April 2020 – National Poetry Month 3

King Neptune



April 15

In the darkness, sussuration
……The murmur of water playing with sand
……………Teasing tendrils of seafoam
……………………creep up the beach
……………………Only to, giggling, snatch back
……………into the waves’ grasp
……Undulations betwixt liquid
and solid

April 16 – haiku

Hostas are funny
Small green tubes poke up like straws
Then the leaves unfurl

April 17 – limerick

Azaleas and rhodies of pinks
My favorite spring beauties, me thinks
But I hate what they herald
‘Cuze my car gets imperiled
With tree pollen filling all chinks


April 18

Is a congratulatory email
As sincere as a letter?
Though faster and easier
Sending it is still to the better.
With a bit of electronic help
You become a trendsetter.
You calendar chimes can aid,
But you have to be the abetter!

April 19 – haiku

Spicy chicken soup
Delicious Spanish omelet
Both begin as eggs

April 20 – double quatrain

I most comfortable with my prose
Which frequently springs forth like a rose
Letting my characters show how it goes
Deciding their houses, their best friends, their clothes

By contrast my poems are mere doggerel
A collection of words that never bode well
Filled with ideas that sometimes don’t jell.
Be they devilish evil or sweet caramel.

April 21 – limerick

I’m happy it’s the end of this week
My writer’s block is quite on a streak
But with the help of some beer
My thoughts seem to clear
And I laugh at the havoc I wreak



About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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