Beneath Her Heart – Ch 08

Collin drove back to work, his mind in chaos after leaving the estate attorney’s office. Flashes of his sister and brother in law, at the beach, mountain climbing, wakeboarding at the local wave park. He remembered the quiet sad moments after she miscarried, the endless procedures they endured as they tried to have a child.  

Had they really procured a surrogate? And not a stranger, but her best friend?  He remembered that young adult that seemed to be everywhere within his small family circle for a short while. She was cute and funny, always with a smile or a tilt of the eye.

The somber woman in the conference room, abruptly turned to fire, only to be ashes a moment later.  She was both familiar and unfamiliar, and Collin couldn’t put the two together.  And now, the baby.

He had always looked forward to becoming a father or an uncle, but now this baby no longer had a connection to the Logan family. If that woman decided to move away, there was very little he could do about it.  Maybe he needed to negotiate with Brody beforehand, before taking her to court for his family rights.

He pulled his Jeep into his assigned parking space and turned off the engine. Rather than climb out, though, he sat behind the wheel and thought.

Whenever he planned, it was usually done quickly. He didn’t want to go inside and work on the mounds of correspondence and reports piling up on his desk. He wanted to track her down and talk.

Dialing his assistant, he was curt. “I have to do an outside consult. I’m not sure how long it will take. Hold everything until tomorrow.” He paused. “Yes, I promise I be in first thing in the morning. With coffee.”  After hanging up, he shook his head. Having a personal assistant was almost like having a nanny.

Now to focus on this new project.  Where does Brody live? Collin quickly pulled out the business card and called the attorney. Joe firmly declined to give out information.

“But I will take down your contact information and give it to Ms. Harper, if you would like.”

Collin cursed under his breath. What were the chances that woman would call him back, especially after the way he behaved that morning? Nevertheless, he passed down his phone numbers and addresses.

After hanging up, he decided to head to a local place for some choriqueso and chips while he planned out this handling of the exasperating Ms. Harper.

It took a few minutes to find an open parking space, but soon he was striding towards the restaurant in mind.  It was bustling, with several of the outdoor tables occupied.  One of them had a long woman, her head hidden by a large straw hat.  He paused for a moment. Wasn’t that dress a little familiar?

He waited under the canopy of a nearby pine tree until he was sure.  After a few minutes, he started to get antsy. Just when his patience had reached the end, the woman tilted her head back as if to bask in the sun.

Collin got a glimpse of a long graceful neck.  Tendrils of dark brown had fallen from the simple chignon.  

It was her.

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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