Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 5

The meeting of our Prince and Princess is less than auspicious, but nevertheless, preparations continue to welcome the queen-to-be to her new adopted country. Hopefully she won’t kill him before anything gets worked out.  And poor Kamin is probably getting gray hairs trying to corral two of the most self-centered and impulsive people he has ever been in charge of.

LRSKF 05 01 Surprise


Sinthorn is patrolling the palace corridors when he witnesses Hareutai being dragged along by her mother, who is still angry at her failure to secure a piece of the throne. Tayvee is upset that her daughter didn’t lose her virginity to the prince the night before. Hareutai reasonably asks that, if she had, would the prince love her? Mom sneers at this; to her, the importance rests on honor and power.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[19-30-47]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[19-31-03]

Sinthorn steps out after Tayvee leaves, and asks how the young woman is doing. He is alarmed when he sees the burn on her arm (from the thrown teacup in the previous episode). She registers his concern, and follows him outside where he applies a leafy substance to her arm. I think this is their first skin-to-skin contact, since he is usually wearing gloves – does he notice he is using both hands? She smiles at him as the cooling relief takes away the sting, impressed at his herbology. Sinthorn explains that he came from a poor village, where herbal remedies were often the only medicine available. They continue to stroll the gardens and companionably chat until their time is interrupted by a guard. He’s been summoned by the king, and he quickly departs the garden.

thai clipart

Prince Makey is in Bangkok, and is happy with the scenery and ready to drink. Everyone is in civilian clothes, although Makey and Kamin are still tucking their pants into their boots. Phokin reminds the royal that he isn’t there to have fun. Yeah yeah yeah, the prince understands, but can’t he have a little fun, too?

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[20-01-33]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[20-02-40]

He pulls Kamin into the bedroom for a more serious discussion. Makey wants to know about his ex-mistress Karnika. Did his bodyguard mutilate her, like the Queen implied? After all, he obeys the king in all things. Kamin calmly asks him if his father had ever taken the violent way out of a bad situation. The prince accepts this, and wonders if his mother was involved. Kamin tells him to make no accusations without proof, and the discussion is concluded.

Now, he’s ready for some fun. When he meets his bride-to-be, if he doesn’t like her, he wants Kamin to help him get out of the marriage. He walks out of the room to start the drinking. Phokin comes in for a private word with Kamin. What is the problem with the Pharakoomun? Kamin honestly replies that there are many problems with the future queen, but the most important thing to focus on, is the people who are attempting to harm Mattana.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[20-16-21]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[20-14-40]

Our thugs are working out as punishment in their sparse gym, when a ladyboy comes flying in, scared of a stranger who might be bent on rape. Enter our Rayan bad boy, Suthep. He quickly subdues the thugs without breaking a sweat, even yanking a gun out of Boss Thug’s hand. Suthep hands over an envelope from General Witoon. The general receives a phone call from Boss Thug, and explains both the need for secrecy, and the benefits of an alliance. It looks like they plan to assassinate Mattana.

Mintra shows up in Mattana’s bedroom, and sees a figure lying facedown next to the bed. She decides to take a photo, laughing that this is going to be the Queen of Raya. She flips the body over, but it’s not Mattana. She has snuck out!

In fact, Mattana is at Prince Makey’s hotel. She figures he’s a modern guy, and she can convince him that arranged marriages are outre and so solved the problem. On the way to the front desk, though she bumps into a hi-so looking woman in a painted-on dress, who immediately takes umbrage that her expensive purse landed on the floor. Mattana confirms that there is unblemished, but the bimbo insists on being paid 40 000 THB / $ 1232.00 / 973 EU for ‘damage’. Things escalate until the woman’s partner shows up. He tells her to let it slide so it doesn’t mess up their plans, and they walk away.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[13-55-20]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[13-55-44]

At the front desk, Mattana asks for Prince Makey’s room, but he’s not regjstered under their system. And look who happens to stroll by in a fake moustache and natty fedora but the crown prince! It seems he also is playing hooky from his handlers. Maybe these two are better matched than we thought. She doesn’t recognize him, but comes up with an idea for a pseudo-name that the Rayan entourage might be under.

The prince is wandering around the hotel club. Uh-oh, he’s singled out by that couple in the lobby. Chicka immediately struts over and starts a conversation, including cheesy pickup lines.

 Mattana makes her way to Prince Makey’s floor, but a couple of black-suited guards stop her, even after she identifies herself as the potential queen. They offer to contact the head of the Royal Security to grant her permission, but she slips away, not wanting Kamin to be alerted to her escapade. She makes her way to the hotel club to think about her next move.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-13-18]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-14-13]

Prince Makey is well into his cups when Mattana walks past his table. She snarks that the woman came in with one man but is hanging out with another. Chicka sprinkles a bit of powder on her hand and offers Makey a lick. Which of course Prince Idiot ingests before working his way up her arm. He’s already dizzy by the time he makes it to her elbow. The original loverboy pops up, and the couple prepare to drag him out of the club.

As they pass by Mattana, she goes into rescue mode. She chases after them, demanding that they drop “her husband”. Oh, the meta! The couple is reluctant to lose their prey, until Mattana mentions calling the police. They dump him in a chair to melt away into the night, and she is left with a slurring stranger. After trying unsuccessfully to wake him up, she tries to think of some way to help him that won’t alert Kamin she is at the hotel.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-19-23]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-18-43]

Our Captain of the Royal Guards is at the hotel, in discussion with Phokin, who has just found out that Suthep is in Thailand. They wonder about his agenda. Chawaan is at the hotel restaurant flirting with a waitress. It ends when Kamin and Phokin meet up with him, wondering where the prince is. The page is surprised; isn’t he sleeping in the hotel room.? Alarmed, they all rush up to see Prince Pillow on the bed. He has snuck out! Kamin is the calm one. Since none of the exterior guards reported the prince outside the hotel, he must be at one of the venues inside the building. They head downstairs to start searching.

In the meantime, Mattana has dragged the prince to the female bathroom. The other patrons scurry out as she slaps a wet washcloth on his face. It’s enough to blearily open his eyes, and she explains his drugged state. He mumbles that it’s his first time in Thailand, and that she’s very beautiful. She rolls her eyes to tell him his conscience gives him snakes on his head (meaning he needs to reflect on his actions). He takes her literally and jumps up to shake the ‘snakes’ off, accidently dislodging his fake moustache. She right away thinks he is a con man who finally got run over by karma, and forcefully rips the ‘stache away.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-39-58]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[00-40-18]

The Rayan Gang is just walking past the bathrooms when they hear the prince yelp. They immediately converge, grabbing Makey and yanking Mattana out of the way. Kamin and she make eye contact – whups! Phokin also recognizes her. The prince mutters he’s been drugged, and Chawaan starts dressing her down as an evil temptress. Phokin stops him mid-harangue. This woman would never harm the prince; she is the Phrakoomun-to-be. All eyes turn to her in surprise, including our sagging prince. Her eyes widen as Makey gives her a drugged-out smile, happy that she is his fiancée.  Kamin’s eyes demand an explanation, though.

He drives her back home.  She hops out to go through the gate door, Kamin wants her to open the car gate so he can drive through.  She refuses, not willing to get reprimanded by the parents for running away.  He is exasperated; maybe they wouldn’t scold her if she would just behave! Isn’t she worried about being kidnapped? He still wants to know why she was at the hotel.  Mattana tells him she was meeting friends at the club and met the prince by chance.

Kamin tells her to get plenty of sleep so she is fresh-faced for her first formal meeting with the crown prince in the morning.  She barks back that he must be happy to discharge his duty now. He says yes, he is very happy, earning him a shove from her before she slips onto the estate. Alone, he stands there, thoughtful, and watches her retreating back.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[01-52-47]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[01-53-02]

The Royal doctor is treating Makey assures them it’s a mild tranquilizer that should wear off quickly. Kamin comments that Prince Makey is foolhardy and careless; Phokin comments that Mattana is plucky and brave. Chawaan is scared of the fireworks when Mattana and the queen actually meet.

thai clipart

Back in Raya, Bulan and her assistants are airing out the rooms to prepare them for the Thai bride-to-be when the queen shows up.  Savitri announces she doesn’t like strangers in the palace and tells her to move the Phrakoomun to a separate building. Bulan reminds her that the waterside palace is only for government officials and traveling dignitaries, but the queen doesn’t care.  She tries again; the queen-to-be is always placed near the current queen, so that she might learn the palace ways.  The queen’s feathers get ruffled, and she flounces away.  The arrangements continue in the palace.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-26-12]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-26-40]

The queen whines to her brother, but General Witoon assures her that it is just a tiny blip. Tayvee is sucking up as usual. Savitri wonders if she should travel to Thailand and pry her son away from ‘that woman’, but Witoon doesn’t want her to anger her husband. He lets her in on the plan to use Suthep and the Thai Thugs to do his dirty work.

thai clipart

It’s amazing that this gang can even exist. Suthep presents a raw emerald to the Gang Leader. Akanee treats it like a chunk of green rock candy until his father grabs it back. The proposal from General Witoon: be their arms and legs and receive mining concessions in Raya worth millions. The gang is in. The only thing Akanee cares about is “Raya” is where his girlfriend is unwillingly headed for. Privately, Dad pulls his goons aside and warns them not to tell his son that Mattana is their target.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-28-49]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-33-23]

Prince Makey is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to formally meet his fiancée, and wants to learn everything about her. Chawaan wonders about his eagerness; is it a residual from the drugs?

At Kiatkamjorn House, Mintra is prepping snacks and drinks for the royal entourage. Marnvika checks everything over just as an excited servant runs into the kitchen. The prince is there! Mintra would like to change clothes, but Mattana’s mom tells her not to bother. The kitchen staff gossip at the handsomeness of the prince while Mintra seethes.

Kamin, Mattana, and Makey are strolling the estate grounds. He’s laying on the compliments; she’s the coquette wondering why the scary bodyguard is constantly following them.  She gives Kamin a private smirk when Makey orders him to step away and give the pair some private time. The bodyguard can only watch as the prince grabs her hand and leads her away.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-51-42]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-52-39]

The prince is ready to discuss honeymoon plans, but she wonders if he really wants to marry her. He shrugs it off as his father’s command, then gives her a once-over that has her pulling her hand away.  Doesn’t he want to marry for love?  He tells her that it was love at first sight, but she warns him that he may not like the real her.  He promises to show her his sincerity.  I’m thinking if he even knows what “sincerity” means. She stalls for time, and requests that they slowly get to know each other.

He announces to his people that Mattana and he will go on a tour of Bangkok as a date.  Phokin and Kamin are both against it as inappropriate, given the security risk of his unofficial status in Thailand. Princey doesn’t care. Thammarat wants to plan a schedule of sights, but Makey doesn’t care about that, either. The only thing they can do is augment his safety with plainclothes security personnel.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-54-05]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-54-18]

Phokin takes it philosophically. The prince seems taken with Mattana, and Mattana must like him too, since she asked him out on a date. Kamin isn’t so sure, but then, he already knows her pretty well.

Mintra heads down the hall, strutting with confidence, until Marnvika catches her. She quickly wipes away her hooker-red lipstick, and turns around to play weak headachey female. Mom tells her to finish the food preparation, and get everything ready for her daughter, since Mattana is outside with the prince. Mintra goes into impotent anger mode, then, once mom is out of sight, she calls Akanee to tell him that poor little helpless Mattana is being forced on a date with the mean old prince.

The thugs are having problems skulking about the Kiatkamjorn neighborhood, because they can’t find a hiding place. They come up with stupid ideas, until Suthep is done with these idiots. He’ll take care of it. Just then, Akanee storms in with the news of the date outside the gates.

Cue a return to the Wake Park! That place really does look like fun. Kamin tries to dissuade Makey, but nope, the prince is eager to try it. Kamin shoots dagger-eyes at Mattana, but she just shrugs and smiles.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-37-46]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-38-18]

It looks like Kamin is coming along as well, as the two men come out of the changing rooms dressed and ready for some watery adventures. Mintra wonders when Akanee will come and stir things up. In fact, it’s Suthep and a couple of thugs, with high-powered rifles. So they are going to snipe the good guys.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-40-03]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-40-49]

Both Mattana and Kamin are clearly at ease in the water. Makey is less so, but game to try. When he successfully makes a jump, Kamin comes back to shore, in order to check things out at the lake’s edge. He doesn’t realize Suthep is on the roof of the building. Jak the Fat thug is spotting for him. Mattana is round the far edge of the lake and coming closer to the would-be assassin with every moment.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-43-40]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[03-42-47]

Just when she is in perfect range, Fat Jak gets a phone call that disrupts everyone’s concentration. They start the process all over again as she makes another circuit. Ring! Another call. By now, Suthep is getting angry; he grabs and flings the phone away. Ready for Round Three! Mattana does a 360 off a jump ramp. Makey tries to do the same but wipes out. Everyone converges, and the bad guys lose their chance at picking her off. Suthep plays Kick-The-Dummy, but the damage is done.

At the house, Phokin and Thammarat discuss the circumstances of the betrothal. Dad is worried that Mattana will be in danger, especially if someone is trying to stop the nuptials. Phokin assures him that they will take the best care of her. Marnvika shows up, ending the discussion. Snooty Auntie had apparently stopped by and played saesang with the prince, taking lots of pictures with a desperate need to post them on Instagram. Would a blue-blooded hidebound honorbound elder use Instagram? Anyway, she was stopped. Thammarat is grateful that nothing was publicized in order to avoid attacks…err…a media frenzy. Nice save, Dad.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-03-23]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-04-38]

The prince just took a spill, but he seems to act like everything hurts. Or is it his leg? Who cares, Mattana apologizes for his injuries. Mintra minces in with a cold pack for his ankle. He gives her a once-over as well and complements her on her medical skills. Kamin reluctantly leaves to shower and change back into his street clothes. Mintra and Makey make eyes at each other as Mattana leaves to clean up as well.

Kamin chases her down and begs her not to prank the prince anymore. She counters that she didn’t do anything, but Kamin knows the score. She wants Makey to be angry enough to call off the wedding. Mattana pretends ignorance, but Kamin continues; the Crown Prince is the only heir to the throne, and why that may not be important to her, it is important to his country. She reiterates that it’s the prince’s decision and heads off, leaving a frustrated bodyguard behind.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-07-23]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-09-55]

While it is just the two of them, Mintra tries to blacken Mattana, mentioning a fierce temper and a violent nature. Makey admits to liking Mattana. He’s not too worried about his bride’s behavior. Mintra tries the standard I-tripped-into-you ploy, followed by the I’m-dizzy-hold-me ploy. The prince just shoves her back and heads for the showers.

Prince Makey is ready for the next adventure, but Kamin begs him to return to the estate. Mattana agrees; after all, she doesn’t want the leader of the royal guards to yell at her. The prince still wants to play.

Akanee lets his dad know – the party is going to an amusement park! The kid is about to head out the door to save Mattana but Dad pulls him back and asks him to stay calm. He will formulate a plan to get the girl away from the prince guy.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-11-44]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-12-33]

Mattana isn’t too keen about hanging out in a theme park, even if it is Siam Park City, but Kamin’s objections override her opinion, and she smoothly manipulates it so that she and the prince can enjoy the place without a lot of additional guards. In spite of his concerns, our fussy bodyguard participates too, especially the bumper cars, where both Mattana and Kamin could get their revenge on each other. At the popgun arcade, the only accurate one is – you guessed it – Kamin. He offers her the plushy with a self-satisfied smile. She just stomps off.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-38-15]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[05-38-19]

Mintra grabs some snacks, and Kamin uses a silver needle to carefully check for poisons before allowing the prince to have anything. And Suthep is at the park! And I have to say he looks hawt in shades and black jacket. Kamin spots him, and the chase is on. Kamin has one of those radio thingies in his ear, but never calls for backup. He loses him in the park.

The prince wants to ride the little float boats; Mattana wants to ride the Twin Dragon pendulum ride. She pricks his ego, and they ride the scarier one. Makey and Mintra both get woozy and sick; on the ground, the other guards step away from the ride a little bit. A couple of goofy characters surround them, and knock them unconscious. Mountain Tigers down!

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[06-01-00]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[06-01-40]

Kamin finally calls the security guards, but there’s no answer. At the ride, Mattana helps Mintra to a bench while the prince tries manfully not to throw up. Mattana naturally wants to keep going, and Makey goes along with her. They decide to do a haunted house. A couple of guys swish by and get photos with the handsome prince. Mattana decides not to do the house, but it’s Makey’s turn to tease her into going in.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[06-03-37]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[06-03-51]

Kamin goes into full panic mode when he finds the unconscious guards. Just as he reaches them, he is surrounded by the same characters, ready to take him out too.


This episode made me really think about support staff for a celebrity or member of the royalty. Phokin, with the ear of the King, is clearly a great logician and a steady man,  His wife, Bulan, has a much less enjoyable situation, dealing with the pettiness and mood swings of the queen’s court, as well as the running of the palace staff.  She runs herself ragged for little reward, but together they are very much the heart of the palace.

LRSKF Episode 5 HD[02-02-59]LRSKF Episode 5 HD[06-22-20]

The attraction between Hareutai and Sinthorn is cute.  The poor but morally upright guard, and the sweet guileless sacrificial lamb.  Unfortunately, with so much greed and ugly emotion swirling around them, they have little chance of being together. Despite seeing her in bad situations, he doesn’t see her as a bad person, and that will help anchor her as she is being yanked to and fro to satisfy her parent’s need for power.

Mintra is a two-faced little so-and-so.  How could she live all those years, and not have some evil leak out?  Maybe her mind is just unraveling now with the unexpected and unwelcome knowledge that bright, cheerful Mattana is getting her dream man and the fairytale happily-ever-after (even though Mattana doesn’t think so)

And Kamin.  It can’t be easy trying to juggle all the personalities and the responsibilities of these people, plus King Inthra’s trust and expectations.  To be sure, in the majority of cases he stays above the chaos.  But it can’t be fun. And it will only get worse once he gets his reluctant responsibility transported to Raya.


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  1. Sinthorn and Hareutai, yes this is when I started rooting for these two. He obviously has an attraction, she is still under the thumbs (or fear) of her parents. Can I despise the Prince more? Again, say your prays for Raya!!

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