Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 6

At the start of this episode, our almost-betrothed couple is in a dark, creepy building. Suthep is around wishing them ill wth a sharp, pointy object, and our guards have been tasered. Will life be this exciting in Raya?

LRSKF 06 01 Cry


We start with a recap of episode 5, up to the reawakening of the guard, our almost-betrothed couple slipping into the Haunted House, and hottie badguy preparing to wreak havoc, and our even-hotter hero ready to swoop in and save the day.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-34-08]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-35-21]

Kamin asks Mintra where Mattana and Makey went. She plays dumbs, calls them weird, then fakes a collapse, all in the name of stalling him. It doesn’t stop him for long, though.

Inside the haunted house, it’s the usually festoons of creepy draping stuff, and people jumping out from odd corners. Mattana is the more calm of the two. The prince bolts, and the two are now separated. Suthep is already there and stalking them.

Outside, Kamin is frantically searching. He hears two guys squealing about a cute guy they photographed, and glances at their tablet. His eyes focus on Prince Makey in the selfie. He gets a clue from the fangirling pair, and heads for the Haunted House as well.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-36-11]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-36-39]

Suthep zeros in on his prey, whipping out a K-Bar and ready to do some stabbing. Just before he reaches the target, Kamin makes it there, and the fight is on. He recognizes the Rayan boxing stance of the culprit and manages to rip the mask off. Suthep loses himself in the horror props before Kamin sees his face.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-38-05]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-39-11]

Mattana never sees a thing, and both she and the prince make it to the exit, where Mintra is waiting. Somehow it goes from a completely bright sunny day to nighttime. A slightly disheveled Kamin also pops out from the entrance and begs them to go back to the hotel. Mattana can’t resist making fun of him, and he looks ready to strangle her himself. Makey interjets that Kamin is just doing his job, and the group finally heads out.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-49-20]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-49-45]

But wait! One more ride: the carousel. Mintra probes for information on what happened in the fun house, and learns that they done have any info on the bad guys. She also tries again to paint Mattana in a bad light, but Kamin believes that she is just not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Makey and Mattana are chatting on their steeds. He likes carousels because they feel like you are in a dream world. She thinks that it makes people yearn for the fairytale and not the reality. After all, not every girl can be a princess and win the handsome prince. Makey is happy; at least she got the royal jackpot. He punctuates this with a declaration of love and a cheek kiss. Mattana punctuates it with a right hook to the left side of his jaw.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-53-27]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-54-42]

He goes down and Kamin quickly rushes to his side and helps him up.  Mintra chases after Mattana. Kamin asks the prince what he did to the woman to make her angry, but he just looks puzzled.

At the thug’s hideout, Akanee is having a cow. Where is his woman? Suthep snarls that these incompetents ruined the evolution; if it wasn’t for them, Mattana would be dead now. Whups. Akanee freaks out but Dad smoothes it over. He didn’t mean ‘dead’, it was a language translate mistake. In his room, Suthep updates the general. Witoon isn’t happy with the failure, and scoffs that his minion cannot seem to beat the Captain of the royal guards.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-01-02]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-01-36]

Crown Prince Makey is being treated for his wound, and Chawaan is quick to point that, even without marriage, he’s getting beat up by his significant other. The prince is still happy, since Mattana is the first woman to insult and punch him. Life will be unique! Kamin cautions him that kissing a Thai woman without her permission is a dishonor, but the prince puts it this way: a romantic atmosphere, a beautiful woman within arm’s length, what red-blooded man wouldn’t take the shot? Yeah, Princey, I think he knows all about it.  Makey continues: Since Mattana reacted that way, she must be a pure soul and suitable to be Queen. The prince is ready to take her to Raya. Poor Kamin, who can only stand there as the prince waxes poetic about love and destiny and Mattana.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-02-49]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-03-06]

Phokin pulls Kamin aside for a private talk. After confirming that the suspect must be Rayan, they wonder how many people General Witoon has brought into Thailand. The only solution is to rush the Phrakoomun to Raya as quickly as possible, where the protection would be greater.

thai clipart

In the Royal Rayan library, Sinthorn is happy to accidently bump into Hareutai. He’s collecting books for Prince Makey on Thailand. He offers one to her to read, if she would like to. He happily explains all the good things of Thailand, and she smiles at his smile.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-04-21]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-08-45]

She is perusing the book while perambulating down the hall, when the Evil Mom shows up. She slaps the book out of her daughter’s hand, and throws it to the ground. She shouldn’t waste her time on reading about the enemy, but on how to defeat that evil seducer Mattana.

King Inthra is at his desk, remembering his conversation with his queen about the gentleness of Thai women. He pulls out a small flat box containing numerous black and white pictures of a young happy couple. Aha, this is the younger Inthra!

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-10-20]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[05-11-04]

He flashes back to those days in Thailand when he first met up with the woman in the picture. He was accosted by a robber at gunpoint, who took his wallet and signet ring, and tried to take his earrings. He manages to pull one of his ear before a young woman beat the robber with her umbrella. Young Inthra gave chase in order to get the consort ring back. More thugs show up, but then so does Young Thammarat with a fake gun. The thieves drop the purloined items and the trio meet for the first time. Her name is Prattana / Pum, a cousin of Thammarat. Back in 2014, the king smiles at the picture with moist eyes. She is the reason he wanted a Thai woman for his son.

thai clipart

Mintra finds a pretty dress and accessories on her bed. Is it for Mattana? Marnvika comes into the room. She has decided that Mintra is a better choice to be queen instead of Mattana. WTF? We her standingcat the front entrance to the estate. Crown Prince Makey kisses her hand and leads her through the row of servants towards the car. She stumbles, and suddenly she’s back in her room in a bathrobe. Whew! I think we just toured Mintra’s Crazyville Imagination.

But wait! A servant brings in that exact dress. Is this a secondary dream? The woman tells Mintra to wear the dress today. Is this the truth? Mintra certainly thinks so.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-15-45]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-15-57]

The Kiatkamjorn’s are together downstairs. Mattana has left already, and Mom wonders if there are doing the right thing to their daughter. Thammarat soothes her; by going to Raya, at least Mattana will be safe from the mysterious people who are attacking him.

Mintra gracefully steps down the stairs, and Marnvika compliments her. As they walk out to the cars, Mintra wonders where Mattana is. Dad explains that his daughter doesn’t know about any of this yet. Mintra sincerely thanks him for entrusting her with this duty. LOL, does she really think they would swap her with their daughter? Dad is glad she isn’t upset at them for doing this. But what is “this”?

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-12-56]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-14-27]

She steps into a black crossover, and shyly smiles at the male figure already in the car. The man thanks her for agreeing to this. But it’s not the prince, it’s Hayman! She’s a ringer and a body double for her hated housemate. [snicker]

Meanwhile, our true princess is grumpily sitting in another black vehicle being driven by Kamin. We see a flashback where Mom asks her in the ancestor room. Mattana is still upset at the prince, and wants to call everything off. Mom brushes the request away; in fact, she invited Mattana to this room to say goodbye to her grandparents. She is being immediately shipped off to Raya. Wow, so no chance to say goodbye to her friends or clear up her affairs? That seems wrong to me.
LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-16-47]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-18-17]

We are back in the car. She glances through the back window before glaring at her driver. Where are her parents? Plus, Kamin isn’t headed for the airport. We find out why, when he pulls into a secluded warehouse and they switch vehicles. They are now in another vehicle that is bigger than the little Mazda crossover.

The entourage with Mom and Dad in it (in the only white car I’ve seen) has been marked for attack by Suthep. Inside the black vehicle, Mintra finds out the truth and the reason she was given the outfit. She barely has a moment to digest the news, when the attack begins.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-26-29]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-52-16]

The vehicles get pinned between trucks. The drivers are quickly shot as they exit the vehicles. Suthep reaches in and hauls Mintra out. The Kiatkamjorns are out of their vehicle, and Suthep shoots Thammarat. Hayman jumps out and gives him a royal command to halt. Suthep scoffs; he’s not the real prince…realization dawns on him that the woman probably isn’t the Phrakoomun either. He hurls her to the ground, prepared to kill them both, but one of the injured guards manages to shoot him in the shoulder before dying under a hail of machine gun fire. It gives the young pair a chance to duck behind a vehicle as the police make it to the scene. Suthep has no choice but to retreat. There’s an almost audible sound as Mintra’s mind snaps.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-53-57]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-54-48]

At the airstrip, Prince Makey is impatiently waiting for his bride; he all smiles when the pair show up. Mattana wonders where her parents are, and Phokin assures her they will be following in a different plane. She’s puzzled; weren’t they supposed to go together. Phokin tells her they had a bit of a problem; she tries to call her dad but his phone is off. She wants to know what really happened, but Phokin can only repeat that everyone is safe. Kamin urges her onto the plane, but she turns around and heads back to the car. Kamin chases after her. Chawaan is happy that his prince is willing to be a punching bag for such a beautiful woman, and Prince says that she is ‘the one’. Chawaan reminds him that he’s said that before, and earns him a dirty look from Makey.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-56-11]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[02-56-53]

Kamin finally catches up to Mattana to get her back to the plane. She calls him on the line of bull they are trying to feed her. He tells her they are safe; and gives her a formal promise as the head of the Rayan Royal guard. She accepts that, but is still upset that she will be surrounded by strangers with no one familiar by her side. He offers to be someone she can trust. To her, though, he has only one life, and it is dedicated to the prince. Kamin agrees; he has only one life, but he also has only one heart. His life is the prince’s and his country.

But what about his heart? Rather than answer, he gives an explanation that’s really no explanation. The betrothal is an agreement between his king and her father. To cancel, both parties must agree. Her father would surely agree, so she must go to Raya to discuss it with the king himself. She recognizes this as avoidance, but it makes sense. So she will go to Raya, and hopes to know who his great heart belongs to. He watches her retreating back for a moment before taking a deep breath and following.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[03-25-59]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[03-26-32]

At the hospital, Mintra is all outraged that her life was put on the line. Hayman shrugs it off as an honor that Mattana’s parents trusted them. She growls back that they just assumed the life of a cook’s daughter is less valuable than their precious daughter’s life. Thammarat wakes up in the hospital bed with his wife at his side. His first thought is his family, but is assured that everyone is safe, if a little banged up. He apologizes for putting everyone in danger, since he believes he is the target. They pinky-swear not to tell Mattana what happened.

thai clipart

King Inthra greets his returning team and thanks them for their diligence in bringing Mattana to Raya. Phokin believes everything is smooth sailing from now on, since Prince Makey is smitten with Mattana. The king inquires after her father; he had already heard what happened, and understand that General Witoon won’t easily let the nuptials go on.  Kamin wants royal guards to follow Mattana for her safety, but discretely so as not to alarm her.  The king appoints Kamin as the best person to take care of his son’s bride.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[03-36-24]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[03-54-01]

Mattana is led to the palace, but is left to wander around by herself,  She glimpses women in red, but no one approaches her. At least until an unsmiling Bulan startles her. She begs forgiveness for not greeting her properly, and calls out to the ladies-in-waiting. They come out in a sea of red with a bouquet . Bulan introduces herself as her assistant for her entire stay in Raya; Mattana mutters that it will be a short relationship.

She asks for Kamin, but Bulan tells her that his duty is to protect the prince and he cannot be called from that duty. Bulan then begins listing the rules that Mattana will need to follow: no leaving the palace without letting her know and no cellphones or electronic communication devices. Mattana is not happy, feeling tricked by a certain tall man into becoming a royal prisoner.

That certain tall man buttons up his uniform just before his second-in-command shows up in his quarters. Sinthorn comments that he looks tired, and is surprised that the prince was easily persuaded to marry the Thai woman. After all, is she prettier than Hareutai? Kamin smiles to himself for a moment before answering that the two women are completely different.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-49-33]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-52-11]

Mattana has had enough, and manages to sneak out of the palace onto the grounds. She dodges guards and manages to climb over the wall. After landing, she dusts herself off, happy that she made it out without anyone knowing. Until she hears a familiar voice, and turns to see her nemesis striding towards her.

She marches away from the palace, and he pursues her until she finally comes to a halt. He wants to know why she escaped the compound; she whirls around, ready for a fight. After his promises at the Thai airport, she is smothered under a bunch of rules, her cell phone confiscated, and no one familiar to talk to. She starts crying as she continues her litany. He disappeared, her parents haven’t arrived, and she feels completely alone. From my point of view, she’s only been there a couple of hours, is that really enough to have a mental breakdown over her situation?

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-54-20]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-54-36]

Kamin is unnerved by it all, and gently wipes away her tears with an ungloved hand while he apologizes. She’s down to hiccups when he offers her his cell phone to call her parents. Her mom answers the phone, and tells her there was a problem at the estate, so their travels were delayed. She is staring at her injured husband while she tells her daughter to be strong until they can arrive in Raya.

Mattana is a lot calmer when she hangs up and returns the cell phone. He gently reminds her of the promise to stay and work things out with the king. Her spunk returns and she bites back that she never goes back on her word. With that, she turns and tramps back towards to the wall she previously scaled. He grabs her arm; she needs to walk through the front entrance. What if she falls and breaks something? She’s okay with breaking her neck; at least that way, she won’t have to marry. In response, Kamin drags her back to the palace; once there, he demands she not do anything without informing Bulan. She snarks that he’s acting like someone is trying to kill her.

LRSKF Episode 6 HD[17-08-45]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[17-07-50]

Just then, General Witoon and his guard show up. He welcomes her to Raya and she is all smiles and graciousness. He throws out some compliments and offers his daughter as a companion and a friend. Kamin asks the general to stay safe; after all, his main bodyguard Suthep is nowhere to be found. They trade coded barbs about Thailand and important duties. Mattana is clueless.

thai clipart

In Thailand, Thammarat assures his wife that she did the right thing in keeping their daughter in the dark about his situation. Mom is very worried about her, but Dad feels she is in the best and safest place. Mintra is listening and thinking evil thoughts.

thai clipart

Back at the palace, Mattana make Kamin promise that he won’t disappear on her again. He promises, and she reluctantly heads back in to the tender mercies of Bulan. Kamin laughs; if she thinks Bulan is mean, then there are no nice people in the entire country. Mattana thinks of one nice person – General Witoon. Kamin all but rolls his eyes and warns her that all is not as it seems. She gives him an impish curtsy and sticks out her tongue before going through the doors. He’s left again to watch her leave.

La.Rak.Sut.Kop.Fah.E06.20140812[17-13-50]LRSKF Episode 6 HD[17-12-13]

In an area of the garden, Hareutai is practicing the Thai skill of carving fruits and vegetables. She’s startled by Sinthorn, though, and tries to bolt, embarrassed. He tells her that her skills are good, and they get all cutesy together. He’s all smiles until she mentions that she is learning this to make Prince Makey like her. She offers him a carrot rose before heading back inside. Like his boss, he watches her leave before looking at his vegetable gift.

Hareutai’s mother is yelling at her husband regarding the lack of progress. He admits that the Phrakoomun is beautiful and smart. She keeps going on and on until he tells her to shut up (finally!). There are plans that will keep his hands clean of any suspicion. Mom is outside the office and still angry when Hareutai shows her the carved vegetables. Tayvee just throws them aside and storms off.

Bulan gets a royal order from Queen Savitri for Mattana to appear before her. Bulan looks worried enough for Mattana to remark on it, but she goes into assistant mode and ushers her into the bedchamber to change for the audience.

The queen is currently visiting with Tayvee and Hareutai. She promises the young woman that Prince Makey will marry her and no one else. Mom lays it on thick: her daughter cries every day and refuses to eat. Hareutai tentatively agrees; at least her mom isn’t pinching her this time. A lady-in-waiting announces the Phrakoomun is there to see the queen. All of the sudden, Savitri decides it’s time to redo her nails. Hareutai points out that the queen’s hands are already pretty. Clearly, she is too innocent for all the evil intent between her mom and the queen.

LRSKF 16 embedded[18-57-21]LRSKF 16 embedded[18-58-14]

Mattana is left cooling her heels for hours. She likens Bulan’s motionless stand as robotic, and wiggles around the room, restless. A lady-in-waiting advises them that the queen is still not ready. Mattana is mad now, but Bulan cautions her to patience, but she is ready to bolt. Just then the queen steps out, and speaks to no one in particular how her darling son had to drag himself to some strange country to look at some stranger woman when his heart pines for Hareutai. Again, our little mouse can’t keep up with her mother and the queen, and gives a genuine smile at Mattana before her mom hisses at her to switch to arrogant mode.

LRSKF 16 embedded[19-00-44]LRSKF 16 embedded[19-01-11]

When the queen glides away, followed by her little entourage, Mattana lets out her breath and snipes that was very touching to meet the queen. She asks Bulan who Hareutai is, and finds out that she’s General Witoon’s daughter.

Prince Makey bounds up the stairs ready to head out of the palace, but Chawaan stops him. The queen shows up for a motherly hug. Makey wants to go meet Mattana, convinced his mother will love her as well. Mom gently tells him it’s infatuation just like he had with that dancer; he begs her to never mention Karnnika in front of Mattana.

LRSKF 16 embedded[20-17-38]LRSKF 16 embedded[20-19-42]

In a meeting room, Sinthorn advises Kamin and Phokin that Suthep still hasn’t turned up. They speculate that he might be traveling by land across the border instead of flying. Kamin asks Sinthorn to be primary guard for the Prince. That way Kamin will protect the Phrakoomun until the wedding. His second doesn’t really want to; he warns that he may not obey the Prince’s every wish. But from Kamin’s point of view, it’s still not as hard as dealing with Mattana’s behavior. Sinthorn wants to know what the future queen is like, but Kamin is prevented from replying by Bulan, who interrupts to tell them of the recent interaction with the queen.

Deep in the dungeon, the queen heads over to a dank cell. Krazy Karnnika is there; the queen feeds into this by telling her she will meet the enemy that stole the prince from her. Ooh, is she going to sic her on Mattana?

LRSKF 16 embedded[20-25-09]LRSKF 16 embedded[20-26-39]

Mattana is by herself, thinking back to her conversation with Bulan. She wants to talk about the snubbing she received from the queen, but Bulan pleaded ignorance. She then asked to speak to Kamin, but was denied there too. So it seems no one in the palace is willing to give her any answers. She decides to find the truth herself.

Her lady-in-waiting arrives to take to the dining room for lunch, but she feigns leaving a ring in the bathroom. Once the helpful woman is inside, she locks her in, and starts exploring the palace.

LRSKF 16 embedded[20-28-11]LRSKF 16 embedded[20-28-33]

She’s walking down a bright corridor, when a crazy, earless woman with a long knife comes into view. Uh oh!


Clearly things are not safer in Raya than Thailand. And clearly Mattana feels like a fish out of water. I was very puzzled by her outburst and escape.  After all, she really hadn’t been there long enough to really make any judgement calls on her situation. I’m going to be generous and blame on jet lag or something. With the exception of that one meltdown, I think she’s doing pretty good in trying to adapt to her current circumstances. Well, with the added complication of the crazy woman with the knife.

LRSKF 16 embedded[20-38-45]

I love the little bits of interaction we see between Hareutai and Singthorn. She is such a sweetheart despite her greedy parents, and it’s clear they both feel comfortable with each other, even though there is a class distinction between them.

LRSKF 16 embedded[20-36-55]

We now have some insight into King Inthra as well. So his first love is Thai. I wonder if the queen’s current bitterness towards him is really a need to help her brother by  having the cousins marry, or if she is lashing out at her husband for not loving her as much as she expected or hoped.  Because their actions to each other seem more indicative of a political match rather than one created of affection or even respect. LRSKF Episode 6 HD[04-51-19]

As for Kamin, it seems he will take the king’s words to heart, and protect the Phrakoomun instead of the Prince.  Which will probably torture both him and Mattana. And our poor, useless, horndog Prince is as clueless to the goings-on in the palace as Hareutai is.  Maybe they are a match?  [slaps self] Snap out of it!


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