Sometimes Fate Plays Tricks – Chapter 4

“I’m telling you, Kira, it was crazy! I rarely meet anyone of importance at work; I usually just submit my artwork, and then see the finished product.” Mila was curled up on her pink chintz couch with her phone pressed against her ear. A half-eaten pizza was haphazardly propped atop a pile of magazines on the glass coffee table. She reached down for her orange juice glass, and her hand clipped a blue glass candy dish. A bit of juice sloshed on her sweatpants. “Rats! Hang on a moment, Kira. I have to put you on speaker phone.” She placed the phone on the kitchen countertop.

“Mila?” The tinny voice, “Everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine; I just spilled something. Anyway, how have you been?” Mila began rubbing the wet spot with a tea towel.

“My poor flatmate, all this weird Japanese food in our home. He claimed there were maggots in my salad in the refrigerator. I told him, nope, that’s tomorrow’s lunch and it’s fish. Last time he almost fainted because I made him try sea urchin.”

Mila giggled. “I’ve never tried urchin. What does it taste like?” She walked over to the laundry basket and tossed the towel inside before she picked up the phone again.

“Oh, it’s hard of hard to describe. A really fresh one is slightly sweet, sea-salty, and surprisingly firm.”

“You need to cook for me next time I’m there. I might throw up after trying it, especially if it feels like a fat particle.” Mila sat down and picked up her half-eaten pizza slice and looked at it for a moment before taking a bite. “Anything that feels squishy, soft, or tasteless, I get a gag reflex.”

“Hah! I’m not sure if I want to cook for you now. Anyway, the local store only carries frozen or paste, which is really only good enough for pasta. And you know I’m not a great cook, I just like to mess around in the kitchen. And if you come over, you are on cleanup duty.”
“Okay, although sometimes that’s more painful than the food experiments.” They made plans to meet the following weekend before she disconnected with her bestie.

Once she hung up with her best friend, Mila realized they hadn’t talked too much about her first solo project. Her encounter with Kim Woo-bin had rattled her that day. It had been just a brief moment, but she could still feel the effects.


Mila was curled up on her couch, underneath her favorite crocheted blanket; a deep blue, it was shaped like a mermaid’s tale, complete with fins. Her mother had made it for her, since “The Little Mermaid” was her favorite fairytale. Idly scrolling through various advertisements on her tablet, she thought about the conversation with her boss after her surprising revelation.

“I have complete confidence in your ability to handle this ad campaign, but do you have any reservations?” Mel’s mien was much more sober than her behavior in the hallway. Mila swallowed against a sudden-dry throat.

“Who will be my team members?” she asked. Her boss gave a negligent shrug.

“Whom do you want?”

Mila thought for a moment. “I would like Jun-se as my copy editor, and Director Lee as my DP. I think the three of us will work well together. As for the rest, we can decide as we go along.”

Mel nodded, breaking out in her signature smile. “Good. That’s a good start for this. I’ll send you the specs as soon as I receive it tomorrow. After that, we will set up a schedule of progress meetings. This is going to be fun, I think.” She clapped the young woman on the shoulder. I look forward to your creative ideas on marketing ramyun.”

Back in the present, Mila winced a little. Sure, she couldn’t expect one of the bigger advertising accounts, shopping centers or automobile dealerships, but ramyun? What exciting twist can anyone come up with, regarding that ubiquitous cheap food? Sure, she had eaten her share, first over a tiny burner in her gosiwon during her college years, and later as comfort food when watching her favorite dramas.

But Mel believed that a successful campaign would lead to more work from this company, including more lucrative and luxurious food products. Mila gave a big sigh, and decided to watch television instead. She stretched out to the coffee table and grabbed the remote, careful not to dislodge the blanket covering her now-warm legs. A few minutes later, she was happily yelling at the screen.

“Stop calling Gary names! Oh, man, not another stupid love line. Hey, catch him!!”

It was her favorite show. Mila mused that her current model had been on it a few times, including those memorable Australian episodes. She sat up for a moment, remembering. Kim Woo-bin in a kangaroo suit wearing sunglasses. Could this be a theme for the ad campaign? For a moment, she grinned at the picture of Kim Woo-bin in that bright yellow costume, but then shook the image out of her head. Instead, she focused on the different things he tried during the production: airplanes, ATV’s, beach driving, water events…

Soon her eyes were closed and she was peacefully sleeping, the light from the television tinting her face in an ever-changing moire of colors.


Kim Woo-bin was exercising on the treadmill in his house, the slap of his shoes a soothing cadence. He reached out for his water bottle and took a sip without stopping. Once his workout was complete, he planned to heat up some deokbukki that his mom had brought over for him and his roommate. Until then, he just stared out the window of his place, looking at the twinkling lights of the city sprawled below.

As the timer wound down, he thought over the day’s events. He still wondered about that sense of familiarity around the graphic designer who will be head of the advertising team for his new sponsor. Ramyun was his guilty pleasure, and he had always wanted to do a commercial; he bet he could eat over and over and still not get sick! Plus, it would different from his usual beer and soju ads.

Still, what was it? His musings continued until the treadmill beeped and slowed into cool-down mode. He wiped the sweat off his face and headed to the kitchen.

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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. It’s been a long time!! 😀

  2. What was Woobie’s state of (un)dress while exercising? Inquiring minds want to know. 😀

    • Hmm, should I elaborate on flowery yoga pants encasing those long long legs? LOL, just kidding. I mainly wanted to show that, at the end of the day, both of our leads are thinking about the other. 🙂

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