Sometimes Fate Plays Tricks – Chapter Three


An hour later they were able to laugh it off, especially since the fruit ahjumma gave the offending pineapple to Jung-dae as a thank you. He idly tossed in one hand as they entered Mila’s office building. “Well, that was an adventurous lunch,” he quipped. She grinned and brushed his bangs aside to look at the red mark. “As for this, I’m going to cut it up as punishment and EAT IT’S SOUL.” The last was said in a mock-evil voice that made her giggle. He resumed his normal voice. “If it’s bruised, that may not work, though. Then I’m left with making daiquiris. Care to join me?” He wiggled his eyebrows and she laughed harder.

They parted at the reception desk.  He handed her the bag of snacks they had purchased for Mel, and Mila gave him a little wave before turning to the bank of elevators to the right. Just as she reached them, one of the gleaming brass doors opened and a group of black-suited men all but marched out.

In the center, Mel was amiably chatting with a short individual wearing a business suit of dark grey with purple pinstripes. By the way both were smiling, it was clear that the meeting had gone well. Mila politely stopped to allow the party to pass her, but her boss spotted her. Flashing a hand adorned with multiple rings, she waved the younger woman closer. The circle of suits opened up as Mila walked towards them.

“This is Mila, one of my best graphic designers,” Mel announced, “Mila, these are the people you will be working with directly for their next campaign.” She nodded to the flamboyant individual. “This is David, and he will be your direct liaison. They want not only static ads but video spots as well.” Mel reached out and pulled a tall, slim figure closer.

“The entire campaign will be around this young man. Let me introduce you two. This is…”

“Kim Woo-bin!” Mila blurted, wide-eyed, recognizing the eyebrows of the man who was in almost every photograph taken of her favorite actor. Lee Jong-suk’s drinking buddy and best friend. But this solemn young man in a dark suit look nothing like the happy images she had in her fangirl files at home. Even so, she felt suddenly tongue-tied, and stumbled over her greeting.

Woobin was surprised. The woman in front of him was much shorter than his 188 cm, with short dark hair pulled back on one side with a blue hair clip. She gave a quick, startled glance at his face, then kept her head down. And although he was used to her behavior, especially in his line of work, her reaction seemed familiar on a visceral level. He wanted to see her face again.

The older woman chuckled, knocking him out of his scrutiny. “Yes, Mila. The one and only. We are going to be responsible for his next ad campaign. Or rather you will. This is going to be your baby to handle, and I have complete faith in your abilities.”

Mila glanced at her boss, at a loss for words as Mel nodded. “Yes, your first solo project. Of course, you still need to keep me abreast of everything, but you will helm it. Are you ready for it?” Mel’s twinkling eyes belied the serious question, and Mila used that to straighten up and pull out of her confusion. She nodded to the company executives.

“I am.”.

Mel clapped her hands. “Wonderful! Our next meeting is scheduled in two weeks?” David nodded.

“Agreed, Director Shuk. We will courier the product specs no later than Wednesday morning.” The man bowed. ”I look forward to working with you, Miss Mila.” As the group turned to go, Woobin leaned towards her, and in a low voice, said, “Please take care of me.” She looked back at his face as he gave a tiny smile and straightened back up. She could only nod as he turned with the rest of the suits and headed for the main office doors.

Mel blew out her breath.  “Those are some tough negotiators, but I think we still got the better end of the deal. Whether we win all the battles is up you, my dear. Oh, is that for me?”

Mila nodded and held up the bag and shook it a little. “Dakkochi. With hot sauce on the side. Just for you.”

“Thank you! I’m famished.” She opened the bag and pulled out a portion, taking a quick bite of the chicken. She sighed with pleasure. “I knew you were my favorite employee. At least this week.” She laughed again. “Come on upstairs and we’ll talk about the scope of your project.” They linked arms and headed for the elevators, the older woman waving the half-eaten skewer to punctuate her words.



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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. Weeee~ thanks Shuk!!!! I met him now ♥ And I see I recognized him too~ and he was so dreamy and everything~ I totally read his line with his voice and I did mlt a little. Woobie ♥ I’m gonna handle him, don’t worry. And now I can’t wait to see when Ara is gonna appear and how! Many things to look forward, including of course our second meeting !!! And my meeting with Jong Suk. Of course. How embarassing will I get? Now I’m gonna go and picture that litle smile Woobie gave me. *picturing* *blushing* *yay*

    Thanks Shuk!

  2. Verrrry nice!

  3. Oho~ Woobie is already interested in her. I wonder who’ll play the bitch second lead. Also, how about a new female friend for Mila as Jongsukie’s OTP? (I volunteer!) They can double date once Woobie starts courting Mila in earnest.

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