Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 7

Our couple spends a lot of time with each other, but almost always in the presence of somebody else. And Prince Makey is underfoot to remind them both of the promises made to King and Country and parents. But shouldn’t personal happiness count for something?

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The fight is on! Mattana manages to hold off the knife and use some of her taekwondo skill, but eventually crazy wins with sheer strength, and our young queen to be is on her back with Karnnika’s hands around her throat.

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Kamin, Bulan, and Sinthorn are heading for the palace. Kamin is covinced Mattana is going to do something aftet the queen’s snubbing and Bulan’s refusal to answer questions. He notices that all the guards are missing, gets a premonition, and runs to the palace, entering just as her eyes begin to roll back into her head. He heaves Karnnika away back into the path of the knife, but ignores her to check on Mattana. He calls her name and cradles her in his arms as she coughs air back into her lungs.

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Sinthorn arrives just as Krazy Karnnika tries to stab Mattana. Kamin takes the blow on his arm, and Sinthorn disarms her and drags her away, while she screams at the woman who’s stealing her husband. Bulan runs over to help Mattana up; she’s finally got her voice back. Bulank wants to know where her lady-in-waiting is; Reynoo runs up and tells them she was locked in the bathroom. Kamin right away knows who the culprit is; and levels a stare at Mattana. She asks who that woman is, but our royal guard just orders her to see the doctor.

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She grabs his arm to prevent him from leaving, and sees the blood running down his arm. The physician looks at her first, and, with the exception of a few marks on her neck, she’s fine. Mattana is beside herself and demands he go look after Kamin’s injury. Bulan says it’s a little injury that he tend himself, but Mattana goes into Phrakoomun mode and royally demands that he examine her guard’s wound.

Prince Makey is headed for the palace; Chawaan is wheezing under a mountain of boxes. They are the prince’s gift to his betrothed, several native fabrics and decorations. He’s startled when a lady-in-waiting walks out with a bloody knife in her hand. He asks what happened.

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In another room, Phokin and Kamin are talking when Sinthorn walks in. Karnnika has been detainned but she is still out of control. The trio realize there are games afoot, and this was an attack directed at Mattana. And with Karnnika under the protection of the queen….they shy away from the implications. Mattana storms into the room, with the doctor and Bulan trailing behind her. He tries to blow her off, but there is blood running down his arm at this time. The meeting is over, and Mattana leads Kamin out of the room, to be checked out.

The queen meets up with Witoon and invites him to tea. He stops her; does she know about the attack on Mattana? Savitri is barely even pretending ignorance of the situation. Makey marches up to his mother and asks her what happened, since she promised to take care of his ex-lover.

The doctor is ready to stitch up Kamrin’s laceration, and Mattana offers to disinfect the wound while he preps the rest. Kamin looks resigned to her meddling even as she cheerfully snaps on a pair of nitrile gloves. He mildly protests that it’s inappropriate, but she feels responsible since he was injured saving her. As opposed to him, who won’t tell her anything despite his promises. He sincerely apologizes but still won’t answer questions about Karnnika, just explaining she’s a random mental patient.

He promises to increase her guards. Mattana retaliates by really disinfecting the wound causing Kamin to wince. She doesn’t want extra guards, she wants him to stop avoiding her. She is full of questions, but he only shows up if her life is in danger. He tells her to now worry about anything but her upcoming wedding. She shoots back: what if the queen doesn’t like her? Because she made a point of announcing that the prince already had a fiancee.

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Kamin assures her that Hareutai is not betrothed to the prince, since she isn’t the person the prince chose. Mattana answers bitterly that it’s nice the Crown Prince can chose but she can’t. He can only respond that she will, in time, come to love the prince. Probably not the best choice of words, Kamin. She squeezes his arm until he yelps; the doctor is back. She announces she can’t help him anymore; she’s scheduled a series of spa treatments to make her ravishing to the prince’s eyes. They shoot eye daggers at each other before she flounces away. She has the parting shot; she plans on taking the royal guard’s word to heart, since she has no choice. Kamin grouses in his chair.

Makey is a little panicky about the Karnnika attack, but he’s only afraid Mattana might find out his relationship with the crazy woman and refuse to marry him. The queen thinks he should be happy if the strange Thai woman refuses to marry him, but he is adamant. It’s her or nobody. Savitri is shocked; Witoon feels the situation isn’t all that dire.

Bulan pulls Mattana aside. From now on, there will be stricter measures for her own safety, and she had better follow the rules. That includes locking her ladies-in-waiting away. Bulan tells her that everyone wishes her well, but Mattana doesn’t want warm wishes, she wants answers. Which are not forthcoming.

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Queen Savitri’s entrance ends the conversation between the two. She is now all smiles and concerns over the attack. She checks over Mattana’s neck, making the younger woman feel uncomfortable. Outside, Makey is pacing with around his uncle. He gets tired of waiting and decides to check on Mattana himself, but General Witoon points out that his bride-to-be may ask him questions about Karnnika that he will not want to answer.

Finally the queen returns, and, much to the delight of her son, confirms that Mattana still plans to marry him. Witoon recommends everyone go on an outing, so the Phrakoomun could see the beauty of Raya. After Makey bounds off to make plans, the brother-sister pair chat, and Witoon promises that he has a plan to get rid of Mattana.

It’s nighttime, and Makey, Kamin, and Mattana are outside looking at the stars in a clearing. The prince gallantly hands Mattana a handful of fluffy weeds as a sort of bouquet. Suddenly Suthep comes out of the shadows. Kamin spots him and spins Mattana out of the way. Suthep runs back into the tall grass and the prince gives chase. Kamin turns to following the fleeing figures when a choked sound from Mattana turns him back. Oh no, she’s been shot in the chest!

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He quickly cradles her. Through an increasing effort to breath, she wonders if she is going to die. In a choked voice, Kamin promises she won’t die on his watch. She wonders if he wants her alive just for the prince. He denies it, as she starts to wheeze. He begs her to stay awake and cries out that he loves her. Too late, she slips away, leaving him rock her back and forth, tears pouring down. An angry Makey shows back up – how dare betray his prince! And with that Makey shoots him. And with that, Kamin wakes up in a sweat from his nightmare. And finds out he’s late.

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He hustles across the palace quad and bumps into Suthep, sporting a 12 o’clock shadow and wearing civilian clothes. Looks like he’s back from Thailand. They exchange a few snarky words and a few kicks and punches before they break apart. Kamin states that they hadn’t sparred for a while and he wanted to test Suthep’s skills. He also comments that he didn’t use his left hand – perhaps is it injured? Maybe from a bullet? They do more hand-to-hand before General Witoon shows up. The general warns him that some unknown orphan clearly needs lessons in propriety.

As they head to their section of the palace grounds, Witoon warns Suthep that Kamin is everywhere in the palace, so they have to be careful. However, the plans surrounding Mattana will be impossible for Kamin to intercept or save her.

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Kamin is quickly striding across the grounds. An apologetic Sinthorn explains that the prince wanted Kamin to rest, so he did not tell him of his plans to take Mattana to the outside gardens for horseback riding. Kamin smells a rat, and wants to convince Makey to cancel the excursion.

Mattana is dressed in a black riding habit with a crown of chicken feathers and grosgrain. Reynoo announces that the head of the royal guards wants to speak with her. With a big smile, she bounds down the stairs. Halfway down, she stops short; why should hurry? She starts an exaggerated slooooooowwwww stride. Meanwhile, Kamin is impatiently watiting on a couch before he finally gets up and heads to the foyer. He turns the corner just in time to see her do an impression of a drunk driver line test.

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He goes straight to the point. Don’t go on this trip; it isn’t safe. She, of course, uses the opportunity to butt heads. He has to admit that he only has a feeling and no proof that something will happen. She’s ready to make fun of him, but sobers at his earnest insistence. But she still wants to know his reasoning.

All Kamin can do is ask her to trust him. But she’s had enough. She trusted him once already, and ended up in a strange country, surrounded by people she doesn’t know, and the one person who promised her to stay by her isn’t even a shadow in her sight, unless she’s in danger. He can’t say anything for the tears swimming in her eyes. Mesmerized, he steps forward to brush away a tear; suddenly, a lady-in-waiting shows up to announce that the prince is ready. The moment is broken, and Mattana walks away without another word, leaving Kamin behind.

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It’s a nice day out in the woods. A pavilion is set up for the courtt to observe the festivities. For some reason, Tayvee is wearing Mattana’s traveling hat. Both Kamin and Sinthorn are there. Hareutai has a bright smile for the queen-to-be, until her mom nudges her, and she slips back behind a haughty facade.

Queen Savitri recommends taking the horses up to a vantage point to see the beauty of Raya. Kamin tries to stop this, advising that the Phrakoomun is inexperienced with horses. Naturally, Hareutai is touted as a superb horsewoman. Kamin gets even more concerned when he doesn’t recognize the horse that was secured for Mattana. Our two guards head off for horses as well, but the queen insists that Kamin stay behind and wait on her.

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Prince Makey, Hareutai, Sinthorn, and Mattana trot their way to the clearing. Suthep is already hidden in the brush our group arrives near the cliff. Mattana makes some friendly overtures to Hareutai, but gets rebuffed. It turns out she is involved in unseating Mattana; her parents had ordered her to separate her from the rest of the group. Sinthorn notices that Hareutai is pale and unsmiling, but she says nothing is wrong.

Suthep is prepping a crossbow with some type of medicinal dart when Hareutai slows down so she can pick flowers. Makey wants to ride on ahead, but Mattana asks him to wait. He’s agreeable, so he can pick flowers, too. Everyone dismounts except Mattana.

Kamin fetches slippers for the queen while Tayvee insults him for having a poor birthright and good servant skills. He tries to leave, but the queen insists he stay. He ends up sitting with Chawaan, powerless to protect his prince or his the prince’s woman.

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Suthep takes aim, and shoots Mattana’s horse. It spooks, rears, and takes off at a dead gallop towards the cliff. The two men run for their mounts; Hareutai feigns an ankle injury, so Sinthorn stays behind. Makey chases Mattana.

Kamin hears the horse scream, and decides it’s a good time for a bathroom break. The queen grins, thinking the plan is foolproof. He grabs a horse and heads for the riding party.

Sinthorn realizes that Haaruetai is faking it, and verbalizes his disappointment and disgust with her. He decides to abaondon her to go assist Mattana. But when she pretends to fall again, she actually gets stung by a scorpion, and Sinthorn is forced to carry her back to the tents.

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Mattana has managed to stay on her horse, but can’t seem to stop it from it’s headlong pace, and Makey is too far behind to help. Then, from the side comes our tall hero! He outruns the prince, catches up to Mattana, and blocks her horse. All it does is dodge and run, so Kamin rides alongside and plucks Mattana off her hourse onto his lap. They share a wordless moment staring into each other eyes, before he grimaces with pain. What did he injure?

The queen finally notices that Kamin is missing and calls Chawaan over. Before he can answer her inquiries, Sinthorn rides up with Hareutai, and the rest is forgotten. By the cliffs, Kamin is princess-carrying Mattana when Makey rides up and dismounts. Kamin apologizes for his inability to protect the prince’s fiancee from danger, but Makey is grateful he saved her.

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Makey is ready to make some dogfood, but Mattana tells him the horse was startled by something, and it’s not the fault of the animal. She notices blood on Kamin’s sleeve; apparently he reopened his shoulder wound catching her. He shies from her touch, and the two men decide she needs to go someplace safe. Makey leads her away to his horse as Kamin holds his hand over his chest. So his shoulder is not the only place he feels a pang.

Back at the palace, King Intrhra is angry at what happened, and takes his anger out on Queen Savitri, who is, of course, accompanied by her brother. She admits to putting Mattana on a horse; after all, the Queen of Raya must be an acompished rider. The king is suspicious of the circumstances, the horse, the guards. He also brings up Krazy Karnnika, who was supposedly in the queen’s care. When the king walks away, Savitri turns to Witoon, frustrated that they can’t seem to overcome the obstacle that is Kamin.

In the infirmary, Kamin’s arm is bandaged, and Sinthorn is helping him with his uniform when the king and Phokin arrive. He thanks his captain of the guard for his services. Kamin’s injury is exacerbated, so the physician recommends some downtime to completely heal. He doesn’t want to rest because of the undercurrents in the palace. The four discuss the events in the botanical garden, and come to the conclusion that it wasn’t an accident.

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Mattana is resting in bed, but awake. She gets ready to leave just as Prince Makey shows up with a bowl of porridge, eager to personally feed her. She says she’s fine but the prince should worry about his guard who did get injured. She doesn’t want him to feed her but is willing to let him hold the bowl.

The prince heads back to his chambers to complainn to Chawaan about all the problems that have occurred involving the girl he likes. What happens if she decides not to marry him because of all the mishaps. Chawaan doesn’t say a thing and his back is turned Makey. The prince finally loses his patience and tells him to turn around.

Chawaan’s face is a hot mess, and it’s clear someone has worked him over. Makey immediately becomes concerned; what happened? We get a flashback that Tayvee had her goons punch the living daylights out of him for allowing Kamin to leave the pavilion during the excursion and disobeying the queen. Prince Makey is livid that a non-royal would abuse his page. Chawaan doesn’t want to make waves though, especially since Tayvee is the sister-in-law to the queen.

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Bulan heads for the kitchen to instruct the staff, just as Mattana hops down the stairs. She tells the lady-in-waiting that she will go to the kitchen to make some Thai food for the Crown Prince, and breezes past despite her protests. Once free, she sneaks around the palace guards.

At Kamin’s residence, Sinthorn brings his boss a plate of food and a small glass of evil-looking herbal tonic to help him heal. Kamin is more interested in sending his man back to the guest palace, but Sinthorn is confident that he’s placed enough guards around it to keep any bad people from getting to the queen-to-be. But Kamin isn’t worried about anyone getting in; he’s worried about Mattana sneaking… He shuts up as Sinthorn turns a quizzical ear. He takes the tonic reluctantly from his second in command, and Sinthorn leaves.

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The moment he’s gone, Mattana heads for Kamin’s door. Inside, he’s about to toss the tonic off his deck when a proprietary voice stops him. Yep, it’s Mattana, who tsk-tsks at the little boy who won’t take his medicine. He wonders how she got to his rooms, but she doesn’t care to answer. The important questions: Who is he? Royal Guard. Who is she? Queen-to-be. She issues a royal demand that he drink the tonic, which he does with every expression of reluctance and distaste there is. He finally swallows it with difficulty, and she dabs the tears from his eyes.

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Mattana then forces him to sit and eat. She smiles as she feeds him spoon by spoon, and finishes with a drink of water. At the end of the meal, there is a series of medications in pill form. He agrees to take them, but only if she promises not to sneak out of the palace again. She tries to wiggle out of the promise, but he just stares until she finally agrees to stay put in the palace unless the head of the royal guard tells her otherwise. With that, he gleefully pops back the pills; it turns out he only has problems with liquid meds.

LRSKF 07 02 promise

He gloats for a moment before she starts pummeling him. It turns into a prolonged tickle session on the couch, until they end up wrapped around each other and nose to nose. Time seems to stop as their eyes make contact, until they both self-consciously spring apart, looking guilty. Mattana quietly wonders out loud why they can’t be honest with their feelings. Kamin is drawn to her, and begins to slowly walk towards Mattana, when the abrupt arrival of Prince Makey ends everything.

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Makey is, of course, completely oblivious to the undercurrents in the room, and just complements Mattana on her presence, thinking she is there is thank Kamin for his assistance. He checks his guard’s wound, and the prince asks specifically regarding his tonic. Apparently everyone in the palace knows that Kamin cannot take any liquid medication without throwing a fit. She just smiles half-hearted while Kamin looks at her.

That night, both Mattana and Kamin are unable to sleep. Thinking together but physically separate, they remember kiss in the container box. She smiles; he frowns. He continues his thoughts to a conversation with the Crown Prince of his premonition on the cliffs. Makey calls him a brother who makes sure he and his bride are safe. Ugh, that damned duty weighs hard, and right then he decides duty over all other considerations. No, don’t do it, Kamin. Me hates Noble Sacrifice!!

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Witoon seethes that his plans went to naught, and Suthep promises better results next time. The general doesn’t think it will be that easy, since there is an inquiry in progress regarding the recent mishaps, and all guards are required to be interviewed. Suthep should be protected under the aegis of the general, but his bullet wound needs to look like a sword/training injury. With that, Witoon slices through Suthep’s bandages just as his wife arrives.

She’s worried about her daughter. Hareutai is sporting a fever that won’t reduce, and she is weak from the scorpion venom. Dad sneers that her daughter must be a weakling; Hareutai promises to get better, and Witoon says she better get well if she has any intention of securing the prince as her husband. Even Mom is angry at her. Once her parents leave, Hareutai sits up and checks her own temperature before getting out of bed.

LRSKF Episode 7 HD[05-24-03]LRSKF Episode 7 HD[05-25-06]

Sinthorn meets with the outside guard to give them additional instructions to tighten security. After the guards leave for their posts, he overhears a couple of gossiping ladies-in waiting. They speculate how the love triangle of the prince will pan out. The prince is definitely leaning towards the Phrakoomun, since Hareutai is immobilized with fever but doesn’t receive a visit from the crown prince. Just then, Sinthorn sees a shrouded figure hurrying across the grounds. After a second of alarm, he recognizes and stops Haruetai.

Mattana is arguing with Bulan; she wants to visit Hareutai and see how she is doing. Bulan is implacable that they must go through proper channels to visit. They butt heads for a moment, until the king arrives.

Sinthorn is estatic that Hareutai appears to be healthy, and not on her deathbed like the gossips described. She tries to leave, but he notices her hiding something in her hand, and he refuses to let her leave until he checks it out. They tussle as he peels her hand open and a few leaves fall out. It’s fire leaf! A plant that creates an artificial high temperature. She starts yelling at the young guard. Is he going to throw her in jail? Fine! She feels imprisoned anyway. He wants to know why she is hiding it. She admits it’s to prevent her from being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do.

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King Inthra stopped by to check on Mattana and make sure she is okay, given the recent events. She realizes this is her best chance to talk to him about calling off the wedding. He sincerely thanks her for agreeing to marry his son, which throws her off from her plan. She asks one question: why was she the one chosen? He honestly replies that she is a beloved friend’s daughter, who raised her to be strong and keep promises. Mattana tentatively asserts that the king really doesn’t know her very well.

Outside their room, Phokin and Bulan are talking. She is worried that Mattana might behave inappropriately before the king. Phokin believes she will behave herself, since she was raised around Thai nobility. Bulan knows she doesn’t follow rules of behavior, and thinks she will make a lousy queen. Phokin shushes her, and tells her to trust the king’s decision.

LRSKF 07 embedded[05-42-21]LRSKF 07 embedded[05-42-32]

At that time, Kamin strides into the room. He’s panicky that Kamin will back out of the arrangement. But before he can do anything, King Inthra and the Phrakoomun walk out together. The king is all smiles, happy she will join his family in an official welcoming ceremony in three days. Kamin plasters a smile on his face – she agreed?


There are definitely no doubts in anyone’s mind (or their own, for that matter), that Kamin and Mattana are attracted to each other. Kamin sees Mattana for what she really is, a playful, young, thoughtless woman with intelligence and empathy.  Everyone else around her has their own image of what she should be, so it’s no wonder she gravitates to Kamin, who sees through her B, and lets her know it.  Kamin on the other hand is waging war inside himself, enjoying the company of a person destined to be another’s. I think he is smart enough to know that without his royal trappings, Makey is an womanizing idiot who will either try and crush Mattana’s spirit or completely disregard her.  And yet, Kamin makes the decision to put his own happiness aside for the sake of the throne.  But is he going to be able to stand aside and see his girl forced into an unhappy mismatch?

This episode shows that Hareutai isn’t quite the doormat I thought she was previously. She is in a bad spot and feels powerless, yet she stages her own revolt in order to avoid any wrongdoing that goes against her personal moral code.  Whether that code can withstand an assault as the palace intrigues heat up, it remains to be seen.


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  1. They were so cute in this episode! This was when the chemistry became crystal clear!

    • Those times where Kamin gets a chance to laugh out loud and smile are awesome! In seven episodes, it’s only happened twice and both times with Mattana. So clearly, she is good for him. He better not mess it up!

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