Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 10

The stakes are getting higher as the bad guys continue their evil machinations, Mintra looks for every opportunity to get in with the Queen and/or destroy her ‘friend’, and our couple’s feelings boil to the surface even hotter than before.

LRSKF 10 01 workout


Kamin is surrounded by the general’s goons. He tries to bluff a little, but Suthep wants him to drop the girl. He does, and she turns to reveal – she’s not Mattana! She’s Mali, Tagoon’s neice, dressed in Mattana’s clothes. Nice switcheroo, Kamin.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-03-34]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-04-48]

The general is calm, Suthep is pissed. The villagers are there when he asks Mali point blank – where is the Phrakoomun? And why are you wearing such noble expensive wear? Mali ways the royal guard bought it for her. The village stands fast; no one has see the Phrakoomun. The general’s hands are tied, but Ajarn promises to send word if he hears anything.

After General Witoon and his goons leave, Kamin thanks Mali and the villagers for their assistance. Lastly, Ajarn gives his protege a searching look, and comments that he wants to trust Kamin. The younger man is quick to say that everything he does is for the sake of Raya. Ajarn just looks disappointed, understanding that Kamin has already decided between duty and heart.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-06-39]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-07-30]

Suthep is all for tearing the woods apart, but the general knows that would be a fruitless effort, given the amount of acreage and the villagers’ cooperation. Our evil pair also wonder if Mintra played a practical joke on them. Yes, Witoon, she did. And you have my permission to get rid of her…

Back at the palace, Queen Savitri takes her leave of the Witoon family, promising to follow up with Prince Makey. Just as she leaves, several guards request Hareutai accompany them to the Crown Prince’s chambers.

Tayvee runs after the queen, trying to salvage what she can of the situation, claiming that her daughter is too frightened to tell the truth. Savitri is still upset that traditions have been flouted. Tayvee ‘accidently’ lets slip that Mattana sneaked out of the palace, also against tradition. Uh oh.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-09-06]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-10-41]

The queen immediately heads for Mattana’s quarters, and sweeps aside Bulan who tries to stall her. Tavee plays bulldog and knocks her aside, allowing the royal entourage past. When they get to the bedroom, though, Mattana is asleep in the middle of the bed. She’s talking in her sleep, and wakes up with the queen staring at her. She’s confused as to where she is, or what happened, but she makes an attempt at a proper greeting. Tayvee snipes that her confusion is because she stayed out the entire night playing hooky; Bulan counters that Mattana was praying at the temple all night long.

Despite her muzziness, Mattana realizes what happened. She smoothly says Buddhists pray for peace of mind as a form of meditation. The queen and her dog keep up an effort to trip her up, but it doesn’t work.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-11-58]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-13-02]

Prince Jerk’s sole purpose in sending for Hareutai is just to browbeat her into admitting her submission to him was a shallow ploy for his favor. Yuck, ptooey, ass. She tells him that nothing happened; he warns that Mattana is the one he loves and the one who will be queen. Coldly, Hareutai tells him she will consider last night as a bad dream.

In Mattana’s chambers, Bulan sticks to the party line; Kamin is building a dam; Mintra is outside; Mattana has been in the palace except when she was at the temple. But she knows everything is fake, even as the spider bite is real. Bulan plays hardball: if the Phrakoomun wants to push the point, Kamin stands a good chance of being executed. That finally shuts her up.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-14-59]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-15-30]

Mintra is trying to gain an audience with Makey, but Chawaan says politely says no. She does some fast, evil thinking, and heads back to the guest rooms. Mattana catches up with her, and tells her everything that happened at the village.

In the village, Kamin is wandering around until he reaches the hut, and we see the flashback. He got the sleeping potion from Tagoon, had Mali switch clothes, and had Tagoon take the unconscious Mattana back to the palace. He’s now in the hut, staring at the pallet where Mattana once was sleeping, with a sad expression.

Prince Makey wants to know what his mother had heard from Hareutai, and begs her not to believe anything that girl said. He’s relieved to find out she said nothing about the assault, but she knows his horn-dog nature, and warns him that he will take responsibility if he damaged a noble lady like Hareutai. Plus, his ladylove Mattana may not be purely his anyway; isn’t strange that she’s always hanging around Kamin?

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-18-39]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-20-30]

Kamin finally makes it back to the palace, but he gets attacked by an angry Makey and a swordstick. They dance/fight between the strange adobe brick walls. At a stalemate, Kamin asks his sovereign lord why is he angry. The prince yells he betrayed him with Mattana, and Kamin drops to his knees and quietly tells His Highness to kill him if he really believes that. The Blurred Blade Of The Swordstick hovers for a moment, then the prince starts laughing. It was a joke! He wanted to stage a scene just like his mother wanted. He spills the beans that someone else spills the beans regarding Mattana’s presence in Phu Saitarn Village. Kamin tries to maintain a blank face, and Prince Idiot laughs about the whole thing.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-23-57]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-24-37]

The general is yelling at his wife for being led around by Mintra. All they managed to do is to put Kamin on alert that they are out to get him. Outside, Mintra is thinking about everything Mattana told her about the events at the village, and she heads over to Tayvee, sure that she can use Witoon’s wife to get rid of her hated friend.

Except Tayvee has Mintra dragged before her, incensed at the dressing-down she got from her husband. She slaps Mintra, and I personally feel a bit of satisfaction in that. She tries to explain that Mattana was spirited back to her bedchambers before the queen arrived, but Tayvee is too spitting mad. Mintra finally admits that she can’t stand Mattana, and spins a tale that she tried to stop the Phrakoomun, but she was just too arrogant and stupid so she abused poor, innocent Mintra.

It turns out she tells this to the queen as well, and the pair is convinced of the Evil One’s sincerity, and the queen is more than convinced of Mattana’s unsuitability as Queen. And Mintra becomes their tool even as they become hers.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-25-38]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-28-51]

Out in the training fields, Kamin tries to tire himself out with a double swordstick workout. We flashback to the conversation Makey and Kamin have post-fake-fight. Kamin convinced the prince to stop imbibing (which we know is the root of most of his bonehead decisions). His workout gets more angry turned inward as he goes over all the sweet moments he had with Mattana.

Kamin is his usual calm self the next day, when he personally thanks Bulan and Phokin for handling the Mattana situation. Bulan snipes that only the threat of danger to Kamin caused her to back down; Phokin wants know if Mattana’s sojourn to the village was really just because of the Karnnika matter. Since this shows she neither trusts nor loves the prince, her life could be in danger. Kamin thinks Prince Makey can improve himself enough that she will come around. The two speculate how the information of her flight was released. Kamin wants to know about everyone who was aware of her actions when she snuck out of the temple.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-30-50]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-31-20]

At the temple, Haruetai prays outside the main worship space for forgiveness for now being an impure woman. Sinthorn is there, too, interviewing the monks about Mattana. Haruetai collapses just as Sinthorn arrives in the anteroom and he immediately assists her. She then trips over a pew and ends up with a bleeding toe, and she’s happy: bleeding, crippled, how great it would be to die, etc. Seriously, though, my readers, one does not die with a stubbed toe. Of course YMMV, lol.

Sinthorn tries to convince her but all life is valuable, but she just states hers is worthless, and then limps out of the temple. He remembers seeing her stumble out of the prince’s chambers in a disheveled state, and hopes he is wrong with his thoughts.

Prince Stupid is having tea with King Inthra; he wants to move the nuptial ceremony so it can happen much sooner than currently planned. He pledges to change himself for the better; Kamin agrees he can do it, so the King promises to think about it. The pair leaves, and Makey is happy that it might happen, and convinced he will change for the good and for Mattana to love and believe in him.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-32-51]LRSKF 10 embedded[18-33-20]

Mattana greets the prince, who hands her a huge bouquet of button mums that Kamin brought in. She mentions that she has had trouble sleeping at night. She wonders if the cure would be to spend some time with Kamin; who may know of a perfect sleeping potion so that she will fall asleep, and be whisked away to someplace else! Kamin assures the prince that there is no such thing.

Time to change the subject. The Prince wants her to accompany him to visit the citizenry. As they take a stroll, she wonders about all the ill omens and events. She wants to be assured that there will be no other unfortunate woman or situations to pop up. Makey goes on the defensive; anything involving Hareutai is a complete fabrication. Of course, she picks up his specifically specific denial. He promises that he only loves her and pulls her into a hug. Which surprises her and shocks poor Kamin, who stops and just stands there watching, so Mattana hams it up by returning the hug and daring him to do anything about it.

LRSKF 10 embedded[19-41-10]LRSKF 10 embedded[19-42-57]

He turns away, but she screams and collapses to the ground. Makey just stands there as Kamin calls to the guards to look for culprits and protect the Crown Prince, then scoops her up into his arms. She tells him to stop; she got bitten by a black ant or something, and it hurt a lot for just a second.

Kamin all but drops her as Makey laughs. Kamin threatens her with his eyes, sure she just pranked him. He tries not to smile while she plays all innocent cuteness. Mintra sees this from a distance.

LRSKF 10 03 Pranked

Later that night, Kamin is in his house working on some plans when he pulls up his photo files on his tablet. He stares at one of her happy pictures from Thailand. Sinthorn comes in and he hastily closes the files again.

He tells Kamin that Witoon’s information leak didn’t happen at the monastery; there were only guards, Mattana and Mintra present when she snuck out. No outsiders, no unusual people. They realize that there’s a spy somewhere inside. Sinthorn promises to keep investigating, and asks if he can assist his boss. No need, Kamin replies, he is just mapping out guard positions for the whistle-stop tour of the Prince and the Phrakoomun.

Sinthorn is surprised that the prince is feeling responsible enough to meet the people he is expected to rule; Kamin believes that, with love, people can change. His second in command is clearly doubtful, given that they are talking about Prince Makey. Once Sinthorn leaves, he muses about what he should do with Mattana.

LRSKF 10 embedded[20-00-21]LRSKF 10 embedded[20-02-02]

Mintra sneers at the itinerary for the tour just as Mattana comes back from exercising. The princess-to-be peruses the paperwork, and decides that she needs more riding experience, since the entire tour will be from horseback. Plus, she wants to see a certain stubborn person, and knows he will show up. Mintra’s brain starts working on this new situation.

Prince Makey comes along too, and is a bit worried after her last scary equine experience. This time the horses have been personally chosen by Kamin, but the head of the guards had important business to take care of and isn’t there. Mintra is thwarted, and tries to pump Sinthorn for Kamin’s whereabouts. He receives a phone call; it’s Kamin. Mintra looks around, and sees a tall, handsome farm worker also on a cell phone. She puts the two together, and realizes Kamin is there.

LRSKF 10 embedded[20-05-35]LRSKF 10 embedded[20-06-01]

Mattana is ready to quit, but Mintra convinces her to accompany her to the restroom. Once out of sight of the guards, Mintra whispers the information.

Kamin is happy that the riding practice is over, and he and Sinthorn discuss the addition of plainclothes guards for the tour, since something always seems to happen around Mattana. Just then a guard runs up and alarms them both. Mintra is crying to the prince that Khun Mattana disappeared from the bathroom.

Mintra spins up a tale that Mattana has been bored and moody, convinced no one loves her and homesick for Thailand. Kamin cordons off the area and sends everyone to search. Once it’s just Mintra and Kamin, Mintra piles the angst even higher: Mattana seems devastated and heart-broken this time. Once Kamin runs off, she brushes off the tears and grabs her tablet.

LRSKF 10 embedded[20-11-12]LRSKF 10 embedded[20-14-44]

Kamin starts tearing through the place, starting with the bathroom. He sees a flash of someone running out of the corner of his eye. It’s Mattana, playing the hide-and-go-seek game. She ups the stakes when she finds a small can of red paint, using it for ‘bloody’ hand prints; Kamin follows the clues until he finds her boots sticking out of a loosely packed pile of hay.

Hay goes flying as he frantically digs through it to reach her and calls out her name in a hoarse voice, but there is nothing but the boots.

“Are you shocked?” she asks him. He spins around to see her, grabs her shoulders and gives her a shake, yelling. She shoves him off; it’s payback for drugging her and sending her back with no explanation. He storms off, but she chases after him, cornering him in a stable.

LRSKF 10 embedded[20-17-42]LRSKF 10 embedded[20-18-39]

She needles him for running away like he always does, that this great protector of the throne doesn’t have the courage to admit his own feelings. His hands are in fists and he tells her to stop talking, but she is too angry to listen. She yells at him for abandoning her in this country, filled with hateful people who want to kill her, to marry someone she doesn’t love. And who cares if she died in the stable, she would still be alone and unloved. She starts pounding on his chest in frustration and tears, until he finally grabs her and yanks her in for a shut-up kiss. Mintra is, of course, filming it. Yikes!

LRSKF 10 02 Kiss

Mattana is walking in a daze and touching her lips when first Mintra and then Makey, Sinthorn, and the guards find her. She apologizes for making everyone worry. Kamin is nowhere to be found, and the group heads for the vehicles to go home. Sinthorn stays behind for a moment, and then leaves with the rest. Only when the entourage is gone does Kamin walk out from his hiding place.

LRSKF 10 embedded[20-28-16]LRSKF 10 embedded[20-26-32]

We get the flashback from the kiss. The pair stared at each other as their lips part, then Kamin fell to his knees as apology. Mattana, touching her lips, assured him that they did nothing wrong. She understood now who she loves, and will no longer deny it by talking to King Inthra to cancel the nuptial ceremony. Kamin climbed to his feet in alarm – she can’t do that! In a deadened voice, she told him not to worry; she won’t tell the king the real reason for the cancellation. He grabbed her hands and begged her to wait for a while, so he can come up with a plan for the two of them to be together. She saw through this, though, and knew he was just stalling for time. She will believe him for now, but he had better not break her trust this time.

LRSKF 10 04 Punch

Back from the flashback, Kamin has anger and pain all over his face as he punches the side of the stable building. Uh-oh, I think we all know the whole sincerity thing was a lie. Bad Kamin. Bad! Bad!

thai clipart

I had forgotten our strange group of goons for a while. In Thailand, Akanee bullies the wait staff of a restaurant to try and get the best room, but it’s already reserved. And by whom? Why, Mattana’s father. They exchanged some barbed comments, until Akanee freaks out that Mattana will be married in Raya soon.

LRSKF 10 embedded[22-54-19]LRSKF 10 embedded[22-55-05]

Dad drags him outside and warns his son to keep his mouth shut about the kidnapping Mattana plan, and other business…he shuts up before Akanee suspects anything. Dad says there’s nothing he can do about the situation in Raya; Akanee pledges to go to Raya himself and snatch her back.

thai clipart

Mintra is preening as Tayvee squeals over the stable kissing photos, and promises to show them to the queen as soon as possible. Mintra piously states that she doesn’t want the royal family to be tarnished, and they both think happy evil thoughts.

Out in the field, the general is secretly mining raw emeralds to fund his various nefarious businesses. The gems are destined for Thailand and Akanee’s dad. Suthep mentions a phone call from his wife about evidence against Mattana, but the general chalks it up to his wife’s idiocy and ignores it.

LRSKF 10 embedded[22-55-50]LRSKF 10 embedded[22-56-15]

In their quarters, Tayvee is angry that her daughter spends all her time praying, especially since she is working so hard for Hareutai to be the next queen. She shows her the tablet photos, but Hareutai has a hard time believing that someone like Kamin would betray the throne. Mom just calls her stupid; anyway, this evidence is enough to have Kamin executed and Mattana to be sent back to Thailand in disgrace. So her daughter can start preparing to be married to Prince Makey!

In her bedroom, Hareutai relives the prince’s attack and subsequent bully-meeting. She thinks it’s good that the prince will experience pain from his beloved’s duplicity, but at the same time, wonders about Kamin’s possible execution. She prays for guidance.

King Inthra is enjoying a walk with Phokin, but decides to head back inside after spotting the queen heading towards him. When she reaches them, she snarks that the king looks happier the closer they get to the nuptial ceremony. He agrees; marriage will make his son more responsible and mature, and both parents should rejoice. The conversation gets more heated until the queen drops the bombshell that Kamin and Mattana are secretly dating. The king calls her a liar; she makes him promise to punish any wrongdoers according to the law of the land.

LRSKF 10 embedded[22-58-26]LRSKF 10 embedded[23-00-45]

In her area of the palace, Mattana is practicing the piano with “Pachabel’s Canon”. Mintra watches with her, recalling a conversation when her friend all but admits that she loves Kamin. She all fakey smile-smile when she asks Mattana if anything happen at the stables. Mattana denies it, but Mintra cryptically says that it’s okay; soon everyone will know anyway. To cover up her comment, she mentions that Mattana can use the phone she got for her village trip to contact Kamin. Mattana just smiles and says that phone was ruined, and she doesn’t want to violate the anti-cellphone rules of the palace.

Mattana smiles after she sends her friend for a drink, and goes back in her mind to the conversation in the stable. While holding her hand, Kamin handed her the cellphone from the village, and promised to call her at 2:00pm every day. He also requested that she delete all the photos from the village, in order to avoid anyone finding out. Back in current time, she activates the screen, and realizes it’s 1:57, and jumps up to find a good place to get the expected call.

LRSKF 10 embedded[22-59-20]LRSKF 10 embedded[23-01-46]

Kamin is with Prince Makey, going over the planned route for the whistle-stop tour. Kamin realizes the time, and jumps up. The prince dimisses him, and he takes one look back at his monarch before heading outside for his phone call.

Mattana is standing on the cupola balcony (and wouldn’t her voice travel right down and throughout the place? Just saying J) when her phone chimes. She complements him on his punctuality, then gives him a list of physical complaints, that all disappeared the moment she heard his voice. On the other end, he grins for a moment. She thanks him for keeping his promise and he reminds her to keep her own. He wishes her pleasant dreams, and they both hang up, smiling.

LRSKF 10 05 Phone call

The queen has the tablet in hand, and is eager to see the pictures and the video that will prove the downfall of that upstart Thai woman. Tayvee simpers how disgusting it was to her eyes. Savitri settles down on a settee and opens the file on the tablet. Except, it’s a snippet of a lakorn. She asks her sister-in-law if this is some type of joke. Tayvee grabs the tablet – the files are gone! The queen flounces out of the room, leaving Tayvee to stew about what happened.

When she sees Hareutai, she asks her daughter to look at the tablet, but the younger woman doesn’t know anything about that electronic device. And she doesn’t remember exactly what she saw. When her mom storms out of the room, Hareutai picks up the tablet, and we find out what happened.

LRSKF 10 embedded[00-07-59]LRSKF 10 embedded[00-07-26]

Hareutai transferred the files from the tablet to her smartphone, and uploaded the snippet from her smartphone to the tablet. Yay!

At the temple, Kamin is making a wish. He gets ready to leave just as Haruetai shows up. She stops him from leaving and hands him a book that she is returning to him. She tells him the cover is pretty, but you can’t judge it by that. He asks about her health, having heard that she was unwell. She admits to not being as strong and brave as the Phrakoomun, and reminds him to double-check the inside of the book given its age. He looks thoughtful as she leaves.

LRSKF 10 embedded[00-10-40]LRSKF 10 embedded[00-11-17]

Once he reaches his place, he collapses on his chair, no doubt exhausted by the entire days’ worth of travails. Once he catches his breath, he looks over the book, the Italian edition of Ken Follett’s “On Wings Of Eagles” (published in 1983, is it really that old?) He thumbs through it , and finds a compartment containing a jump drive. He pulls it up and sees the video from the stables. His face? Pure “Oh Snap!”

LRSKF 10 embedded[00-12-01]LRSKF 10 embedded[00-13-00]


I just know I’m going to end up hating Kamin. When he breaks Mattana’s heart, I’m going to start looking for a baseball bat to knock some sense into him. In his eyes, she’s perfect Queen of Raya material, but that doesn’t mean she’s the ONLY one. And subjecting both of them to a miserable life, especially when he will feel both her pain and his, is just way past any expectation of gratitude no matter what the king wants.

LRSKF 10 embedded[18-17-42]

Despite everything that’s happened to her, or maybe because it, Hareutai is really coming into her own. She no longer just goes with every item her parents want, but is thinking and acting on her own. When she tells Kamin she isn’t as strong or as brave as Mattana, we all know better. She hasn’t yet tapped all of her potential, but clearly she has a brain on her shoulders and the ability to make snap decisions and act on it. And the assumptionn of her stupidity by her stupid parents makes a perfect disguise for her.  I hope she stays on the side of good, and has the happy ending with Sinthorn.

LRSKF 10 embedded[00-20-11]

I still can’t figure out what General Witoon is up to. Obviously, he’s using the mined gemstones to fund some type of takeover or coup, but, let’s face it, Akanee’s father is much more laughable than menacing at this point. Still, no doubt things will get violent once Witoon goes into action.

And we have reached the half-way point in this lakorn! I apologize for the delay in recaps, as the month of November was filled with my National Novel Writing Challenge. With that (mostly) behind me, I can focus back on my recapping again. Thanks again for your patience.




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  1. Yes, baseball bat, brick, anything to knock some sense into the man!!

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