Sometimes Fate Plays Tricks – Chapter One (A Kim Woo-bin fanfic)

This is a fan-fiction dedicated to a Twitterbean friend, who wondered about a story where Kim Woo-bin meets a non-celebrity. Someone like… her?  LOL. Anyway, this story will unfold in between all my other writing projects, but I hope it becomes an enjoyable read!



Kim Woo-bin sat on a grassy knoll overlooking  the Yangyeong Bridge. The only movement was the island lights rippling the bridge’s pilings; the sidewalks were empty. A short time ago, he had parted company with Jong-suk, who had a CF shoot in the morning. But he was feeling a little restless, and usually a short walk along the paths by the Han River was enough to settle him. But not tonight; in fact, it felt a bit lonesome.

It had been months since Yoo Ji-ahn and he had broken up, but there were still occasional netizen flare-ups whenever the two of them were in the news. Honestly, it was tiresome to always be on alert, or to be surrounded by a moat of guards and assistants. Whenever Jong-suk and he managed to sneak away from everyone, it almost felt like a break from prison.

He never regretted choosing the entertainment business, despite the issues: loss of privacy, constricted personal freedom, and a lack of true friendship; separation from his family in Jeonju; the almost-constant time crunch, and the sheer pressure of being a recognizable celebrity. He leaned back with a sigh and closed his eyes to let the light breeze dance across his face.

He enjoyed the sensation a moment longer before a faint sound came to his ears. He frowned for a moment. It sounded faintly musical, and yet…not. Still with his eyes shut, he turned his head to orient towards the sound. As it got louder, he tried to remember where he had heard that song before, but clearly the person couldn’t carry a tune.

He finally opened his eyes when the sound stopped moving. The figure sat on a bench just at the edge of the bridge overpass. It was a young Anglo woman with short hair, hunched over a bowl of ice cream. Her earbuds dangled down to a pocket in her pink, oversized sweater. Her flat humming stopped for a moment as she downed a spoonful of ice cream. “…have to install microwave ovens…” And another spoonful and a momentary break in the sound.

Woo-bin snorted. That was Dire Straits? As much as he enjoyed the London band, there was no way he would have recognized the tune without the words that barely hissed from between her lips. His watch emitted a quiet beep, and he realized it was midnight. He quickly stood up and wiped the grass from his hands.

But the woman must have seen the movement. With a quiet gasp, she quickly turned around and their eyes met.

Despite the darkness, and despite the square wire-rimmed glasses, Woo-bin knew those eyes were a deep blue. Her face was heart-shaped and smooth, with a cupid’s bow mouth and a little overbite. That was all he saw before she whirled back, jumped up from the bench, and rapidly headed away from him, leaving the half-eaten bowl of ice cream behind.

He took his time walking down to the bench. Plain old vanilla, which happened to be his favorite. He looked back at the quickly retreating figure and chuckled, before carefully disposing of the container in a nearby trash bin. He whistled as headed back to his vehicle, his mood suddenly lightened.


Who was that? Mila wondered as she hurried back to the Ichon metro station. She had picked up her treat at the 7-11 and intended to enjoy it by the river before heading home. Normally she enjoyed the emptiness of this stretch of the river, as most pedestrians tended to stay near the colored fountains of Banpo-ro several bridges away. But tonight, that strange man watching her sent a frisson of ice up her spine, and she wanted to get back near people again. How long had he been there?  She never even noticed his presence until she saw his shadow formed from the park lights behind him move.

It was too dark to see his features, but his outline appeared tall and angular, certainly taller than her 175 cm. His casual clothes and hoodie blurred his features even further. He didn’t seem to have followed her, but she was still relieved when she made through Il-dong to the final block by the metro. Slowing down, Mila decided on another treat, since she left her ice cream behind. She tossed a resentful thought towards that stranger, suddenly angry at him for interrupting her quiet time.  She took a deep breath to clear out those negative emotions before haggling for some chapssaltteok from an ahjumma’s small snack stand. Once she received her treat, she bit right into the delicious red bean center, her moment of fright now forgotten.

In his car, Woo-bin sneezed. Was he coming down with something?


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. This is highly unrealistic Shuk. Not because of the whole “Kim Woo Bin” thing but I would NEVER leave ice cream behind. If being shot at I would protect the ice cream and if fleeing I would certainly take it with me.

    More seriously, yay, Woobie! It is so weird to have a fanfic written about me but it’s fun! You had me laughing at the “clearly the person couldn’t carry a tune”. This is probably exactly what would have gone through his mind, true.

    I like it Shuk =) Wonder what will happen next! -please don’t make Woobie my long lost brother-

    • Mila – LOL I can always rewrite so the ice cream goes and maybe a scarf gets dropped? That’s a mainstay trope, too! Glad you like it so far. Feel free to add suggestions as we go along. Hmmm, birth secrets…[lost in thought]


      • No Shuk, no! No birth secrets! Birth secrets are not allowed. As for tropes I’ll only allow brooding showers, brooding baths and brooding swimming pools. For Woobie I mean. Me brooding in a shower would be less interesting, character development-wise. Although I guess after chapter one I’d probably be sobbing in the shower, asking forgiveness to that ice cream.

        And lol no worries, you don’t have to change it. It’s fiction after all ^^ You’re -sadly- not writing my memoirs or anything that could happen -or could it? … no it couldn’t. Or really, could it? No- so ~

  2. If I were Mila, I would turn back and get that ice cream!!!! Dang it woman, you paid for that plain vanilla ice cream!!!! *throws tantrum*

    This is great, Shuk! I look forward to the next chapter…

  3. I’m loving and waiting for the next chapter

  4. Oh I love reading fanfic! ^^
    Been a while since I’ve checked your blog Shuk but oh I’m definitely liking this!

  5. I have 2 questions…which was answered by google. Lol. Woobie’s ex is real pretty.

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