Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 15

Thanks everyone for your patience! I ended up doing several South Korea drama recapping projects for my collaborative website, as well as a few medical issues. But  here is the next episode!15 00

Episode 15

So what happened to our hero? We finally get a peek of Kamin as he tosses the grenade into an underwater concrete cistern and then desperately tries to swim away. Boom!

Poor Mattana. She’s screaming at the edge of the bank, when suddenly the black-suited rebels show up, scattering Wittoon’s soldiers. She takes the opportunity to dive into the water and look for him.

Weird, but she suddenly gets a vision of herself standing at the edge of a sunny meadow. She cries out for the Captain, and whirls around when she hears his voice. The two run together into an orbital hug, spinning and crying with relief.

She lovingly touches his face; he kisses her and ask for a promise to never forget him. Suddenly, he’s pulled away as if a rope is tied around his waist. She screams for him as he quickly disappears into the distance.

Mattana wakes up calling his name. She’s in a hospital bed, her mother anxiously hovering over her. She is back in Thailand, at a hospital in Bangkok. She has a sudden flashback, and desperately asks for Kamin. Mom tries to calm her down, but she wants to talk to Dad immediately.thai clipartBack in Raya, Tayvee is pacing, waiting to hear what the doctor has to say about her pregnant daughter. The queen shows up to comfort her; so does General Witoon. Crazy Eyes is lurking in the background, too. Even Prince Makey shows up. It’s like a tea party of nasty people.

The queen yells at her son for not telling anybody that he is the baby’s father. Makey has a sudden flashback of his arrow sinking into Hareutai’s hip.


Finally, the doctor walks down the stairs, nice a clean in his white wool suit. That belies the events upstairs: Hareutai is safe, but she’s lost her child.

The general immediately throws blame onto the Crown Prince, who is still in denial. He runs away to have a good cry in his bedroom. He begs Chawaan to say it wasn’t him who forced Haruetai, but his page knows that Makey has already realized the truth. He snarls at Chawaan to leave, and the man does. But not before telling the prince to stop doing stupid, wrong stuff. Cry, cry, cry, loser.thai clipartMattana is getting the full story from her parents. They believe the queen’s plan was to have them both, and Hayman, killed during the coup attempt. We get a flashback of the three of them. They were led to an open pit, and told the general wanted them to wait there “until they meet their daughter”. However, before they were shot, the rebels showed up and rescued them. Good old Ajarn!

Together with some soldier friends of her father, they went back to rescue her. But by the time they got there, the events by the lake had gone down. The consensus is that Kamin is dead, although they never find a body, or pieces of it.

Mattana is ready to go back to Raya and look for him, but Dad begs her not to throw her life away by returning. She also gets hit by the news that Mintra doublecrossed them all, and stayed in Raya as the queen’s favorite retainer. The three of them have a good cry.


When Mattana finally goes home, all she can do is look around and realize her life has changed forever. She spends her time remembering her interactions with Kamin at her house, still bereft. One night, she tries to play the Rayan lullaby on the piano but ends up breaking down in tears.

Finally, she decides to leave the city and head up to the mountains northeast of Bangkok. However, while leaving, she abruptly decides that the waves and soothing wind sounds of the islands would be a better choice. So, impulsively, she turns around and heads south.

Dad is talking to Hayman. He has been consulting with American physicians about someone. Dad thanks the young man for handling things; in return, he offers the information that his daughter is seeking solace and will be incommunicado for a while.


And at the edge of a lone island, Mattana gets dropped off. Do her parents own it? I want parents like that! She smiles as she recognizes a gnarled tree stump. Hidden inside a tree stump is a “time capsule” of childhood drawings. She smiles in nostalgia, realizing too late that the boat has taken off. She runs back to the beach and yells for it to return.

“Who is here?” She hears an authoritative male voice behind her. A split second later, she recognizes it. She turns in disbelief and wonders if she is hallucinating.

Kamin is there, holding a stick. He asks if she is his new caretaker, Lychee. Oh no, he’s blind and clearly cannot see the familiar woman in front of him. She realizes it too.


A short time later, they are in the bungalow. He lays downs some rules for his new assistant: don’t move anything, don’t be messy, and don’t go inside his room. She’s still still shocked, but manages to choke out a response, trying to disguise her voice.

Blind Kamin wonders aloud why Khun Thammarat sent somebody to help him, thinking that he needs a cook and assistant. Mattana is surprised – her father is responsible for secreting this man to their island? Kamin heads off to rest, leaving her to assimilate everything she’s learned.thai clipartThe Stupid Prince calls for Chawaan, but a guard reminds him that he kicked him out of the palace already. He flashes back to a time where Chawaan was on the torture rack. His mother had accused the page of spying for Kamin and attempting a coup. Chawaan admits to helping Kamin prove his innocence but that his loyalties have always been with Prince Makey. He gets punched and whipped for this statement.

King Inthra is still immobilized. The queen has gone creepy mad, gloating over his helplessness and the ‘death’ of Kamin. She force-feeds his daily poison just as Makey arrives. He pulls it out of her hands, knowing that she is poisoning his father. She chases after him, and finally confesses that all the bad things she laid on Kamin’s door was actually all her doing.


She tearfully states she did it all for him, to secure his position on the throne and keep it away from Kamin. She doesn’t admit that the older man is his half-brother, just reiterates that Kamin wanted to rule and was working to gain his father’s affections. She begs him to call in soldiers and arrest her if he thinks she’s wrong. He looks at her for a moment and runs away.thai clipartMattana is making herself comfortable in her room. She unpacks her things and is just about done when a young woman walks through the door. It’s the real Lychee! A short time later, Lychee is skipping home with a wad of cash in her hands.

Mattana has heated up some instant ramyun for dinner. Meanwhile, Kamin is calling for her at the edge of the shoreline. She runs up behind him and touches his arm. He swings at her and she ducks. Don’t sneak up on a blind man in the surf MattaLychee!


He’s grumpy because there was no food set up in the dining room. But MattaLychee smiles and leads him to an outdoor table. This makes him grumpier, but she fake-cries and he gives in to her. She nearly slips up when she mentions how skinny he is now than before, but excuses her mistake by saying she’s seen a photograph. In fact, she messes up several times, but in the end, he agrees to eat with her on the outside table.

She offers to feed him, but he doesn’t want that. Just in case he ends up blind forever. Aww. She silently cries as she watches his clumsiness.thai clipartPrince Makey is visiting the Prattana Monastery, and sees Hareutai at a distance carrying something. He starts to sprint when he realizes it’s a knife, finally yanking the weapon out of her hand. But she wasn’t going to commit suicide, she was going to bury pink baby things into the sacred ground. They won’t be used anymore, and this way the spirits of the temple will protect the spirit of her child. Overcome with emotion, he decides to help. She just looks on coldly, the scaredy-cat girl no longer.

When it’s complete, she stands up to leave, but Makey breaks down, apologizes, and begs her to revenge on him for his actions against her. Instead, she thanks him for removing her child from the cruelness of the world.


At that, he collapses in utter despair, so much so that Hareutai can’t help but respond.

Crazy Eyes Mintra shows up with flowers to “accidentally” bump into the prince, but sees the pair sobbing in each other’s arms. She storms over to break them apart. Hareutai takes it with grace, and walks away. Mintra tries to poison’s Makey’s mind, but he now knows her for the snake she is. He leaves, but you know she won’t let a little setback ruin her plans to become queen.thai clipartAfter lunch, Kamin and MattaLychee take a walk along the beach. Kamin is ready for a nap, but she wants him to exercise and keep healthy. His blindness shouldn’t make him give up; after all, there were people living well who are missing arms and legs. He takes the conversation to heart, but then gets distracted by a crab. He kneels in the sand to search it out, but it had already fled.

Kamin turns pensive, and she encourages him to talk out loud. After a pause Kamin starts talking. His country is landlocked and mountainous. But he met a woman from a coastal country, one who showed him his first ocean, and chased crabs with him on a beach. But now he is at the beach and can hear the waves and sense the crabs, but it’s all in darkness.


She gets an idea, and creates a sand crab sculpture for him to touch. Aww. However, during this cute scene, he muses that both her voice and her perfume seems familiar. Backpedal, Mattana!

They continue to talk. Kamin feels homesick but figures he can never return to his birth country. They both get a little sad thinking about it.thai clipart

At the rebel camp, they are furiously training for the up and coming battles to take back their homeland. Both men and women are straining to learn unfamiliar weapons. Sinthorn pushes them, despite their exhaustion. Ajarn suggests they give the troops a rest and do some planning instead.

Akanee is wolfing down porridge while Mali looks on, amazed at this traitor’s appetite. Apparently, he’s broken dishes and generally proved his clumsiness to everyone. And has amnesia. But he still has some usefulness as a hostage.

In fact, Asit is upset that his son is missing and Witoon isn’t doing anything about it. The general distracts him by announcing that concessions to collect and sell the black gems of Raya have been granted to him alone.thai clipartKamin has just finished his shower; while he finishes drying, he hears his assistant singing in her shower. Wait, is that the Rayan lullaby he hears? He knocks on her bathroom door yelling to know who is in there. She opens the door glad only in a towel. He grabs her shoulder and demands to know where she learned the song. Her towel slips off, she screams and shoves him away before slamming the door shut. Kamin ends up hitting his sensitive parts against a sideboard.


When she comes back out, now clad in a bathrobe, he still wants to know where she learned that Rayan folk song. MattaLychee sings something different to throw Kamin off. Later after tucking him in for the night, she spends some time staring at his sleeping figure. She kisses his forehead before settling down into a chair to stare some more.

The next morning, Mattana and Lychee are talking when Kamin comes out of the bungalow, calling for Chu (Lychee’s brother). The young man has made a fishing spear for Kamin, who heads out to catch dinner. MattaLychee wonders aloud why his attitude is different today.


He agrees with their conversation yesterday; he shouldn’t feel depressed because he still has use of all his limbs and most of his senses. She’s happy and together they manage to spear a few fish. Afterwards he talks about his first time diving the seas around Thailand, not to look at things but to get involved in a competition. He was diving against a cute and fiery woman, who was both adorable and the biggest cheater in the world. Hah!

He decides to start exercising and working on his perception senses, in case he needs to fight his enemies. MattaLychee promises to help. We see the two of them tandem scuba diving.thai clipartHareutai is shocked that her callous mother is insisting that she immediately sleep with Prince Makey and get pregnant again. After all, her daughter is already ruined, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

But she has had enough. She will not fall into her mother’s schemes; in fact, she plans to be ordained and enter religious life. Mom yells at her retreating back to rethink that and become Queen instead.


The young woman heads back to her room. She removes her headdress and prepares to cut her hair off. Bulan bursts into the room and snatches the scissors. She had overheard the conversation between Hareutai and Tayvee, and decides to intervene and ask the younger woman to help set the government right.

Witoon and wife are arguing about their daughter. He is ready to turn her out, but suddenly Hareutai rushes in and wai’s her father. She apologizes for her previous statements and promises to follow everything he wants. Now both father and mother are happy. So is Bulan, who now has another co-conspirator.thai clipartIt’s nighttime on the island and our cute couple is sharing smiles and fish under the stars. He thanks her for bringing back laughter into his life. While reaching for a piece of fish, he pricks himself on a fin. She decides to go ahead and pull it apart for him, feeding him bits of tasty flesh with her fingers. Kamin grabs her hand to steady it, and a frown crosses his brow.



We finally get some cute interaction between our couple. It’s clear that, despite the loss of his eyesight, Kamin’s heart is still very much attuned to Mattana. Of course, he has always put his country before his love, so I don’t know if that will change in the future. I doubt it though.

Crown Prince Makey and Hareutai have both gotten their lives knocked out from under them. She, who was such a timid person, has come through this episodes as tempered steel. Makey, on the other hand, has lost a great deal of his arrogance, even if he is still a spineless creature. I think he will gravitate to Hareutai as a female who isn’t his mother but someone he can lean on. I don’t think he will ever be able to stand on his own, sadly.

The direction of Raya is still uncertain. General Witoon does not command complete control of the country, but his access to the Queen and Prince does gain him a lot of power. The rebels are determined but probably outnumbered.  How will this end?



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  1. Crazy eyes will always play a “crazy eyes” character, won’t she. How can she not with that ability to bug out her eyes like that?

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