April 2020 – National Poetry Month 4


OMG I did it! [falls over fainting]



April 22 – haiku

Like a cat I stare
Looking through dusty windows
When can I go out?

April 23

In what category
Does doggerel land
When you’re just horsing around?

Is it bearable
to gopher a laugh?
Or is it irelephant?

April 24

I sink
Immersed in my thoughts
I drown
Breath, unnoticed, hitches
I plunge
Pressure, in my chest, in my head


I snap
Tears flow freely
I cry
Pain releases through my throat
I awake
Realizing you are gone

April 25 – limerick

When watching KDramas and Lakorn
(My friends often call Asian Porn)
It is always so vital
To read the subtitle
So you don’t get confused or forlorn

April 26

Huddled inside of our houses
Spending way too much time with our spouses
Spreading bad news and the panic it rouses
Is this really the best course of action?

Turn off the news and go play
In your backyard or on your driveway
It’s always better to have a good day
Sometimes all you need is a bit of distraction.

April 27 – haiku

Sometimes I wonder
Why happy birds start to sing
When I start to doze

April 28

April ends, the world slowly gives way
from yellowish nature to green
Sepia branches, now lush, start to sway
Gray squirrels’ noisy chatter, sight unseen

April 29

Some walk down the hallway, heads hanging low
Eyes fixed to the ground, steps measured and slow
In the eyes of others, nothing but a shadow

What is it about bullies who prey on the meek?
They are the evil. They are the freak
Somewhere inside is darkness, so bleak

In the end, we all turn into what we become
Virtues for others, Villainy for some
Souls stained or brightened by the things we have done.

April 30

Tis done, tis done!
This year I’ve won!
I now have nothing left to fear
At least until April of next year


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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