Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 19

Do we have our happy ending? Will we have a happy ending?  Will Kamin ever be shirtless again? Read on!

19 1

We are back in the War Room in Thailand. After discussing the options for taking back Raya, Kamin is adamant that the primary impetus be the villagers and citizens of the country, and not just hired troops from Thailand.

But if it just a few countrymen, there won’t be enough troops. But maybe the mercenary leader’s son can be used to reduce his father’s effectiveness by making him hostage.

And it just so happens that Akanee has regain most of his memories while in hospital. He admits to Mali that he has been a jerk and a bad guy for a long time, but now he wants to be on the side of Good. He doesn’t want to remember the past, but only step forward with her by his side.

Mali is straightforward; unless they can deal with Daddy’s troops, there’s no future. So in a matter of moments, the two of them overpower the merc guards in front of his hospital room, and they make an escape.

Kamin and Sinthorn find out from the hospital receptionist just as the two injured goons hobble by. Our boys beat them up a little, then offer them money to squeal.

So with Akanee and Mali more than likely heading for the border, they can no longer use the hostage ploy in Raya. Hayman brings bad news; the Thai government has been informed of an imminent coronation ceremony in Raya. Mattana sneaks up to the doors and listens as Hayman relays the news.

It’s time to mount up and head out to Raya immediately! The gang moves too quickly for Mattana to escape, so she pretends a phone call while Kamin dismisses everyone.

19 04

Kamin plucks her phone out of her hand and calls her bluff. But he won’t beat around the bush. Did she hear what happened when she eavesdropped?

She’s saved from answering when a couple of servants walk by, chattering about some beautiful garlands they found in the trash that were supposed to be given to the prince. Kamin asks for them while Mattana frantically tries to ward them off. Our prince asks Mattana why she threw them away, and she replies in a low voice that he had already received better ones from someone who is more skillful.

He is curious; is she mad at him because of Hareutai? She smiles ruefully. How can she be mad when her abilities are not as good. He stares intently, and in a soft warm voice, says the value of the heart is just as important.

She turns to leave, but halts when he takes her hand and starts rubbing it with his thumb. He sincerely thanks her for all she has done, and hopes that he may have a chance to return some day. She has complete faith that his efforts is his country will be successful, and leaves with a formal bow. His eyes follow her as he grips the two garlands to his heart.

The next morning Kamin heads out, with his Rayan contingent. The elder Promtheps see him off and wish him luck and support, but Mattana is nowhere to be found. After a final glance at the house, he climbs into the SUV and leaves.

Mattana is watching from her window as the vehicle drives away. She sniffs back her tears one more time, then starts her plan.

thai clipart

Stupid Prince Makey is enjoying a flower-scented bath (I suddenly realize the tile work looks like giraffe skin). He calls for his servant to shave him, but the hands caressing foam into his untried cheeks clearly look like they belong to a madwoman. Yep! Mintra is there to Seduce By Schick.


He tries to order her away, but clearly lacks authority and clothes. She goads him that he still loves Mattana, and the only way to prove otherwise would be to sleep her crazy self. It works. Like I said, stupid.

Tayvee is upset about the situation and complains to her husband. Their daughter is the rightful Phrachaya to Prince Makey, not this Thai temptress! But General Witoon doesn’t have a traitorous, disloyal daughter anymore. He chases her away, but once she leaves, Suthep grouses that his boss should step over the prince and just ascend the throne.

It’s all the younger man’s fault, according to the general. If he hadn’t thrown his weight around the ranks, the soldiers would support him as leader. As it is, there is not enough of a loyal base to wrest the throne away from the Crown Prince. He warns him not to muck about and reduce his power even more.

Merc Dad is upset that his son disappeared from hospital, and taking it out on nearly the only mercenary he has left. Wah-wah-wah.

thai clipart

Our mismatched lovebirds are at a local airport trying to hire a flight back to Raya. But the desk clerk is not intimidated by Akanee’s threats or cajoling. Mali warns him to dial back his attitude, and he resorts to begging instead.

19 08

Still, it looks like there’s no transportation until a short figure in a pilot’s helmet shows up. It’s Mattana, and she’s dressed for flight. Yay! Soon the scooby gang of villagers will be together again.

thai clipart

In Raya, Hot Prince Kamin is paying respects to Ajarn, at his grave by the lake. He apologizes for not protecting the man or the country, but promises his sacrifice was not in vain.

19 09

Kamin rallies the villagers, but skirts the fact that the king is dead. He does state King Inthra will soon be on Rayan soil again. They settle down for a briefing of the current events in the country. Kamin starts organizing everyone, to collect supplies and train for warfare. Hareutai also offers to help, but gets a cold eye from the women.

thai clipart

Mattana’s parents just discovered she is missing. It turns out she left a video note, stating that she must help put to rights the turmoil in their neighboring country, because part of it was her fault. It was her own selfishness that nearly caused the Heir Apparent his life. And she must take responsibility to return that person back to this place, as part of her love for him. Her parents act like they didn’t know she loved the guy. Come on, it’s not that big a surprise, is it?

19 10

Our girl is driving the heck out of a truck. Mali is holding up pretty well, but Akanee is a little green around the gills. They stop right at the border, so he can throw up and they can come up with a plan.

Mattana’s idea is to just storm right into the palace, but we don’t hear the plan…

thai clipart

And here we are, back in Raya. Merc Leader Atit challenges this cool guy sitting on top of a truck. But hey! It’s Akanee! All grown up and healthy again. Dad rejoices.

Akanee apologizes for any wrong he has done, and offers his father a prize. A moment later, he drags a bound Mattana and Mali out of the truck. One is an enemy, one is a plaything. Dad is suitably impressed, but is also ready to kill Mattana. Akanee stops him in time, stating it’s best to turn her over to the prince.

When MercDad shows up at the palace, Mintra tries to play her role as the Prince’s bodyguard. But ultimately Akanee, Makey, Mintra, Atit, and a sheet-covered Mattana are in the same room. There’s startled eyes everywhere. Mintra calls for guards to drag her off to Witoon, but the Prince stops her.

Makey orders everyone out of the room except for Mattana. Once the room is empty, he straightforwardly asks what she really wants. She says it’s about Kamin, and tries to explain that he’s not the enemy.  His uncle, General Witoon is the actual usurper of the throne. Kamin would never hurt his younger brother, and does not have any ambition for the throne.

Baby Prince Makey just sneers. He knows in his whiny little heart that his father conspired with Kamin to steal the throne from him. She tries again. His father was attacked by the general, and she will help him if he just promises to be on the side of Good.

Before he can reply, Witoon shows up, with Crazy Mintra and the mercenaries trailing behind. He is ready to send Mattana to the dungeon and get out the Red Arrow Execution Platform, but Akanee quickly convinces the Prince that’s she is better kept as a hostage in case Kamin shows up. Makey decides to lock her up in the green room.

Kamin in no way looks suspicious dressed in black with a head scarf. They stroll the tiny village masrket. A bunch of greedy soldiers start shaking down the mnerchants for money. Our heros kick butt without revealing Kamin’s identity. Some punk little kid gets in the middle of the fray, and Kamin’s identity gets revealed. Sinthorn and Tagoon want to kill all the soldiers that are aware of his identity, but Kamin stops them. Oh, you are such a good-looking do-gooder, Kamin!

19 15

At the rebel base, things are not going well for Haruetai. She is getting snubbed and snarled at by all the woman, who see her as a traitor to the country and the daughter of the man who murdered their fellow villagers. She gets chased out under a hail of thrown vegetables.

Our rebel boys are returning back to the secret village. Sinthorn is worried that Kamin’s cover is now blown, but the former captain is happy about it. He can use the reactions of the common people to guage how they feel about the current government. Tagoon is already sure that everyone hates the current regime. They still have to take it easy, since the military forces are under control of General Witoon.

But don’t worry; he has a plan.

19 16

They arrive at the cooking area and Sinthorn immediately realizes that Haruetai is missing. Under some prodding, one of the women states she walked off into the woods. Sinthorn heads out while Kamin takes a phone call from Thailand.

It’s Mattana’s father. Surprise, Kamin! Your true love slipped over the border to help you. Meanwhile Hareutai is all weepy-eyed and lost in the forest, hearing imaginary tiger sounds. She and Sinthorn bump into each other, and he rightly guesses she was chased out. Haruetai stops him from heading back to yell at them. After all, she really is a traitor’s daughter.

Ah, but to Sinthorn, she is the sun and all he loves. Great time for a confession! Except she gently turns him down. They are better siblings than lovers. Friendzoned!!

19 17

He cries. No wait, it’s just some fake sunny-rain coming from who-knows-where. But he agrees, friendlove is the best there is. They look like they are going to break out into some so of musical number. LOL

Tagoon is already dressing down the women, and wants to punish them. Hareutai stops him, so Tagoon leaves them with a warning not to mess with Prince Kamin’s woman.

That night, Kamin sneaks into the Royal Compound, and makes his way to Akanee’s bedroom. Mali tells him that Mattana is in Prince Makey’s wing. Just then, the mercenaries pound on the door and drop in. MercDad is worried about his son and is happy he safe. I’m left wondering, isn’t one of the mercs behind him one that got his neck snapped on the island?[shrug]

Mattana is pacing around in that ugly green bedroom, thinking about CrazyEyes and how she turncoated to the usurper’s side. Oh look! Think about evil and it appears. Mattana runs into the bedroom and tries to stab Mattana. She fends the traitor off, but the cray-cray strength is hard to control. It seems part of her resentment is the fact that she played decoy when Mattana was first spirited to Raya.

Mintra plans to be queen; Mattana throws her against the wall and warns her she doesn’t have enough compassion to rule. Then it just becomes a girlfight. After a bit, Mattana is pinned to the bed, and Mintra is swinging her machete. Makey shows up and stops her in time, though.

He gives Crazy a roundhouse slap that drives her to the floor. Mintra snarls she was only protecting him from Kamin’s prostitute, but just orders her out of the room. The guards drag her away.

In the bedroom, it’s now peaceful, but not quiet. Makey tells Mattana that her execution is only postponed while she is bait for Kamin. She scoffs that his elder brother would never breach the palace walls for her.

Oh look, who breached the palace walls for her! Kamin is at the bedroom window, listening as Prince Makey manhandles Mattana to the bed. But with a few well-place words, she kills his ardor. She tells him Kamin wins if Makey takes his brother’s seconds. He slams her to the bed and storms away.

She gingerly sits up and pulls out a cell phone that is just tucked in her cloth belt. Wait, how did she get that after being taken prisoner? No matter, it’s Akanee, informing her that a certain Mr K is looking for a certain Ms Rose.

Before she can figure it out, the Crown Prince arrives in all his arrogant anger. Kamin right away berates her for walking into the lion’s den, but all she cares about is how he got into the palace. She knows that Witoon wants very much to capture him.

He yells further. This is war, not one of her extreme sports, and she needs to get out of there. She pushes back; yes she knows it’s dangerous, but she can take of herself.

Suddenly he turns and pins her to the bed! Yay! He gives her two options: leave the palace with him, or spend all night with him in the palace. I know which one I pick! Do I get a vote?

She struggles a bit, but she’s no match for his weight and strength. She tries to appeal to his “gentleman” side. However, from his point of view, all his risk to get there deserves a reward. Plus he is no longer Captain of the Royal Guards, and doesn’t need to be constrained by their rules. No he is a Prince and can conquer what he wants. And her insults and comments won’t faze him like they did for Prince Makey, either. And Haruetai understands, too. She finally gives in and he inches his lips closer and closer…

19 24

Riiiinnngg! Her stupid phone buzzes. It’s Akanee, worried that Kamin was there, and might have been picked up b CCTV. Mattana immediately hangs up and demands Kamin leave before he is seen or caught.

Even more importantly, she must stay and convince Makey that his brother is not a bad guy. And she needs to find out how the queen is doing to accomplish this. Besides, she has a plan. Now Kamin is all ears to hear it.

Back at the rebel village, everyone believes the prince has been captured, at least until he pulls up in an SUV. He apologizes for making everyone worry about him.

At the palace, CrazyEyes is skulking about the halls when she sees a bit of fluff leaving one of the rooms, counting money. Apparently Witoon likes to pay for play. Mintra goes into the room and offers her own…err…services. Wow, first Makey, then Witoon. I feel unclean writing this.

19 26

The next day, some of the villagers are laboring over the weakest-looking mine I have ever seen. They are being forced to dig for those valuable black gemstones in what looks like a pile of dirt.

Suddenly, the rebels appear with their guns a-blazing. In a matter of moments, the mercs scatter and disappear. Kamin pulls off his scarf and identifies himself. He promises to never cooperate with outsiders to pillage their lands. He wants everyone loyal to the crown to come with him and fight against the forces of evil. Every cheers and agrees. The battle is engaged!

Witoon is angry at this turn of events. Not only was that annoying man flitting about the palace, but now he has chased his allies out of the gem mining fields. The mercenaries show up, Suthep shows up, and it all devolves into playground name-calling.

Witoon goes back to his office for a moment of peace. Mintra shows up with tea and sympathy. She can help with his stress and with his need to destroy Kamin.

Her plan? Suthep randomly rounds up some villagers and announces he will publicly execute them. And keep doing this until they are dead, they tell him where the Rebel Prince is, or Kamin shows up. Worse, he announces that it’s Makey’s idea.

Makey is shocked to hear this. How can they just arbitrarily execute people? Witoon assures him that everyone picked is a rebel, and this is the easiest way to flush Kamin out.

Kamin doesn’t believe his younger brother would do that. Even so, they have to get Mattana out of the palace. Just then, Matt’s father shows up with his own set of commandos and weapons, ready to fight for his friend the King. He assures Kamin that his daughter can take care of herself, and not to worry that she will be safe.

Akanee gives Mattana an update; she is happy that there is infighting with the mercenaries and the royal forces. That can only work in their favor. As for the queen, she is being ‘treated’ by Witoon and not by the Royal Physician. Security may be tight, but they have to release Savitri so she can talk to her son.

Makey stomps into Mattana’s room, but she manages to hide the cellphone. He is all puffed up and orders her to accompany him tomorrow morning when he executes some rebel scum. She is sad that he has become so despotic as to kill his own peoples. He just walks away.

Uh oh. The general’s wife just discovered Mintra’s jewelry in her husband’s office. And currently husband and paramour are exchanging sweet nothings in a bedroom. Mintra tells Witoon that she would rather be with a big, strong guy like him, than with that weak, cuckholded prince.

Tayvee shows up, pulls Mintra away from the general, and slaps her. She accuses the younger woman of being man-crazy and wanting every p***s in the palace. But in a gentle voice, Mintra says she only wants the general’s d**k. Well, that starts a screaming hair-pulling session that ends when he drags his wife out of the room. Mintra laughs after they leave.

The married couple have a huge argument. She bites him; he slaps her. Tayvee screams that he’s a low class man who takes bribes and screws with prostitutes. He calls her brainless and has her dragged off to the dungeon on suspicion of poisoning the queen. She screams that his evilness would have caught up with him long before, if it wasn’t for her. He even has a son sired off a whore! Everything he has now is because of her! The general just shrugs and sends her off to prison.

Meanwhile, Savitri wakes up and sees a handsome, healthy king smiling at her. She kneels before him and begs for forgiveness. All her bad deeds were because of her envy and jealousy, until wrongs looked right.

19 33

King Inthra tells her to be strong and protect Raya and their son. He has faith that she can do it. He gradually fades away as she suddenly wakes up, clear-headed at last, but very very weak.

At the rebel village, everyone is busy getting ready for the big showdown. Sinthorn is still googly-eyed at Hareutai as she hands off some sweets. Kamin explains that each of the desserts has a special message hidden inside, to be distributed across the entire country.

“Today at noon, the moon will rise at the execution field.”

Matt’s Dad tries to contact her, but her phone is turned off. Kamin has a flashback to their time in the horrible green bedroom.

Mattana planned to get the queen to safety, if she runs into danger. Kamin is ready to carry her out anyway, but instead makes her give a royal promise to not do anything until he comes and gets her at noon. He hugs her acquiescence, and gives her a peck on the cheek before leaving.

Now back in real time, he wonders out loud if she going against his wishes.

Mattana is in the bedroom, sitting down with her meal. Suddenly she starts gasping and choking. The servant tells the guard to run for help. Once the guard leaves, however, Mattana quickly knocks out the servant and takes her red uniform.

She leaves a phone message for Akanee to meet her by the queen’s chambers. Dressed and walking appropriately, none of the rest of the guards notice her.

Outside, Akanee “forces” Mali to carry suitcases to his SUV. He told the mercenaries that he was going to inspect the mine, but MercDad knows that today is Execution Day in the village square. One of his henchmen pulls him away to watch a security video.

The queen has managed to drag herself outside, but she is still weak. She hears a noise, and swings an umbrella at a figure in red. It’s Mattana! The young woman is surprised that the queen even has this much awareness. She bundles up Savitri for their escape.

I don’t know how many of Kamin’s desserts were distributed ‘throughout Raya’, but there are at least twenty who show up, not including the ten who are trussed up.

Prince Makey arrives and is shocked that these so-called traitors are the elderly and women. General Witoon is confident that he has caught crooks that just won’t confess, and they have to be punished no matter what.

Makey says no, due process must be done and the charges must be investigated. Nope, says Witoon, people will die now. And YOU, dear prince, have already given the official “okay”.

Mattana and Savitri have made it to the back garden. There is just a short run across open ground to the gate, where freedom waits behind. Mattana uses a ruse to lead the guards away. The queen starts stumbling towards the gate. One guard shows up, but Mattana beats him up. Unfortunately, Mad Mintra was just behind him, and she manages to capture Mattana.

At the execution field, the first victim is chosen. Suthep pontificates on the importance of loyalty and the price of sedition. The executioner readies a bow while the victim’s little girl clings to her leg and cries. Makey just stands there like a lump of uselessness.

With a “tang”, the bow releases. But before the arrow reaches it’s target, a shiriken flies out of a dark figure’s hand and deflects its path. It’s Kamin!

19 41


One more episode to go, and the world will once again be saved! There is still a lot of loose ends to tie up. Haruetai for instance. Will she go with Sinthorn, who clearly adores her? Or that baby-boy Princelet Makey? He of the bad teeth and useless commands?

And we all know that most bad people in lakorns get the big change of heart / happy ending. But I really really want to see Witoon dead. And I wouldn’t cry too much if the queen met a Truck of Doom the hard way, either.

Still, it’s all about Mattana and her Kamin. Who seems to have finally gotten that stick of propriety out of his butt.  I’m glad he’s much more playful. I hope this means he doesn’t go back to the by-the-rules straitlaced guard and can follow his own heart. But I guess if you are the eldest son of a king, your word is law anyway, right?

19 25


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