Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 9

Our guy finally sorta kinda admits how he feels, at least to himself, but the danger quotient ratchets up.  He will need all his focus to keep everyone alive and safe. His heart, though, is in the most danger it has ever been.

LRSKF 09 02 fake injury


Sinthorn accompanies  Kamin for a moment as the latter flees the palace, backpack in hand. Sinthorn expositions that the courtiers are buzzing with the gossip that he was Krazy Karnnika’s lover. Our leader just shrugs at the distruction of his reputation; it is what is expected of a member of the Royal Guard, to protect the royal family in all things. Plus, as an orphan, he has no family to be embarrassed at the events.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-21-13]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-21-32]

His second in command is a pretty smart cookie, and surmises the other reasons for his precipitous escape: not only to visit his old mentor who is down from the mountains, but to avoid a certain peeved Thai woman. Kamin neither confirms nor denies any of this, just smiles and leaves.

Her son’s reputation is safe, but Queen Savitri is still unhappy. She frets and wonders what evil scheme Kamin is cooking up, that he would take the hit for Makey’s misdeeds. Witoon has another view; by pushing the match with Mattana, it allows the Thai businessman to become in-laws with the royal family, and therefore gain valuable contacts and power to exploit the resources of Raya.

When he reaches his village destination, it appears deserted. He calls out, but sees nothing. Until a figure in black leaps at his back with a sword. Kamin manages to disarm him, then with a flurry of hand-to-hand feints, they reach a stalemate. They both smile at each other – it’s his old mentor and former royal guard Ajarn.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-23-49]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-24-06]

They share a bit of tea. Ajarn knows something must be up, for a fighter to choose running away as an option. Kamin admits to escaping, but it’s only temporary so things can settle at the palace and in his own heart.

Makey doesn’t have a care in the world, since all the unpleasantness was dealt with by other people, and is happy to stroll the gardens with Mattana. But all of his offers: horseback riding, mountain climbing, Mattana isn’t interested in any of these. Instead she wants to visit Karnnika’s grave.

His entourage heads for Prattana Monestary. Mattana’s beliefs are to ask for forgiveness for any perceived or real wrongs done to the dead person, so that the dead can peacefully rest. Makey goes pale and has trouble breathing for a moment, and so Mattana goes by herself to the grave. Prince Chicken, tsk.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-26-27]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-26-37]

The grave is in the middle of a field. Hareurtai is already there, leaving flowers. She asks the dead girl to help her not be sacrificed for the sake of the Prince. Mattana overhears her say that Karnnika was the prince’s lover. But when Hareutai sees her, she runs.

Mattana chases after her. When Hareutai finally stops and turns, the Phrakoomun assures her that they are not enemies and could be friends. She has a question or two. Does Hareutai love Prince Makey? And does she truly believe that Karnnika was the prince’s lover and not Kamin’s? The timely arrival of Sinthorn ends the conversation, and she hurries away.

Sinthorn has some questions of his own and detains her. He wonders if she or her family are the culprits who attacked Karnnika in the first place. She gets defensive, and he promises to keep an eye on her every move.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-31-21]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-31-33]

The prince is getting a deep muscle massage from Mintra, and enjoying it. Hareutai comes upon them, and she gives the younger girl a neener-neener look. She leaves, and Mintra continues her massage-as-seduction scheme.

At the chapel, which is a strange mix of iconography (angels, golden sunburst, a Mayan compass rose, and a Queen of Heaven statue, to start), Mattana and Sinthorn approach what appears to be an orthodox Christian baptismal basin. Flowers and candles float on the surface or the water. Sinthorn explains that you make a wish, pray, then light and float the candle. The smoke wafts up to the Powers-That-Be, who can choose to grant your prayer.

Sinthorn notices that Mattana isn’t praying, but she quietly says that no Gods can grant her one true wish. Sinthorn prays for the safety and health of his boss, secure in his belief that as long as Kamin is happy, the kingdom is safe. He places his candle and leaves. Mattana stays a bit longer before setting her candle.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-33-56]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-34-43]

She talks to Mintra about going to the village that Kamin supposedly is at. Her “helpful” assistant finds a map directing her to the village. Mattana is determined to find that rascal and hash it out with him once and for all. Mintra tells Bulan that the Phrakoomun wants to spend the day praying at the temple. Once there, she leaves Mintra in the chapel, and runs out the back door; Mintra promises to cover for her.

She gets a handy ride from a local, who drops her off at the crossroad to the village of Phu Saitarn. She gives herself a quick pep talk before trekking down the dirt road.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-37-25]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-36-52]

Somewhere near the village, our Kamin is assisting the villagers in strengthening a dam to help with the monsoon season. He offers to stay and help. Does he take his shirt off? No, unfortunately.

Mattana is hot and tired and still no village in sight. A large snake comes out of the grass, and she runs as fast she can. When she stops, though, she ends up in a net snare. Whups!

Wait, he DOES take off his shirt. Bless you, writers. The men celebrate the completion of the project with a shirtless group hug. One of the younger guys shows up – they have caught a stranger in their village!

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-38-57]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-39-36]

Mattana is having a hard time of it. Individually, she’s kicking everyone’s butt, but there’s whole slew of them and only one of her. Still, she manages to nab a gun off one of the villagers, and, when they back off, starts yelling for Kamin’s whereabouts. After shooting off a few rounds, it’s no longer fun for them. Kamin arrives on scene right then, sneaks up behind her and pins her arms. She is now spitting mad, but calms down once she recognizes him. Show’s over.

LRSKF 09 01 Caught

He wants her to leave immediately, but she is a no-go with that one. He tries to guilt her; the prince is probably very worried; she snipes that he’s the best bodyguard, but what about her own feelings. She won’t leave until she knows the truth about Karnnika. He sticks to his story of being Krazy’s lover; Mattana shakes him and calls him a typical cowardly male who only see women as tools.

He seems unaffected by her tirade, and when she refuses to leave the village, he picks her up. Only for a moment though, before she head-butts him, stomps his foot, and takes off. The whole village is now laughing.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-42-32]LRSKF 09 embedded[19-42-51]

She marches through the woods when he finally catches up. They spin around a tree several times before she climbs up. He warns her it’s not safe. Sure enough, down she goes, but he catches her in time. They end up nose to nose, and spend time looking at each other’s lips and eyes, until she snarks that it serves him right if he’s injured. He winces as she climbs off of him; her weight must have too much for him. He twitches on the ground, and she’s convinced he has injured his back.

She turns, intending to head for help, when he effortlessly sits up and grabs her. He was joking! She shoots eye daggers and tries to pull away. He squeezes as she squirms, and they end up tightly entwined. It’s a sexy stalemate and a charged moment. Ajarn makes an appearance, and the two of them break apart, both a little worse for wear.

LRSKF 09 embedded[18-44-22]LRSKF 09 embedded[18-45-19]

At the monastery, Evil Mintra goes into Evil Mode. She runs screaming outside that Mattana has disappeared. That gets the palace in a tizzy, and Bulan is in trouble. She points out that the Phrakoomun couldn’t have gotten out of there without help.

At the monastery, Evil Mintra goes into Evil Mode. She runs screaming outside that Mattana has disappeared. That gets the palace in a tizzy, and Bulan is in trouble. She points out that the Phrakoomun couldn’t have gotten out of there without help. A search party is organized around the monastery, and a message is sent to Kamin. Phokin swears his wife and Sinthorn to silence about the situation. He doesn’t want General Witoon specifically to know that the Phrakoomun is loose.

LRSKF 09 embedded[18-48-25]LRSKF 09 embedded[18-48-46]

Not that it matters, since Mintra has already rushed to Tayvee to blab. Tayvee plays the snooty biatch; she doesn’t want to hear anything from any Thai woman. But Mintra, with her crocodile tears and fake emotions, plays the victim perfectly. Witoon is practicing his archery skills when his wife calls him with the news that the Phrakoomun is outside the palace and is unprotected.

Tayvee laughs that the stupid Thai woman would come to her with the news, but Hareutai recalls their meetup at the monastery, and realizes that Mintra isn’t dumb at all. Mom sneers that the entire world is smarter than her daughter. She reminds her that her sole purpose right now is to land the Crown Prince.

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-47-51]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-49-16]

Kamin is trying to smoke Mattana out of the village. Not really, but it looks like it. She wonders why he told everyone that she is a friend he met while in Thailand. He rolls his eyes; of course he has to hide her identity! And once he finishes cooking a meal on this smoking cinder block, he’s taking her back to the palace. She gets all “oh boy yummy vegetables!” and flits from place to place, until he’s annoyed. Mission accomplished, she heads off to speak with Ajarn. He watches her leave with a shake of his head.

Mattana is ferreting Kamin’s secrets out of Ajarn. At least the childhood ones, since Ajarn refuses to admit to Kamin’s roots. He merely reiterates the unknown dancer story. Mattana wonders aloud whether Kamin has ever tried to find his birth parents, but the returning royal guard shrugs. Why bother looking? Plus, his father, mother, and purpose in life is the royal family of Raya. The three share a friendly meal on a table made of stacked pallets.

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-50-07]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-52-05]

In Makey’s bedchamber, he is drunk off his butt, whining that Mattana doesn’t love him anymore. Chawaan can’t imagine why she would be suspicious; after all, all he does fall in and out of love with different women. That earns the page a boot in the rear. Just then, Hareutai comes in with soup for His Highness.

It’s now dark, and Kamin preps a place for Mattana to sleep to the point of plucking threads on the blanket before smoothing it.They share a poignant moment together. Sometimes he wishes he could stay in the village where nobody cares who his parents might be. She counters that knowing one’s ancestry isn’t always a good thing. He smiles at her vehemence. Look at her, pigeonholed into “proper” behavior because she was born into nobility. She quietly asks if she, too, could be just be a village maid, staying with Kamin, a simple village man. For timeless time they stare into each other eyes. He finally says yes, but only for tonight.

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-52-49]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-53-47]

Nope, she’s not going back, nope nope nope, until she knows the truth about his supposed lover. He’s exasperated. She HAS to go back, because Prince Makey loves her, and not Karnnika or any other woman. A-ha! She pounces on that as proof that Krazy was Makey’s lover and not Kamin’s. He just throws up his hands and leaves the hut. Either way, she’s going back in the morning. Her smile tells me otherwise, but Kamin doesn’t see it.

Outside, the two men share some manly times around the campfire. Kamin comes up with a song-and-dance about who the mysterious woman is. Ajarn comments that she’s a modern woman that makes his stick-in-the-mud student smile. Kamin looks startled and tries to hedge that it was the fresh country air that removed the stress lines from his face, not the woman. Uh-huh, Ajarn isn’t buying it.

LRSKF 09 embedded[17-08-07]LRSKF 09 embedded[17-08-26]

Ajarn tells Kamin that he is the best student the old guard ever had, but he needs to listen to his heart before his duty. As Ajarn curls up to go to sleep, Kamin looks behind him at the closed door to the cottage where Mattana is sleeping, thinking.

In the Evil Office, General Witoon and Suthep have collected information on the wayward Phrakoomun. They were able to track down the truck that gave her a ride, and that the village she went to is also the location of the captain of the guards. So she must be with Kamin. They gather up some troops for some upcountry chicanery.

Tayvee grabs Chawaan outside the Crown Prince’s bedchambers and , when she confirms that Prince Makey is alone, she orders him to leave the prince alone tonight. She also sends her daughter with some soup for His Highness, and prays her daughter behaves correctly. And by correctly, of course, we mean INcorrectly.

Harteutai tries to wake up the prince, but when he does open his bleary eyes, all he sees is Mattana. He immediately starts romancing the woman in front of him. But Hareutai can stand only a few seconds before she pulls away. In that moment, he realizes that it’s the little palace mouse. In his inebriated mind, her plan is to seduce him and stay overnight, a plan which he is perfectly happy to cooperate with. And in the end, even though he knows she isn’t Mattana, he sexually attacks Hareutai on his couch.

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-10-47]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-11-54]

At the village, General Witoon is calmly drinking tea as Suthep roughs up one of the villagers, looking for information on a certain Thai woman in a photograph. What does he tell him?

The Evil Horde advances on Ajarn’s hut, yelling for Kamin to come out. They yank open the door, but it’s empty. Suthep goes through everything and find Mattana’s bag. There’s no identification in it though. When they step outside the hut, Ajarn is there.

Suthep immediately starts his usual insulting manner and demands the older man tell him where Kamin is. Ajarn just calmly sits down and expositions that young people nowadays have no respect for older citizens, probably because of bad parents. Suthep decides those are fighting words, but let’s face it, if Mattana can beat him, what chance does he have against Ajarn?

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-18-25]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-15-20]

The general intervenes before Suthep gets too humiliated, and, after an exchange of hand blows, apologizes for his behavior. But Captain Kamin has run off with Prince Makey’s Thai-bred bride-to-be, and it is the General’s responsibilty that they must be found and returned to the palace. Ajarn can’t hide his surprise at the news; Tagoon from the village also secretly overhears.

LRSKF 09 03 selfies

Meanwhile, Mattana is enjoying herself wandering around the area. Kamin just hangs around, resigned to give her some space. She starts taking pictures of him, and her. He gets self-conscious and annoyed that she won’t acknowledge the problems she is causing for other people. She figures Mintra will fix things just like HE always does for Prince Makey. He finally wrenches the tablet out of her hand, leading to a piggyback fight where they both end up laughing and spinning around.  The fun sexy times end when Tagoon tracks them down and tells them what happened with General Witoon.

Kamin starts dragging Mattana into hiding, but she fiercely resists, not understanding that Witoon  plans to remove her completely and not in a good way.  When he can’t make her understand, he just throws her over his shoulder and strides off, despite her protestations.

LRSKF 09 embedded[14-42-28]LRSKF 09 embedded[14-43-36]

She doesn’t believe him and is prepared to argue when he finally set her down. He points out a distant mountain that he plans to take her; he promises that she will be safe because he will do everything to make it so. That gets through to her, and she is reading to walk there, but shots fired at them from the general’s goons changes the plan.

So begins a cat-and-mouse game in the woods.  There’s a few booby traps out there, and Kamin manages to get some of the bad guys out of the way, but  they end up more or less trapped. Mattana wonders what they will do, when someone shows up with a gun.  She goes kick-butt and disarms him, until Kamin has to stop her; it’s Tagoon again, sent to create a diversion so they can escape.

LRSKF 09 embedded[14-49-15]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-15-19]

At the palace, is stumbling back to her quarters, mechanically correcting her disheveled clothing. Sinthorn spots her on the grounds and realizes something is wrong. He knows the direction she came from, but before he can act on his assumptions, he receives a phone call from Tagoon and is giving the frightening news regarding his boss and the Phrakoomun.

Our stupid naked idiot crown prince drags himself awake while untangling himself from all the stuff on the couch. He wonders if Hareutai was actually there or if she was a dream; he yells for Chawaan who confirms he was skunked the previous night.  As he slides on his drawers he muses about his realistic dream, especially since he would never do “that” to Hareutai. That is, until he stumbles over some of her accessories…

…And she is fully clothed in the shower, trying to wash away the events of last night.

LRSKF 09 embedded[15-36-48]LRSKF 09 embedded[15-33-23]

Our couple is still walking through the trees, and Kamin decides to go to an old hunting shack for the oncoming bad weather. Once they are inside, our cocky Phrakoomun turns out to be afraid of thunder, much to the bodyguard’s amusement. Their close proximity though, sets off his skinship alarm, and he excuses himself to take a cold shower in the rain.

It’s détente at Ajarn’s shack as he and General Witoon share tea. Witoon obliquely threatens all the villagers if they cannot find the fugitives quickly after the rain ceases.

Mattana is bored and alone in the shed, staring at the unmoving wet idiot. While wandering around the hut she gets some type of bite on her hand. She starts getting dizzy and ends up curled up on a pallet of fur. By the time Kamin shows up with a bamboo container, she’s cold and shaking on the floor. He asks her how she is feeling, but she just mumbles for him to go away.  He looks her over and sees the bite, and sees the giant plastic spider on the hut wall.

He calls out to her until she rolls over and looks at him.  She wants him gone; after all, didn’t he run to get far away from her? He’s concerned about the bite. He sucks out what he can out of the puncture wounds, while she wonders if she is going to die from the poison. He said her hand will be swollen so she will need to take medicine for that,  but she notes he isn’t looking her in the eye – a sure sign of lying.

LRSKF 09 embedded[16-45-43]LRSKF 09 embedded[16-48-14]

He insists that he told the truth about the Karnnika situation, but she proves his lies by asking these questions: What is her birthday? Her favorite food / color? Shouldn’t a real lover know these.  She finally sits up to look him in the eye; even sweating and ill she intimidates him, and he timidly asks her not to force him to say it out loud.  But they aren’t in the palace, and here they are just people. He promises to answer her questions after she has some water.  No Mattana, don’t drink it!!

But she does.  And stares into his eyes as sleep overtakes her. He gently catches her and pulls her against his chest. He rubs her hair and shoulders and tells his darling to close her eyes… Once she is well and truly out, he hugs her close, and whispers his love, twice.

LRSKF 09 embedded[17-05-57]LRSKF 09 embedded[17-06-46]

Tayvee is playing the of Affronted Mother Of A Damaged Daughter, and the queen is amenable to talk marriage once Hareutai confirms it.  Mom has another dramaaic moment sobbing against Hareutai’s door.  It opens, much to her surprise, and her daughter comes out, properly dressed and calm.  She tells Queen Savitri that nothing happened.  Mom pinches her to tell the monarch what happened. The girl slowly tells them that she brought soup…

LRSKF 09 embedded[17-02-43]LRSKF 09 embedded[17-03-15]

Makey panics in his bedchamber when he hears that his mom is visiting Hareutai’s family.  He blames Chawaan, and snarls that he won’t marry her even if she resorts to underhanded ways.

In the morning, Kamin leaves the hut with Mattana slung over his shoulder. Suthep and goons are waiting, and finally force him to stop. Uh-oh!

LRSKF 09 embedded[17-11-54]


Oh Kamin.  All she wants to know is how you feel, even if you both have to conceal it from others. You are a smart sexy guy; you can figure that out. I really had hoped that Kamin would choose Mattana over Makey, but it’s pretty clear that, even with the pep talk by Ajarn, he plans to deny his own happiness for that irresponsibly boy.

I like that Mattana is determine to know the truth no matter what, although the chaos and problems she generates is nothing to be proud of. And all these shenanigans will come back to haunt her.  Mintra is her big blind weakness; having your best friend determine to destroy you is both a bummer and extremely dangerous.

LRSKF 09 embedded[19-34-21]

Hareutai is being to come into her own, as a baptism by fire.  She is now actively defying her mom and the wishes of both parents by refusing to give them the ammunitiion needed to get the prince under their thumb.  Neither she not Sinthorn are strong enough to run away like our canon couple, but they could support each other through the bad times.  They both deserve happiness as a beta couple I’m rooting for.

What’s going to happen now that Kamin is caught by Suthep?  The general wants him dead almost as much as killing Mattana, because of the intereference in his plans.  No doubt he plans a coup d’etat, and it may end up that Kamin is the only obstacle  between the general and the throne.  But can’t he protect the throne and keep the woman?

LRSKF 09 embedded[18-44-07]


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  1. I can’t describe in words how much I hate this so-called Prince. He is a horrible person. I do doubt that Kannika had innocent intentions when she started her relationship with him but damn it that girl lost an ear because of this coward. Instead of taking responsibility he “fell” for Mat AND raped Hareutai – and he blames his servant for it? I really feel bad for Kannika and Hareutai (she was simply born into the wrong family). The Prince is such a despicable piece of trash and it’s getting harder and harder for me to understand why Kamin still tries to cover for him! I wouldn’t want my beloved one to spend the rest of her life with that piece of trash… For now I only like Mattana… Everyone else is making me angry!

    • Lalice – I agree. Duty and gratitude only take you so far. I do feel that Kamin’s action are based more on his feelings for King Inthra than for Mackey. He doesn’t want the king to be disappointed in the behavior of his only son, so he covers the bad behavior, and the prince never learns the consequences of his own actions. So basically, Kamin created this pathetic excuse for a noble, or at least contributed.

      Thanks for reading my recaps, and posting your comments!

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