Beneath Her Heart – Ch 06

Collin sat down with a thump, knocking over the water bottle in front of him. By reflex, he grabbed it before it could roll off the table. Turning to stare at the young woman next to him, he repeated. “’Uncle’?”

Brody gave a slight smile devoid of warmth and nodded. “Three months along. Approximate due date is May 17th.”

“Are you sure it’s theirs?” The question jumped out of his mouth before he could take it back. He saw her visibly flinch before her eyes turned frosty, but it was too late for regrets.

“Mr. Maggiore, I believe it is time for Mr. Logan to leave.”

“No…wait…I didn’t mean that.” Collin protested as the attorney stood up and made a motion towards the meeting room door. He stood there, rooted to the floor. Only when his arm was pulled did he snap out of it and resist. But he glanced back at Brody and was surprised to see her eyes now damp and sad.

Suddenly boneless, he allowed himself to be pulled from the meeting room into the lobby.

The attorney looked at him with exasperation tinged with anger. “I told you to behave in there. Do you really think shooting arrows at Ms. Harper was the best way to handle this? Hurting a nice young woman like that? I have absolute faith in both Ms. Harper and Mrs. Swanson. And you should trust your sister, Mr. Logan. I think your sister would be very disappointed in you.”

After looking at the younger man’s expression, he sighed and gave the man his business card. “Call me if you have any questions. I won’t be able to answer anything that might infringe on attorney / client confidentiality, though.”

Collin gave a jerky nod and stumbled out the door.

By the time Joe had returned to the conference room, Brody had collected herself. The attorney sat down and said apologetically, “Mr. Logan has already left. Shall we continue?”

At her agreement, he thumbed through the portfolio and discussed a few points.

“Out of the estate’s main accounts, there is a bequest to the Richmond Medical Center Fertility Pavilion. Once that bequest is made, there will not be a lot of ready cash available. On a positive note, the expenses of the house have been paid up to the end of the year. At that time, you will receive a substantial stock dividend.”

“That will be fine. Do you have any idea when I can move into the house? I can save expenses by closing out my month to month lease. Anyway, my salary will be enough for the time being.”

Joe nodded. “You can take possession of the house any time after probate, which should no later than the end of the month. If there are any problems, I will contact you.”

She nodded. “Is there anything else we need to discuss, then?”

Licking his lips nervously, the attorney pulled out two cream-colored envelopes from the portfolio.

“These are the letters that Mrs. Swanson left for you and Mr. Logan.” He thought about the sticky note left inside the portfolio. “Would you be willing to deliver this to Mr. Logan at his office?”

Brody would rather face rush hour traffic into San Francisco than do this, but Joe had been very helpful as she made decisions, choices she never thought she would have to make. Delivering a letter, even to that odious man, was the least that she owed him.

“Of course, Joe.”

After Brody left, he glanced at the bright pink sticky note and read the note out loud. “Make sure Collin and Brody interact as much as possible.”

Why would Sophia write such a thing?

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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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