April 2020 – National Poetry Month 2

Made it through Week Two. Yay!



April 8 – contemporary sonnet

It is a truth, universally known
From the family, seeds are grown
Seeds of hate, of blackness and greed
Seeds of love, helping others in need

The tiniest pure sprout that may wither
If snakes of despair and hopelessness slither
The environment feeds to make it strong
It grows, whether it’s right or it’s wrong

Isn’t it best, for all the world’s future
To use grace and joy whenever you nurture?

April 9 – Happy Birthday, Bro!

A brother may never tell you
He loves you
But his actions will prove
He loves you
Whether you believe
He loves you
Is all up to you

April 10 – limerick

There once was a man with a daquiri
Who didn’t know of an allergy
When the tree pollen fluttered
A huge sneeze he sputtered
And blew his drink into Lake Erie!

April 11 – haiku

Buying a new car
You feel as rich as Croceus
Until the tax bill

April 12 – double quatrain

The many colors that are called “blue
Differ in brightness, lightness and hue
Even the seas differ in cerulean shade
Ever in change from cobalt to jade

A splash of canary and green occurs
The palest of hostas or the darkest of furze
But mix blue with anger and purple appears
In lavender flowers or robes of Amirs

April 13 – four-word free verse

I have always disliked
free verse. And stories
written in first party.
It seems very strange
to have little structure
beyond a person’s thoughts.

But I guess some
may not ever understand
the things I write.
After all, I am
also a person who
sometimes makes no sense.

April 14 – limerick

When writing someone a po-em
You really must work hard to know ’em
What they like and they hate
And the quirks of their mate
To keep it from being too ho-hum


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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