enTWINed – Ch 9 (A Thai Fanfic)

The traffic had slowed to a halt on South Outer Ring Rd, but the vehicle’s hotspot was working fine. There was still time to review his schedule for the day. Ken was checking his email on his tablet, when the soft sounds of Pachelbel’s “Canon” chimed from his phone.

Breaking into a smile, he picked it up and answered. “Sawasdee, Khun Lena! Are you back in Thailand?” He heard a tinkle of laughter.

“You sound so surprised, Khun Ken. Did you think I would never return? This time it was only three months, since the village projects were completed faster than I estimated. How have you been without me?”

He leaned back against the smooth leather seats. “Everything is running smoothly, even though it’s the low season. Those marketing brochures that you designed have boosted our corporate reservations at the Khon Kaen convention complex. I think your experience with the European market helped us achieve those goals. I have to thank you for your efforts on this campaign.”

“I’m glad it is so successful, not that I ever doubted it. But I was actually wondering about your personal life. Anything new there?”

At that question, Ken had a sudden flash of a pair of tear-filled, angry brown eyes, but quickly shook his head to dispel the image. And for some reason, he didn’t want to talk about his run-in with the two sisters.

The silenced stretched out for a moment, and the woman sighed, a breathy sound in his ear. “I was hoping you would say you missed me. My dear workaholic man, we have known each other since college, and all that time you are more focused on work than anything else. That’s an admirable trait, but perhaps it’s time to take a day off and have some fun. How about we meet up for a friendly round or two of tennis on Thursday? Then afterwards we can have lunch and catch up.”

Ken knew what Lena was trying to do, but no matter how many times she hinted, he only thought of her as a good friend. Still, the thought of enjoying some time outdoors appealed to him, and in the end he agreed.

“I will check with Prasan about my schedule, but offhand, I can probably clear my desk by 4pm.”

Through the phone, he suddenly heard a soft thump. “Khun Lena? Khun Lena?”

~ ~ ~ ~

Roni climbed out of the pool and padded over to the towel rack. Slipping her feet into her tongs, she untied her hairband to release her damp ponytail.

Grabbing her towel, she rubbed her hair vigorously as she walked towards the locker room. Suddenly, she felt a soft impact and heard a clatter.

“Oh no!” She pulled the towel away, and realized she had bumped into someone leaving the locker room. She looked about Roni’s age, but there was an air of sophistication and grace about her. She was dressed in branded workout clothes and obviously heading to the gym. Roni spotted a cell phone on the floor and reached down to pick it up. At the same time, the woman also stooped down. Bang! Their heads struck each other.

Roni immediately stood up and ruefully handed the phone back to its owner. The woman, rubbing a spot on her temple, accepted with a nod and quickly put it to her ear.

“Sorry, sorry, I dropped my phone. What time will you be available on Thursday? Okay, that will work. I’m at the gym now, so I’ll see you then. Sawasdee ka.” The woman looked the phone over, slid it into a fanny pack, and made eye contact with Roni.

Roni quickly apologized. “Excuse me, Khun. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I hope your phone isn’t damaged.”

The woman seemed unperturbed. “Please don’t worry. It works and it’s not cracked, so no harm done. Excuse me; I have an appointment with my personal trainer.” She smiled mechanically and glided around Roni towards the stairs leading to the weight machines.

Roni shrugged. At least the woman didn’t dissolve into histrionics at the mishap.

Heading to her locker, she forgot all about the encounter.

~ ~ ~ ~

Lena applied a final coating of gloss to her lips, then checked her makeup for any flaws. She smoothed the front of her orchid colored pleated silk pencil skirt, feeling a bit excited. Tonight had to be perfect, as she was ready to reach for the next step in their relationship.

She had known Ken for almost nine years, since they met during their first year in college. Her parents were thrilled to push the two of them together, especially with the Tanasugarn family fortune before their eyes. The two of them had been inseparable during those early years, but she was too busy studying and having fun to take his pursuit of him seriously. They had their whole lives to spend together – why get tied down at a young age?

Unfortunately, she was swayed into breaking things off with Ken when his parents died and the conglomerate was thrown into disarray. When his family business was stable again, she tried to reestablish their relationship, but Ken proved to be distant and unapproachable. Over the last two years, however, things had gradually improved, and now, whenever she was in the country, they always met for a few meals.

Lena knew it was only a matter of time until they were together again. After all, he was wildly in love with her three years ago, and with her plan to stay in Thailand for a long while this time, there would be plenty of chances to rekindle their romance. And she was by far the best candidate for the position of CEO Wife. At her age, it was time to settle down and have a perfect married life.

She checked her diamond-studded Bulova watch, and realized it was getting late. She slipped on a pair of Alexandre Vauthier demi-wedge heels in taupe and headed out the door.



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