Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 18

Queen Savitri strides towards a white van, with a doctor, a princess, and a…corpse? She announces to the guard that her courtier died of a contagious disease and they are taking the body for examination. Naturally, we know it’s the king.

18 25

Inside the van, the monarchs snuggle as Sinthorn speeds through the night. He shares a grin with Haruetai, his heart in his eyes.

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After an uneventful flight to the border, Mattana meets with an employee and signs for an company SUV. The guy wonders who the handsome guy by her side is, since she’s rumored to marry the Crown Prince of Raya. She deflects the questions. Kamin stays mute.

In the vehicle, our boy is still grumbling about her crossing to Raya. He wonders if she is just kidnapping him for an illicit vacation, but she just rolls her eyes. From her point of view, they need to stay together so she can protect him during this time of turmoil.

18 07

About this time, he gets a stomach cramp, and she quickly finds a nearby hotel for him to do his business. Come on, Mattana, it’s a ruse! Don’t you watch lakorns??

Ha ha. She realizes he’s probably gonna try and knock her out, steal the keys and go on his own. So she waits by the truck. But wait… maybe he’s planning to sneak away right now and cross the border on foot?

She runs towards towards the bathrooms, but before she can get there, Kamin grabs her from behind and easily subdues her. In a short time, she’s tied to a bench, and gagged. He apologizes and takes off in her now-stolen Ford, after a whispered goodbye.

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In Raya, the four escapees meet up with Tagoon and the villagers. Savitri plans to return to the palace to protect Makey and the throne. Everybody wishes everyone luck.

But luck is not on their side. They are surrounded by Witoon’s goons. Haruetai tries to reason with her father, but gets slapped to the forest floor for her pains. Savitri tries to order him to stand down, but that has no affect on her power-mad brother.

18 06

Suddenly both sides are firing weapons. They are literally yards away from each other, but the Rayan guards can’t seem to capture the slowly-moving rebels. The villagers form a vanguard to stop the forces and allow the king to escape, but they are finally surrounded (again), still in Raya.

Witoony-Loony is ready to shoot everyone to gain the throne. He shoots at the queen, but Inthra takes the bullet for her. Haruetai tries to grab the gun out of her father’s hand. It looks bad for the good guys!

A bullet rings out from the trees, and the general goes down with a shoulder wound. It’s Kamin! He single-handedly routs the Rayan forces, and the king escapes to Thailand. Savtri stays behind to try and protect her son.

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Mattana is seething at the compound, wishing all manner of parasites on her lover’s body, when he suddenly appears again! She’s ready to kill him, but she’s not ready to jeopardized the injured king.

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In Raya, Mercenary Leader Atit is mad that there’s no one to sign the gem-mining concession for him. Witoon soothes him that the throne won’t be empty for long. Just then, Makey arrives puzzled by the amount of guards everywhere.

The general smoothly twists the facts. Poor little Haruetai was tricked by those evil rebel forces into stealing the king. Luckily the queen is still with them. Kamin is the ringleader! He wants the throne! He wants the power!

18 08

Makey, you are such an puppet. The prince agrees to signing an extradition order for Kamin to demand his return back to the country. Witoon promises he will find the “usurper” and bring back his body. Makey demands that Kamin be alive to he can see his face and interrogate him.

Once he leaves, though, Witoon sneers at the young noble for his cowardice, in not being bloodthirsty enough.

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In Thailand, Sinthorn’s bullet wound to his leg is treated. We find that Kamin donated blood for King Inthra’s emergency surgery. How lucky they are the same blood type!

Hayman has good news; the king is safe and awake, and is requesting Kamin’s presence. Inside the hospital room, he kneels and begs forgiveness for leaving the king’s side. Nah, the king just wants to touch his son and thank him. He tells the young man that Fate can be kind, too, and now he will have the chance to tell him all the things in Inthra’s heart.

Kamin is a little stunned at the soft intimacy of the king. Mattana’s dad has made some arrangements for Inthra and Kamin to meet someone important.

At Promthep House, Mattana and Haruetai are playing dressup. They both feel bad for their past mistakes, but sometimes duty and heart clash. Mattana plans to drive to the hospital to check on everyone, just as Mom comes into her bedroom.

Mom tells her to sit tight and not do anything. The trouble she’s caused this time is big-big. She should never have helped Kamin; after all, the king is like every Rayan citizen who doesn’t want anything to happen to the Crown Prince.

Mattana is puzzled; they were talking about Kamin, not Makey. Well, I guess it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. In front of the two incredulous young women, Manavika reveals the secret we all know. Kamin is the first-born son of King Inthra of Raya, and therefore is the Crown Prince of the Realm.


The entire entourage ends up going to the Promthep’s personal island, where Kamin stayed. Well, at least King Inthra, Kamin, Thammarat, Hayman, and a few black-suited bodyguards. They approach the now-gleaming black tombstone on the mountain. Kamin is surprised that his father’s friend is buried here.  Everyone backs away from the grave except for Kamin and Inthra.

Once they are alone, he hands a flower bouquet to the young man and tells him to pay respects to his…mother. Kamin is stunned as the king continues. His mother is in fact a Thai citizen.

18 01

At the house, Mom shares pics of Kamin’s mother with the girls. She relates the entire story as she knows it. Haruetai wondered about the story she was told, that Kamin’s mother was some sort of dancer.

On the island, Inthra admits that the “dancer” story was created by him, to hide Kamin’s identity and keep him safe. Mattana’s dad gives Kamin a photograph of the two of them. Through tears, Kamin realizes she is the pretty woman he dreams about. Gently, he tucks her picture into his jacket.

Kamin then asks the king a question. Since he knew Kamin’s mother, does he know his father as well? Is he dead?

Well…not quite. Inthra slumps a little in his wheelchair. In a slowly measured voice, he breathes that Kamin’s father is a Rayan citizen, and is alive. In fact, he’s the frail guy in front of him. It is a charged moment between father and son. Kamin can barely breathe as he takes in the words. He drops to his hands as Thammarat softly explains his early years with them in Thailand.

The King requests some privacy, and everyone moves down the mountain.  Inthra knows that it’s hard for his oldest son to understand, and he can only apologize. Kamin wonders why all this happened; his dad says it was up to Destiny, and relates his college experiences via flashbacks: meeting Kamin’s mother, their subsequent growing romance even though she was Thai middle class.

18 10

They pledged their troth in a temple, but then he was ordered back to Raya and she was pregnant and abandoned in Thailand. He married a Rayan woman of royal blood that his mother picked out for him when he assumed the throne. He never saw her again.

Prattana died when Kamin was a toddler, and Mattana’s dad sent the boy to Raya, where the king arranged a backstory and a foster family for the little “orphan”. These past twenty years he has lived with the burden of the secrets while watching Kamin grow up,

Kamin says he won’t accept the king’s apology. There’s nothing to be sorry for, since his father gave him live, and a home. He’s not even mad about the revelations he has learned.  The king finally beams a bright smile, but it quickly turns into a grimace of pain. He clutches his chest as he begs Kamin to call him “father” just once.

They both hug each other with tears in their eyes.  The king has always wanted to hug his son, and he regrets that he never could until now. Kamin tells his father it’s okay.  The king pulls away for a moment.  The fate of Raya now rests with his beloved eldest, and he is confident his son can wrest the country away from General Witoon.

Kamin promises he will use every drop of his blood to promise that he will return Raya to his father.  But the king tells him to give it back to the citizens and peoples of their country.  Through his tears, Inthra tells his late wife that they have a very brave and beautiful son.18 09

Suddenly the king’s breathing becomes labored. He sees a glowing apparition. It’s Prattana arriving to take him away. He smiles through his chest pain that he will never be separated from her again. And with one last smile, he collapses into Kamin’s embrace.  His father is gone, and Raya no longer has a king.

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In Raya, Savitri is now in the very bed that the king escaped from. Are they drugging her like she did to her husband? I don’t know. Makey is there, though; he hold her hand for a moment before tucking the blankets around the sleeping woman.

Once he leaves, he tells his footmen to prepare his horse for a ride, but there equine thievery. Suthep has decided to ride that animal, and since he is now the captain of the guards, all transportation modes including horses, are under his purview.

18 11

Makey tells his guards to challenge this guy, but  he beats them all handily and struts away. At least he tries. A coconut filled with manure and hanging from the ceiling suddenly opens up and dumps all over Suthep.  Who swears and stomps away, covered in brown smelly goo.  Makey spots a familiar figure – is that his old chamberlain?  He calls out  Chawaan’s name, but the man doesn’t stop.  The prince chases him down.

Chawaan is very formal with his charge, afraid of his anger.  Makey offers to take him back into the palace circle, but Chawaan says he is not the person the prince should count on.

18 12

From Makey’s point of view, though, Kamin is a usurper who kidnapped the king. Even without proof, he believes the people that told him his former captain is evil. He wants someone he can talk to and trust. Chawaan cautiously mentions Hareutai; she will be a good confidant for the prince. After all, she has declared herself an enemy of her father. With that, Chawaan slips away, leaving Makey something to think about.

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A prayer table has been set up for King Inthra of Raya. The gang is there to lay garlands for the king. Mattana wants to be near her love, but sees Hareutai by his side holding his hand. She presents her garland to his portrait , and wishes him peace. One by one, the Promthep household and the Rayan ex-patriots pays their respects, until Kamin is left.

18 13

Once they are all finished, Kamin convenes a war council of everyone, including Hareutai but excluding Mattana.

Poor girl, she is left crying her heart out in her bedroom, but she can’t seem to stop the tears no matter how hard she tries. Going onto her balcony, she tries some yoga positions to calm her heart, but a splash below breaks her concentration.

It’s Kamin, swimming laps. In his mind he goes over the martial arts that Ajarn had taught him as a young boy.  Ajarn whacks him with a switch a few times on the back of the leg. Later on, the young Kamin is practicing alone when his injuries cause him to stumble.

18 23

Unbeknownst to him, the King had been secretly watching him, and rushes to his aid.  Inthra applies ointment to his legs, and is delighted that Kamin want to work hard to become a royal bodyguard. He tell the youngster to always strengthen his weaknesses, and use discouragement as an opportunity to do better in the future.

As he continues his laps, we get more flashbacks. A time where Makey got stung by bees while playing a tree. Kamin got stung protecting the prince and ended up with a fever. That time King Inthra visited him and comforted him.

His reflections done,  Kamin climbs out of the pool and collapses on the edge to catch his breath.

Mattana, now outside, snidely comments that the Heir Apparent should have swam all the stressors out of his life by now. He formally apologizes for disrupting his sleep. She wonders if he is too manly to cry; after all, he just found and then lost his father.

To Kamin, crying is a weakness and a waste of time; he must focus on saving his country.  She chides that crying isn’t a weakness, but a way of stitching our hearts back together. They stare at each other for a moment, until he walks away.

18 14

Suddenly, there’s a big splash, and Kamin turns around to find Mattana at the bottom of the pool. He stares at the water for the moment before realizing she wasn’t moving.

He jumps in and pulls her upright as the pool isn’t even deep enough for an adult to drown. He gives her shoulders a little shake and asks why she did this. She jumped in so he couldn’t see her cry. He looks at her like she’s crazy.

She is serious, though. She wants him to let out all the sadness in his heart so he can carry on and focus on his next big task. He just stares at her, unmoving. After a moment, she gives up. If the prince doesn’t want her to meddle, then she won’t.

18 15

Mattana sadly turns to head out of the pool, but in a hoarse voice he calls her name and envelopes her in a big back hug. She stays quietly comforting as he cries his heart out.

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In Raya, Prince Makey isn’t sad; he is upset that Mintra has ordered that no one have contact with the queen. Just as he’s getting ready to throw a tantrum, she shows up, polite and shy. Blech.

She doesn’t want His Highness to see what state Her Highness is in. Makey pushes past her, and we get a flash of her Grin Of Insanity.

It appears her brain has snapped. Or has she been drugged? She rambles that the King must return to Raya and that Mintra is an evil biatch. Both of which are true, except then she curls up in a little scared ball on the floor. Yep, I am thinking they’ve given her psychotrophic drugs.

Mintra has an answer, of course. Queen Savitri has behaved like this since Good General Witoon brought her back. She also constantly talks about Kamin grabbing the throne. To prove her craziness, Mintra triggers the older woman into another freak-out session, then sneers at the Royal Pair as she leaves the room. Makey ends up fiercely hugging his mother as she begs him over and over to help his father.

Witoon is prepared to answer questions about his sister. She is emotionally distraught over the King’s kidnapping by Kamin, and the only solution is for the Prince to ascend the throne.

But he is really reluctant to do so, since the king is still alive, even though he is out of the country. The general is smooth, though. What would happen if his father establishes a government in exile and becomes Kamin’s puppet? Makey laughs it off. How can a mere guard rule a county? General Witoon decides this is a good time to play that trump card…

A short time later, he strides out of the house. Mintra tries to engage him in conversation, but he pretty much pushes her aside and walks away. She runs to the general, but he’s not telling her anything. Instead, he gives her a packet of drugs, and reminds her to keep the queen occupied.

Mintra looks all innocent and sad. Her loyalty will ever be with Prince Makey, in spite of him discarding her after…after…she gets all fake-weepy as Witoon asks her what happen between her and the prince.

Soon, Mintra is back in the queen’s chambers, with her maniacal smile in place, and a glass of poison in the other. Savitri opens her eyes and sees the younger woman. We get a flashback to the first time the queen was drugged. This time she tries to fight, but in her weakened state she’s no match for Mintra, who easily overpowers her and gives her the drugs. thai clipart

Mattana is carefully stringing merit garlands in gazebo behind her house. Her mother is impressed with her handiwork. She comments on a particularly pretty one her daughter made.

Of course they are for Kamin, but when Mattana tracks him down, Haruetai has already given him exquisite garlands of her own making. Mattana stays in the shadows and watches the couple playfully banter back and forth. Her mother catches her crying as turns and heads back to her bedroom.

18 20

In her room, Mattana lays out them out on her bed. Mom comes in and gives her comfort. Sometimes humans have to accept that their love will never be reciprocated, but we should be happy that the person we love is happy. That brings a freshet of tears from the young woman.

Outside in the garden, Haruetai tries to give Kamin his marriage earring back, so he can choose another. Maybe the one in his heart…? Kamin chuckles sadly. Since Mattana is still afianced to the official Crown Prince of Raya, what can he do about it?

Haruetai tries to argue that she doesn’t love Prince Makey, since s?he was forced from the beginning and was already in love with him. Kamin brushes off her concerns. The throne is more important than any of his personal issues. He asks her to keep the earring until he is ready. Um, Kamin, don’t you just have to pop it back into the hole in your left ear?

18 21

Sinthorn shows up to escort the Elder Prince to another war council. Raya official news outlets have announced that Good King Inthra has been kidnapped to Thailand by rebel forces, and have requested extradition for Kamin. Hotheaded Sinthorn wants to expose Kamin’s birthright and General Witoon’s evil, but Kamin is worried it will divide the country and allow the farang mercenaries to dig in deeper.

What about the king’s death? Our former captain of the guards thinks that should be kept quiet for as long as possible while they set up guerilla tactics for the upcoming battle.

thai clipart

Weakling Prince Makey is in his apartment, thunderstruck over the revelation that Kamin is his half-brother. And that his father favors his older son, and probably went willingly to Thailand so that the Elder Prince can establish a direct line to the throne over him.

18 22

He vows that it won’t happen, and that he will take everything back.


We are almost to the end, and Makey still can’t figure out who is on his side and who is a manipulative little sh**. But he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.  I wonder, though, if Hareutai was there, would he listen to her advice over his uncle?

The next episode should have plenty of action as a group of village rebels go against five mercenaries and a twisted General for the ownership of the country. Hopefully, though, there will be a few cute scenes in between battles. Wartime romance for the win!

18 24


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