oops, is this the beginning of a palace romance? It may be as they end up staring into each other’s eyes. She breaks eye contact first and begs him not to make fun of her. In a gentle voice, he tells her not to worry. Their moment is broken when Sinthorn is hailed, and she rushes away, but not before he promises not to tell anyone about what happened.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-39-18]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-41-56]

It turns out to be Chawaan, who says something has happened to the prince. Sinthorn runs for the palace before the page can say anything else. It turns out to be Prince Makey, happily slurping Hareutai’s tomato soup. He tells the bodyguard to ready his vehicle, and comments that Hareutai makes yummy soup. After he leaves, Chawaan tells Sinthorn that Makey’s attitude made a 180-degree turn after speaking with his mother.

Tayvee stops Hareutai at their front door and wonders what happened to her daughter. She tearfully confesses that the Crown Prince physically assaulted her, but she managed to escape before anything happened. Mom flicks her forehead in anger; after all, she wanted the prince to take advantage of Hareutai, in order to secure her position as the next queen. General Witoon shows up and yells at his wife, since an obvious ploy like that would never work. Mom is desperate, since none of their other methods have worked. Anyway, Hareutai needs to dress up and look her best, as there is a meeting to discuss the next queen of Raya.

King Inthra and Phokin meet up; the monarch is alarmed that his son’s consort earring is missing. However, in the next scene we see that he is wearing both. In a flashback, Savitri hands it to him in return for his agreement to accept Hareutai as his wife. Karnika can be his concubine, so he can still have access to her. He is agreeable to this. Ugh. Can he get any more unlikable?

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-28-39]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-29-32]

The assembly is convened, but just the queen is there at first. She wants everyone’s thoughts about the Heir Apparent’s nuptials. The council is confused, especially after hearing the rumors of a dancer being considered. No way would they agree to a commoner as queen.

Before the queen can say anything else, the king arrives, halting whatever scheme she and her brother have cooked up. Sinthorn is heading to pick up Makey. Kamin is skyping, and asks to speak with the prince. Makey doesn’t want to take the call, but Kamin explains that he is in Thailand, and has some very important news.

Back in the Council chambers, the king is ready to discuss things. Queen Savitri states Crown Prince Makey’s willingness to wed Hareutai, and General Witoon is properly humbled at the honor. The king nixes this, believing Hareutai to be too young. Then he drops the bomb: the Crown Prince is already betrothed to someone else.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-38-05]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-36-14]

In his chambers, Makey is happily scrolling through pictures of Thailand, including the Wake Park and some scenic views. He wonders why his favorite bodyguard is having fun in another country, but Kamin admits that he is scoping out his fiancee-to-be.

Hareutai is waiting in an anteroom with her mother, waiting for congratulations. She’s squirming, but Tayvee wants her to sit tight and wait for the official word. What she gets is her husband storming in. A split second behind him, Suthep shows up, confirming that Kamin is not at the dam project upcountry but is out of the country and has been for many days. The general realizes they have been outflanked.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[03-31-53]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[03-32-15]

The Royal Couple are royally ticked off at each other. Savitri believes her husband came up with a phony betrothed just to thwart her. He explains that the woman is descended from royalty and is the daughter of a close and honest friend.  It degenerates to a “why don’t you love me” argument, and the queen runs out. Real tears? Pretend tears?

King Inthra doesn’t care; Phokin walks in, and he wants an update.  His assistant confirms that Kamin stopped the prince from showing up at the assembly.  Kamin was originally hesitant about his chosen daughter-in-law, but now is ready to welcome the king to Thailand.

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Mattana is soaking the day’s events away. Mintra shows up with a few backhanded complements, and warns her charge that she can’t be impulsive in Raya. After all, people are willing to cover things up for her in Thailand. Mattana rolls her eyes and dips her head under the water.  Mintra decides to do something about her hate, and holds her head underwater while she flails around.  Oh wait, that’s just a daydream floating around her head.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[03-33-31]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[03-33-47]

Her evil reverie is broken with the ringing of the telephone. Noble Pain-In-The-Butt Aunt Kaeyoon is at Kiatkamjorn House with yet another tirade at the embarrassment caused by her niece.  Honestly, I wouldn’t allow her to browbeat me in my own home, but that‘s what I get for being a commoner.  Auntie PITB insists that Mattana prostrate herself before the elders and beg forgiveness. Mattana isn’t interested in such a tiresome worry as the family name, and Kaeyoon launches into an oft-repeated story:  she is the one who stood up to the family so Dad could marry Mom, blah blah blah.

Thammarat and Kamin are heading inside the house. Kamin knows that the situation is hard for Mattana to accept, since it was suddenly thrust upon her. Dad is worried what will happen when she meets the prince, but our royal envoy is confident she will act maturely in any critical situation, based on her actions at the factory that day. Dad is impressed that Kamin already knows his daughter so well, and Kamin admits that once she accepts her fate, all the problems will disappear.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-05-03]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-02-04]

A screech from the house ends their conversation. Auntie PITB has gone into full outrage mode as Mattana continues: her parents married for love, which is better than marrying just for duty. Both parents want her to ask for forgiveness, but she feels that she said nothing wrong. In a South Korean drama, Auntie would be holding her neck and collapsing in a faint. Here, she promises that her poor relation / poor attitude niece will probably marry a scumbag. Wow, has Auntie met Prince Makey?

Kamin steps in to try and diffuse the situation by introducing himself as the leader of the Royal Guards of Raya. Mattana takes the bait: she has been too busy working on an important event between countries to suck up to her noble relations. Kamin tells a stunned Auntie that it is to welcome the Crown Prince of Raya. Her confusion is amusing.

Auntie doesn’t believe at first, but Mattana continues that they are helping bring the Phrakoomun, or Royal Fiancee, together with the Crown Prince, before they both leave for Raya. Kamin just stays quiet, while Auntie puts it all together, and Mattana doesn’t refute it. Um, do you know you just all but announced your agreement to become Phrakoomun?

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[04-11-54]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[04-12-19]

Aunt Kaeyoon is all smiles and excitement now, of course. She heads out of the house , all ready to meddle, help with the preparations. Once she leaves, everyone is happy, and Kamin has a big old smile for Mattana. She wonders why, and Mintra has to explain it: you’ve publically agreed to marry the crown prince. And she finally realizes that her mouth did it, again.

Mintra is in her room, but she doesn’t look happy. She pulls a red wooden box from under the bed. Inside is a tattered bear and other childhood keepsakes, along with a frame photo of the two of them. We get a series of memory flashes: Mom switched Mintra for not taking better care of her daughter when Mattana fell out of a tree while retrieving a badminton shuttlecock; and Mintra being punished when Mattana nearly drowned. She pulls out another photo that presumably includes her mother in the picture. Ah, so she has had anger issues with the family for quite a while. She is still crazy as a loon, though.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-17-16]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-17-28]

Akanee is still wearing a neck brace after his adventures with Khun Mat, when he receives a phone call from Mintra. She tells him that Mattana misses him but they can’t see each other anymore because she getting ready to leave. He quickly runs to his dad, who is still mad his mob didn’t success at the factory. Dad’s only idea to help his son’s love is abduction.

Kamin is going over the security of the royal visit, reiterating that everything should be hush hush since it isn’t an official visit. Hayman comes in to say the family vehicle has multiple flat tires, so Mattana will have to make her own way home. Kamin jumps up and asks for a car and the spa location, alarm on his face.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-58-57]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[06-02-14]

Outside the spa, Mattana decides to hail a taxi rather than wait for another corporate vehicle. Mintra stays just a little bit behind as our heroine strides towards the curb, near a parked van. Sure enough, as soon as she is abreast of the vehicle, masked men pounce on her, and despite her struggles, manage to knock her out.

Kamin arrives just as they are loading her in the van. Shots are fired; Mintra plays fake unconsciousness. The van takes off, and rather than chase them in the SUV, Kamin decides to run after the van. He manages somehow to catch up, and pops a tire with a shuriken. When the car comes to a halt, he shatters the window with one blow. He disables all the bad guys, but Mattana is still not awake. Kamin jumps into the driver’s seat, intent on getting the woman as far away from the kidnappers as possible.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-18-58]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-19-24]

While limping down the road, Mattana comes to, and right away attacks the driver. It takes her a moment before realizing his identity. The van finally breaks down, with the kidnappers in close pursuit. They run for it, ending up in a shipping container storage area. They slip inside one of them and close the door. The thugs start searching while our couple catch their breath, safe for the moment.

At the factory, Mintra is crying crocodile tears. Thammarat consoles her while Hayman wonders who and why they kidnapped Mattana. The fake histrionics continue, but Dad is convinced that Kamin will see his daughter safe and sound.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-20-48]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-20-56]

Inside the container, Kamin explains that he had an intuition that she might be in danger, because of the vandalism. He’s crowding into her personal space, and she comments that, though he might be sensitive to danger, for other things he probably isn’t. He takes a step back and decides to go out and check to see if the kidnappers were gone.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-24-01]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-24-34]

Unfortunately the door is jammed shut. Mattana wants to yell for help, but Kamin nixes that idea. Neither one has their phone, and Mattana is beginning to panic at the stifling air. Kamin tries to calm her, but she is too scared for words to help. Instead he grabs her hand and presses it over his heart. He tells her to focus on the steady beat, look at him and follow his breathing. Together, everything slows until they are in sync. She muse that she’s not scared any longer, and he promises that as long as he is alive, he will keep her safe. There is a moment, and with his free hand, he strokes the side of her face before slowing moving in for a kiss. Squee!!!


Oh, drat, a split second later, the door is opened from the outside.  They are frozen for a moment before Kamin whirls around.  It’s the warehouse boss, wondering why two strangers are making out in one of his shipping containers. LOL.

There’s a happy reunion at the office. Mattana confirms they both are okay, but she would like to go home and rest for a while. However, the police are heading there with their dropped belongings, and they also want to interview them about the incident. Dad doesn’t want Mom to know so he would like them to complete everything now at the office; just rest a moment in the conference room until the police arrive. There’s awkwardness when the two dance around trying to sit down. Bump Bump Bump.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[06-04-28]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[06-05-23]

That night, Mattana relives those charged moments in the shipping container, now visioning sparkles around them as they kiss. Mintra, who is brushing her hair, wonders where her mind is. Is it stress? Mattana is unsure, since she is feeling a whirlwind of emotions, calm / happy / excited / warm, just a confusion of emotions. Sleep is a while away as she wonders why she didn’t feel upset at Kamin.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-50-16]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-50-41]

He is snuggled in his hotel room, remembering her hand against his chest, and his impulse to stroke her hair. And the kiss, of course. He smiles and hugs his pillow for an instant, until he remembers who and what she is. He bolts upright and calls himself all manner of crazy.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-52-25]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[05-52-42]

The next morning Mintra finds Mattana pacing outside in the sun. Our Phrakoomun is just soaking up the sun and making some Vitamin D. LOL. She sees the familiar SUV, decides she’s had enough sun, and hurries inside. Mintra greets the Royal Bodyguard, and tries to probe for information about yesterday’s events, but he politely declines and heads into the house.

When the two meet up, they only have eyes for each other, oblivious to a nosy Mintra. Mattana asks Kamin if he wants to tell her something. He says yes, and asks her if she knows how to curtsey. This throws her off and she asks about what happened yesterday. Luckily, before their conversation goes further, Mintra is called away.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[08-06-06]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[08-06-28]

Mattana asks again, but Kamin has nothing to say. He won’t meet her eyes though. She is incredulous; this man is the head of the Royal Guards, known and praised as one of the most gentlemanly Rayans, and, not only does he kiss someone, he doesn’t apologize for his actions?? Kamin gulps but says nothing for a moment. Is he shy? Aww. A moment later and he formally bows and apologizes. Well at least he doesn’t offer to die for the offense. Still, she’s mad, since asking for forgiveness without sincerity is useless. He tries again, then flubs it by telling her he kissed her to help her with her panic attack, and calls it a mistake. Oh Kamin, bad move.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-03-13]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-03-27]

She tries to take a swing at him, and he dodges. She keeps swinging until they are outside. He scoffs that her half-hearted attack would only injure her. She yells that she is a black-belt in taekwondo, and starts a series of high kicks. He steps back from them until the edge of the pool. Her feet get tangled, she loses her balance, and naturally he grabs her before she falls. They end up touching noses.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-04-59]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[00-05-26]

Kamin finally pulls her upright and gruffly asks if she is okay. Hard-headed people aren’t easily hurt, she counters, and readies herself for Round Three. This time he catches her in his arms for full body contact. Yay for more skinship! Perhaps they need to put those energies to something other than fighting. Kamin secretly smiles; I think he really enjoys their interactions.

thai clipart

Crown Prince Makey is leaving the palace for the airport, only to be stopped by his mother. Queen Savitri forbids him to leave the palace, especially since he has already agreed to marry Hareutai. Tayvee insists that her child has been crying her eyes out since she was set aside. She cruelly pinches her daughter’s arm until tears spring from Hareutai’s eyes. Eagle-eyed Sinthorn witnesses this physical assault, but says nothing.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-14-21]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-12-57]

Makey doesn’t want to disobey his father. Phokin and Sinthorn also defy the queen and head out the door.,  Just before they get there, the queen stages a fainting spell.

thai clipart

In Thailand, Mattana is playing the OST love theme on the piano, and Kamin is content to close his eyes and listen, impressed. She picked it up from a CD he left her to study. He explains it’s a lullaby called “Sweet Dreams”; Mattana wonders if his mother sang it to him. We find out that Kamin is an orphan who never knew his parents. Mattana is sad, but Kamin is stoic about it. Instead, he looks up to the king, and is perfectly willing to die for him, no questions asked. She snarks at his dewy-eyed idealism; after all, she does what she feels like.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-16-25]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-17-33]

She proves it by dancing performing a happy little song on the piano. Kamin puts an end to the foolishness when she starts singing pop tunes and twirling around the foyer. After all, if the Queen of Raya behaved like this, the citizens would be scandalized. She believes, though, that the citizens would prefer a happy queen. Kamin replies that his greatest desire is that the queen will be happy. They share an uncomfortable moment after what he said, then clear the air by acting out a lakorn. LOL.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-19-09]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-20-07]

They practice her walking down the stairs, acknowledging each other, and being regal. One of the upcoming festivals celebrates the beginning of the Cold Season. Unmarried youngsters will dance with each other, and sometimes confess their love. Kamin and Mattana start dancing a box step, slowing becoming more fluid in their movements as they keep looking at each other. The spell is broken when he mentions the prince is a better dancer. But she is more interested in him. When she slips, he catches her in his arms again. This time when he pulls away, he tells her they have trained enough, and he bolts for the door, ostensibly to go run errands. Mattana is left alone in her slippers in the foyer.

thai clipart

Tayvee is helping the queen look sick by using cosmetics, but Hareutai is worried that using chemicals on the skin of a sick person might make their symptoms worse. This earns her a couple slaps and pinches from Mom while the queen fondly smiles at the young woman. Bulan shows up with a glass of herbal medicine while Savitri pretends to be weak and shaky, thinking her visitor is her son. Hah! Makey already left for Thailand. Queenie starts yelling Kamin conspiracy and throwing a tantrum. She also throws the herbal medicine, which lands on Hareutai and burns her arm.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-58-09]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[01-59-38]

The queen just out of bed, intent on heading after her son. She bumps into King Inthra who sarcastically complements her on her quick recovery. Alone, he chastises her for her loss of control in her bedroom. She feels the victim in all of this, but he all but calls her a liar. She wonders what’s so great about a Thai woman, and the king responds that they are gentle and courteous, and respect traditions. I spit some Dr. Pepper at my screen – didn’t he say he’s been keeping an eye on Mattana? Anyway, Savitri wonders if the king had a Thai lover when he was studying there. He averts his eyes and doesn’t say anything.

thai clipart

A smiling Kamin has a frosty drink in his hotel room, remembering his “training” with Mattana that day, with sparkles around his memories. A phone call brings him out of his reverie; it’s Phokin letting him know the Crown Prince is on his way. There goes his daydream.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-01-05]LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-01-15]


What a great episode, for the interaction between Kamin and Mattana. Lots of skinship and breathing each other’s air. We all know the angst and separation is ahead of us, so let’s just bask in the warm glow now. It’s clear that Kamin is already deeply connected to his charge. I think Mattana finds him intriguing and attraction, but I don’t know if she feels the full power of it like he does. It won’t be long, though.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-05-32]

We also have a much clearer picture of everyone. It’s clear that Hareutai is nothing more than a pawn in the power games to her parents. She seems to be a delicate creature surrounded by carnivores, to be sacrificed if it furthers their aim. Certainly Sinthorn is attracted to her, but as a simple Royal bodyguard, there is little he can do to protect her from her family.

LRSKF Episode 4 HD[02-03-53]

Is there any love between the Highnesses? It appears that Queen Savitri is more than a little obsessed with her spoiled child. And King Inthra treats her as an enemy, or at least not someone he loves and wants by his side. I cannot tell through her actions whether or not she cares for her spouse, but in any case there is little love lost between them. This makes her open to suggestions from General Witoon; her brother is quick to use her emotions as manipulative tools even as he uses his own daughter.



With the Prince arriving in Thailand, the stakes between the two countries just got higher. What will happen next?


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  1. I need to watch another Lakhorn. This makes me realize that lol.

  2. Try this one! It’s good, and there are several of us that squee about it on twitter. Final ep 20 is out, although it is only subbed up to 14 at this time. The subber is a gem, though, and is working hard on it. 🙂

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