Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 8

Mattana’s childhood memories of the king; the backlash of her impulsive actions in Thailand; Kamin’s not-yet-named feelings for his young charge; Hareutai’s hip flexibility have given us some additional tidbits of information to help solidify our story.  Makey doesn’t seem quite the jerk that he was in previous episodes, but I doubt the Mattana influence can exert a permanent change in his bad behaviors.



After leaving the side of the king, Mattana is chased down the hallway by Kamin, who wants to know what she told King Inthra. He is worried, since he knew she wanted to call the nuptials off. At first she wanted to tell him how her heart feels, but then she had a flash of childhood memory. As a youngster, she met King Inthra, and Daddy explained then that without Uncle King’s help, his company would have collapsed and they would have been homeless. She thumbs-up-promised Uncle King that she would repay the favor he gave her family.

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Current Mattana realized there were family obligations in addition to the bonds of friendship between the two men. So, even more than before, she is helplessly chained to this loveless marriage because of her own promise as a child. Kamin is relieved that the Crown Prince will have the perfect woman by his side.


She quietly replies that she thought she would just be in Raya for a few days, but now she realizes that she can never really go home. Kamin steps closer as her eyes well up with tears; he touches her shoulder, but she dismisses him, since she now has to get ready to be presented. And after all, what else can he say? He slowly bows before he leaves, and she finally releases her pain and cries.

thai clipart

Mintra the crazy loon is sheeted up as the royal queen. She is clearly in the front car of the Crazy Train, convinced of her completely suitability as a royal. LOL Even I know that you don’t create the royal cape using a fitted sheet.

LRSKF 08 embedded[22-52-41]LRSKF 08 embedded[22-52-59]

Hayman pops into her room after knocking; she is furious and embarrassed. He is there on behalf of the Kiathamjorns. She right away starts whining that she doesn’t want to hang out in some nasty old hospital with her boss. It’s not that, though. She is to pack up and head to Raya.

thai clipart

In Raya, Kamin is substituting for Prince Makey as Bulan goes through the nuptial ceremony with Mattana. They get to the earring-exchange part, and Kamin removes his own from his left ear and presents it to the young woman on the other side of the table. He stares intently as she begins to place it in her ear. Unfortunately, at the last minute it slips and disappears into the nearby grass. The two of them start looking for it, and Mattana is upset that, without it, he won’t be able to give it to the woman he loves. Bulan offers the services of the ladies-in-waiting to hunt for it as well. He tells her not to bother, but suddenly she cut herself on something in the grass.

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He immediately assists her, squeezing the finger to help flush out anything in it. She whines that he’s making a big deal out of nothing, but, after all, she IS the Phrakoomun, and what would happen if she develops an infection and has to have the finger amputated? She scoffs that he thinks she’s that childish, but he wants her to think and not just react. She barks back that she isn’t a robot like him, who only does what others tell him to do. But maybe if she stays any length of time in Raya, she’ll be Kamin-emotionless too.

Just then, a soldier salutes up, and tells Kamin that his guests have arrived. Kamin finally cracks the first smile in this episode, and hurries away, leaving Mattana stewing behind.

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She grumbles her way to the palace, still nursing her injured finger. A lady-in-waiting advises her that the guests want to see her, but she’s in no mood to see anyone. At least, until she realizes who they are. She grins and runs to hug Mintra and Hayman; her parents will arrive in a few days. It turns out Kamin arranged this on her behalf so she would have family and friends at the welcoming ceremony. Mintra thinks she looks well-adjusted to her new life, but she sits them down and tells them about the recent attacks.

Mattana doesn’t want her parents knowing about everything going on in the palace. She doesn’t want anyone insulting the noble side of her family, especially in the light of everything King Inthra has done for her family. So she is getting used to the idea of giving in to everything happening to her. Kamin, who is walking past, overhears this. So does Bulan, who chases after him.

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She wants to know if Mintra will be staying at the guest palace; protocol states no outsiders are allowed. Kamin plans to get special permission from th king. Just then, a lady-in-waiting brings him the found consort earring. Bulan breathes a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to tear the garden apart. To him, though, it’s not that important, since he will probably never be married.

Phokin gets permission for Mintra during a conversation with the king. He also informs Inthra that Mattana is rehearsing for the nuptial ceremony, which makes the monarch happy. Queen Savitri shows up with an envelope that contains blank paper. She was told to write down her involvement with the Krazy Karnnika and horse-riding incidents; she doesn’t remember anything so she didn’t write anything down. The king is free to write down whatever he wants and she will sign it as a confession. She also announces that she will be too busy to attend the welcoming ceremony. Inthra calls her out for her childish behavior, but she could care less. After she leaves, the king collapses to the ground, clutching her chest.

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Mintra speculates with Hayman that Mattana may be treated badly by the queen in order to put forth her favorite choice for queen. Hayman believes their friend can handle the pressure. Mintra wants to tell her that her father is injured so she will return to Thailand; she implies that Hayman’s secret love for Mattana could be fulfilled that way. He is stoic; he would rather nurse a secret love than be ungrateful to the family that accepted him into their circle. Just then Mattana walks up; Hayman has to go back to Thailand as soon as possible to help her father with the business. She tries to wheedle him into staying longer, but he says no and she accepts it.

Outside, as he gets ready to depart, Mintra offers a final time to help him get the girl, but he’s not interested. As Mattana waves from the steps, surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting, he points her out as a classy woman and the future Queen of Raya. He warns her to think carefully before saying or doing anything that might affect their friend.

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As the bus trundles off, one of the ladies rushes up with Hayman’s computer case, which was left behind. Mintra offers to take it for now and arrange it’s return. What she really does, though, is rifle through the contents. She finds a flash drive with the punk scene, and horse dance pictures, and smiles her evil, creepy smile. Really, people, this is proof that you MUST PASSWORD EVERYTHING, especially if you don’t want to end up in a drama. Mintra flirts with a guard in order to gain access to a computer room in the palace.

General Witoon visits his sister, who is still pouting about the whole my-son-is-marrying-a-farang business. Witoon says never fear, and shows her the photos from Thailand. I guess Mintra gave them straight to him. The queen is ready to immediately show them to the king, but the general cautions to wait.

It’s the day of the ceremony, and Kamin asks Prince Makey’s page if he is ready. Chawaan tells him the prince is ready, willing, and able. Sure enough, he comes out all smiles. Kamin is staring at a small pink jewelry box when Mattana arrives. Kamin’s eyes grow wide as they lock on hers. As Prince Makey stands up to greet her, Kamin is still poleaxed by her appearance, snapping out of it only when the prince asks him if the queen-to-be looks beautiful.


The prince offices her the jewelry box, which contains a rather hideous emerald broach. It turns out Kamin had picked it out as most suitable for her. Mattana thanks the royal guard for everything, including his assistance in bringing her Thai friends to see her. It’s all stilted and formal. Makey offers his arm, and she looks one final time at Kamin before she takes the prince’s arm and leaves the anteroom. Everyone falls in line behind the pair as Mintra secretly watches with her characteristic evil smile.

Suthep meets with the general to inform him that ‘the flyers’ have all been distributed. Tayvee and Hareutai are all dressed up and ready to attend the ceremony. The young woman wonders if she is too dressed up, since Mattana is supposed to be the center of attention. Her dad tells her not to worry; the Thai woman will be talked about no matter what she wears.

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Once the general and his family arrive at the ceremony location, Tayvee loses no time. She starts showing everyone the flyer, which is a collage of Mattana’s punk club photos.

Everyone is standing on their own marble spot on the floor when the prince and his entourage glide in. When they arrive at the dais, General Witoon pulls Makey aside and shows him a flyer. And now everyone knows, including all guests, good guys, ladies-in-waiting… Mintra, of course, plays innocent. The flyer also mentions alcohol, dating multiple men, and general poor behavior.

Chawaan collects all the flyers as the pair sit down – is it me or is Mattana’s broach different? Suthep smirks from the general’s shadow. Kamin and Sinthorn pull away to find out what happened; they are convinced it was a smear campaign against Mattana. Kamin tells him that the pictures are real and not photoshopped. Just then, the Royals arrive. King Inthra is ready to start the ceremony, but the queen interrupts that there is a show.

It turns out to be Hareutai and several native dancers pirouetting to a snappy version of our theme song. Once the dance is completed, the queen tells the king to continue. He happily introduces her to the gathered nobles, but his smile disappears when the Council Chief presents him with a flyer. The others voice their displeasure at the unsuitability of this Thai woman for the throne. General Witoon plays the voice of reason and offers to give Mattana a chance to refute the pictures. She stands for a moment, and listens to the comments. Mintra preens in the corner, the queen smirks, and Mattana leaves the room.

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Kamin chases after her; he finally imprisons her in his arms to prevent her escape. When she stops struggling and can finally listen, he releases her and basically calls her a coward. Her impulsive actions in Thailand have boomeranged, and now she’s just going to run away? She gets her back up when he calls her selfish, since she won’t do anything to stop the assembly from trash-talking her country. He tells her to go home, turns around, and heads back to the hall.

Prince Makey just sees the pictures as her dressing oddly, and no proof of any of the other accusations. The queen wants the ceremony to be postponed, and the council members agree. Everything is going according to the Plan of Evil, until the person in question shows back up.

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With her head held high, Mattana admits that the pictures are real, but the accusations are false. One of the council members worry that the people of Raya will believe everything no matter what. A returning Kamin admits that it may happen, but it could happen to anyone. With that, he flourishes a flyer collage of incriminating photos of the council member. LOL. He’s such a Boy Scout and always prepared. He has such evidence on several members, but has suppressed their existence in order to protect the ruling body’s reputation and authority.

Prince Makey enthusiastically joins in. He, too, has done many stupid and potentially damaging actions as well, so why judge Mattana in the absence of any other proof of wrongdoing? Everyone shuffles their feet. The king makes a decision; he guarantees with his own reputation that she is above reproach. He wants them to see Mattana’s true self before making a judgment.

Mattana addresses the crowd: Everyone’s traditions and nationality are different, and she asks for some time for both sides to know each other better. With that, she sits at the table and sings the Rayan lullaby song. Kamin stares unblinking with a slight smile on his face. Prince Makey walks to the piano for an up close view, and Mattana smiles at him. From a distance, Kamin’s grin falters a bit as the prince cozies up.

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Witoon knows he’s lost this round, but a nod to Suthep, and his flunky sneaks away. In a little world all her own, Krazy Karnnika is dancing to the song in her head. She sees Prince Makey unlock the gates and offer to take her dancing. It’s actually Suthep, though.

Upstairs, the song is complete, and the entire assembly claps as Makey proudly begins to dance with her. Queen Savitri is ready to flounce away, but her brother murmurs for her to stay just a little bit longer for Plan B. Sure enough, Karnnika shows up and right away tries to attack the woman who stole her prince. Kamin grabs her as Makey puts himself in front of Mattana. When she calms, Kamin releases her arms. Suddenly Suthep shows up brandishing a handgun. Karnnika freaks and runs up the stairs only to fight guards positioned at the top. She slips and falls down, and with a sickening thud, reaches the bottom. She’s dead.

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The pretty broach is there again as Mattana draws her own conclusions back in her quarters. She tells Bulan that the dead woman was not an ordinary concubine, especially since she was wasn’t removed from the palace after the first attack. Bulan gives a cock-and-bull story of mercy from the king, tells her to stay put, and leaves for other duties.

It’s late at night, and Chawaan is burning photos of Krazy Karnnika and Prince Makey over a small brazier. Mintra happens by and decides this might be to her advantage. She takes some snapshots with her tablet, then plays Sadoka. There is only one picture still intact, and it’s just Karnnika (no prince), but Mintra takes it anyway.

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King Inthra is having a pow-wow with his favorite advisors regarding the incidents the night before. Phokin has already suppressed the newsm, and Kamin is apologetic for the lax security. The king doesn’t blame him, and implies that the queen is supporting the smear campaign.

The queen is pacing in her chambers, worried that her son’s reputation will also be tarnished by the second Karnnika incident. She had a conversation with her brother the night before, who justified the attack, secure in the belief that the king would also protect his son’s reputation. Her reverie is broken when a panicky Makey runs in, upset that Karnnika is dead. The king interrupts the conversation, and warns his son to straighten up and stop making these messes. And to never hand off his consort earring haphazardly, if he doesn’t want that woman to be attacked like his late paramour.

Makey whines about the other problem – what to if Mattana finds out about his lover. The king royally shrugs; it’s Makey’s mess and he will need to man up and fix it himself. He asks his son to leave so he can talk to the queen privately.

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Mintra is talking to Mattana, ostensibly to get to the bottom of who and what Karnnika was. With the woman dead, no one is talking, which arouses Mattana’s suspicions even further. Mintra gives her the recovered photograph; there is writing on the back. It turns out to be the song lyrics from the Rayan lullaby.

The king is raging about Makey, who can’t even figure out how to run his own life, always making mistakes and expecting others to cover it up. Savitri wonders out loud Inthra is perfect and has never blundered. He admits to a few bad choices, but won’t elaborate. He really just want to know if his wife knows how Krazy Karnnika got loose. The queen gets defensive; he wants to investigate a dead woman, but doesn’t care about the misbehaving Thai man-eater about to be tied to his son. The king’s voice drops in anger as he warns her that Mattana is a prize for any man. It’s Makey who doesn’t deserve her.

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Chawaan is still shaken up by what happened in the courtyard, praying to the gods to spare him from being haunted. Mattana and Mintra find him and he mutters that he burned the pictures on Prince Makey’s orders so his new love won’t see them. Too late he finds out who he was talking to. Mattana shows Chawaan the purloined picture, and he plays ignorant, until he sees the camera pic from the tablet. He still tries to bluff until Mattana pulls out the big guns and the King’s name.

Prince Makey is taking his frustration out at the archery range. He’s thrown so many arrows his hand is bleeding, but it’s not enough. Sinthorn refuses to give him any more, even go so far as to put himself in the line of fire to make Makey stop. Kamin sees this and hurries over as the prince pulls back to string and aim for the bodyguard’s heart. He stops him in time, and Makey storms off.

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Kamin catches up to him and tells him to calm down. Makey is upset at Karnnika’s death, and at Mattana’s reaction to it. The bodyguard assures him that Mattana won’t blame him for the attack, and, with everyone keeping silent on the issue of consort earring, his new ladylove will never know. Makey has a point, though, that Mattana isn’t as easily fooled as Hareutai would be. And when she finds out, he will lose her forever. Ah, the drama! Kamin promises to do all in his power to make sure that Mattana marries the Crown Prince. Prince Loser is all ‘my life is over if I can’t have her’, and calls Kamin his big brother while thanking him for his help. Blech.

General Witoon is strategizing with Suthep. The flunky has already killed and disposed of the two guards who were in charge of Karnnika. Witoon thinks they are in a good position, since everything is on hold. The Phrakoomun is stuck between the people who thinks she’s bad luck and the people who hate scandals. Now they just have to find a way to be rid of her forever.

Hareutai is hovering by her father’s office door, and when he and Suthep come out, offers them tea. The general sees through her flimsy excuse and asks her what she wants. She is curious about Karnnika, but Witoon gives her a setdown. Instead of worrying about one dead dancer, she needs to be working her wiles on becoming the prince’s number 1 pick for queen. But why, since Mattana is still there? But not for long, her dad assures.

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Kamin accompanies Makey back to his chambers. Makey calls for Chawaan, but the page doesn’t come out of hiding until the prince is in the bathroom. He hurriedly pulls Kamin aside to tell him the bad news about Mattana’s suspicions.

In the Council Chambers, the Chief Consul asks the king to reconsider the Thai woman as Phrakoomun. The queen speaks out for it as well; after all, marrying Hareutai will still look good for the prince’s reputation, and she’s a better fit with the traditions of Raya.

Outside, Sinthorn finds out from Bulan that Mattana had been to the prince’s chambers, even though neither the prince nor Kamin seemed to be aware of it. Poor Reynoo; the lady-in-waiting was tricked again. Snap!

Mattana and Mintra are outside the Council Chambers, trying to gain entrance. Suthep tries to stop her, but she subdues him with a hand hold and a throat chop. Inside, King Inthra agrees to stop talking about the nuptials, with the caveat that the only person that can stop it will be Mattana herself.

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At that moment, she makes her appearance. Queen Savitri snips that permission should come from the outside guard, but Mattana states it’s a matter of some urgency. Plus, everyone seems to be talking about her already. The kings grants her leniencey, and she goes right into a discussion of Karnnika.

The prince is lazying in his giant bathtub, laughing at Chawaan, who is sobbing in the corner and hoping the prince will forgive him. Makey indulges him until he hears that his page told Mattana about Karnnika.

Mattana presents the photograph of Karnnika to the king. If the prince was already in an intimate relationship with the woman in the picture, then it directly impacts her nuptials. She presents the evidence: Karnnika confined to the palace, her attack on Mattana for dancing with the prince… Phokin interrupts that the dead woman was mentally disturbed, but Mattana brushes that off. She proposes the nuptials be postponed until the truth is revealed. She doesn’t want to hurt any woman who had rights to the Crown Prince before her. The whole chamber is silent.

Kamin arrives to the Council antechamber, where Mintra and Suthep wait. Suthep tries to stop him from storming the chambers, but gets another armhold/slam for his pains.

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The queen has an answer: rather than postponed the nuptial, Mattana should call the whole thing off. After all, if she thinks the Crown Prince is womanizing, maybe she should return to her own country. Because she has no intentions of letting an outsider investigate her son. Mattana takes the hint, and prepares to leave.

But just then, Kamin strides into the chambers. Witoon stands up to drive him out, but he stands firm, and is ready to confess. Confess? He announces to the entire Council Chamber that the photograph was given to him as a memento by his lover, before she went nuts. Yeppers, he’s trashing his reputation for the trashy Crown Prince. But what about what Chawaan said to Mattana? Kamin continues. The destruction of the photograph was on his orders because he didn’t want people to know he was dating Karnnika. Mattana is incredulous as Kamin keeps talking. She’s misunderstanding Crown Prince Makey, who is perfectly innocent of everything.

Our oh-so-perfect prince is currently rampaging in his chambers and strangling his page. Kamin comes in to diffuse the situation and tell this useless guy that his secret is safe. The prince is smiling again, not even caring how everything worked out. Kamin reminds him of his promise to take care of Mattana.

LRSKF 08 embedded[17-58-15]LRSKF 08 embedded[17-58-30]

Mattana is back in her chambers, surprised but not really surprised that the royal bodyguard was willing to lose his reputation and possibly his honor just for the sake of duty and to make sure she marries the prince. She realizes her heart is useless to him. Mintra wonders what she can do with this knowledge.

There’s some packing going on at Kamin’s place, as he goes back to the scene in the Council Chambers. Mattana made him swear before the entire assembly on his honor that what he said was the truth. When he confirmed it, she bite back that he was one of the most impressive men she knew.

LRSKF 08 embedded[17-56-29]LRSKF 08 embedded[18-03-41]


Oh Kamin.  All along he’s been painted as an overgrown Boy Scout, and nothing showed that more than this episode.  To easily slough off your reputation and honor to someone who would never appreciate your sacrifice just seems stupid to me.  Helping our Little Boy Prince hide under the covers from his misdeeds helps no one. Wouldn’t it had been better if the Prince admitted his past mistakes and promised a better ruler in the future?  It’s what Mattana did regarding her Thai pictures.

LRSKF 08 embedded[19-19-57]

Mattana now has a better idea of everyone in the palace.  This will help her better survive the undercurrents and events to come.  It does come at the expense of a bruised heart and a wave of loneliness.  After all, the one person she thought she could count on just gave her proof that he will choose that useless slug of a prince over anything they might have together. And we aren’t even half way through the series!




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