Ngao Jai เงาใจ (Shadows Of The Heart) A Redirect Post

Hello my faithful readers!  Feel free to beat me over the head!  After all, I’m taking on yet another recapping project, which will probably slow my Winter Sonata and Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah recaps even more than they are now (if that is even possible).

Ngao Jai Ep 04 01[02-38-39]

Weaker Twin Watit “Wheeze”


Older Twin Rut “Scruff”

28/03/2015 UPDATE:  Episode 12 is posted. We are down to the final three!

I’m talking about Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng and View Wannarot Sonthichai in their newest lakorn from OneHD. Toomtam plays twins (and can that be a bad thing??) who grew up apart from each other.  Through a series of mishaps, the older twin (Rut) takes over the weaker twin’s (Watit) life, including living with his spouse May, who married him in a contract-style union. It’s set between an citrus farm (oranges? Lemons? Limes? I’m not sure), and two flower farms.  Such pretty scenery with such pretty actors, I couldn’t resist!

The episodes are currently available at Viki (with English subtitles) and on YouTube (raw HD).

Anyway, the recaps are a collaborative effort with a drama friend, becca, and hosted at kakashi’s site. I will update this post as episodes become available. Right now, we have the first two completed and posted.  Su Su Hwaiting! Just click on the link below to be redirected,



Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) A Scruff Cap

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