Beneath Her Heart – Ch 07

Brody blinked a little as she stepped out into the bright sunshine. Her Santa Fe was parked a few parking spots from the entrance of the building. She used this time to think about what happened in the attorney’s office.”

The sudden appearance of Soph’s brother shocked her. Where was he three weeks ago? It was hard to imagine that a CEO could completely disappear in this day and age. There were few mourners at the memorial service; mostly coworkers. Collin was the only sibling any of them had, and his absence was felt.

Maybe she should give him the benefit of the doubt. His jerkish behavior might have been because of the suddenness of his sister’s death.

She sighed. No matter what, she had to get along with the uncle of her baby. Patting the envelope in her purse, she thought for a moment.

Might was well beard the lion in his den.

Driving towards the Hilltop area, she thought about the days when she had a crush on him. Collin, her best friend’s older brother, high school jock and all-around popular guy. Always surrounded by a gaggle of students, and far from the nerdy girl she was back then.

A more healthful regimen put her body in a better position to carry this baby. Laser eye surgery and braces did the rest. Her morning sickness had long disappeared, replaced by strange food cravings.

Which popped up at strange times, like now. Just a few blocks from the Whittier Investments building, she impulsively stopped by a local taqueria for some of her favorite cinnamon-ginger horchata.

A metal café table outside the business beckoned Brody, and she sank down onto the tufted seat cushion to enjoy her beverage. She slipped on a wide-brimmed red sunhat she kept in the wagon for prolonged time in the sun.

“Is that what you wanted, baby? Because it tastes yummy to me.” Brody had taken to talking to the tiny life inside of her, sometimes speaking out loud, other times sending thoughts. The three of them had held their collective breath until that critical date was reached. Miscarriages were more likely in the first trimester; Sophia had intimately known this during those years of trying.

The glass mug became blurry as Brody’s eyes welled. The drunk driver took away more than just lives. He had destroyed dreams and hopes that night. Unconsciously, she stroked her stomach, and her heart settled again.

At Andrew and Soph’s house, they had already decorated the room nearest the master bedroom as a nursery. It was painted in sage with a silvery gray tree painted on the longest wall, to stay away from the usual pink themed rooms. Along the leaves there were tiny clothespins attached to the wall, ready to hold all the pictures and memories they planned to capture. Brody intended to keep the room exactly as it was, although her bedroom was on the ground floor. When she became large and ungainly, the stairs would be a trial to climb. How she was going to work this out was still in the future.

For now, she would just enjoy a nice fall day in California.

Closing her eyes, she felt at peace.

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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