April 2020 – National Poetry Month 1

With everything going crazy this year, I don’t know how many weeks I’ll be able to write. Partially due to my job being on the frontlines of this pandemic.  Stay safe and wash your hands, everyone!Heathcliffe steps 2011


April 1 – A haiku

My diet root beer
There’s no guilt when I add real
Vanilla Ice Cream

April 2

The mouse never thinks
What impact it may have
But multiplied by thousands, millions
It can kill worlds
Are mice a virus?

April 3 –  modified sonnet

Above, the skies wax panegyrical
Reduced pollution an atmospheric miracle
Below, the waters hum with blue whale aria
Abatement of surface noise makes for happy aquaria

But between is that narrow band of life
A cacophony of grief, of paranoia and strife
Mountains burn, koalas run, creatures hide in fear
But only humans wonder if the end is near.

Perhaps in response to H sapiens‘ glutton,
Earth Mother Gaia struck the reset button?

April 4  – limerick

There once was a man on a john
Whose relief on the toilet was gone
What should he do
To help wipe the poo
No corncob or almanac to count on?

April 5

Palm Sunday:
Reading Scripture
At a church
Inside the sacristy
Speaking the responses
Ever aware of the
Grace bestowed
On us even in
Disastrous circumstances

April 6

pollen pollen pollen
sneeze sneeze sneeze
flower flower flower
wheeze wheeze wheeze
But at least I’m outside

April 7 – a haiku

I have to wonder
why many of my haiku’s
Evolve around food




About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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  1. The last one got me laughing so hard! Everyone in my house just eat eat eat 😂

  2. CM Shukmeister

    Lol. It’s only going to get worse with all the baking I am doing when I’m stuck at home.

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